[Concrete Guide] 2 Workable Methods to Make a Mosaic Picture Frame

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When you want to make a mosaic picture frame to decorate the family reunion photos, what is the best method to customize a frame as your request? If you cannot get a satisfactory mosaic picture frame from Amazon or eBay, you should customize one with the photos, shapes, and more other elements. Whether you need to customize one virtually for Instagram or design a wooden mosaic picture frame to decorate your house, you can learn more about the 2 workable methods from the article.

Mosaic Picture Frame

Part 1: How to Make Mosaic Picture Frame for Social Media Sites

WidsMob Montage is a versatile mosaic maker that enables you to design some mosaic picture frames virtually or make a mosaic picture for a wooden frame. It enables you to create files from both JPEG and PNG files. You can simply draw a picture according to the photos, such as heart, star, and more others.

  1. Draw and personalize a mosaic picture frame in any shape.
  2. Tweak the column count and tile size to create the desired size.
  3. Choose the matching color option to remove the original color.
  4. Make the frame with multiple tiles in different stitching modes.
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How to Make a Mosaic Picture Frame with a Drawing

Step 1: Download and install the mosaic frame maker, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Select Background button to trigger the open-file dialog, find and select a main picture as the background. Preview the main picture and click the Next button to enter the next window.

Choose Background Mosaic

Step 2: Press the Select Tiles button and choose the tile photos from your computer. Preview the thumbnails and remove the unwanted photos. You can open photos without limitation. Click the Next button to arrange the tile photos according to the main picture automatically.

Select Tiles Mosaic

Step 3: When mosaic frame making is done, you can tweak the different parameters to get the desired effects, such as the tile mode, column count, and tile size to make mosaic frames. Moreover, you can also preview the frame with the zoom-in feature.

Check the Mosaic Frame

Step 4: Click the Generate Mosaic button to check the mosaic frame. Then the export dialog will pop up. Write down a file name into the field next to the Save As option. Click the Where option and select a specific directory to save the mosaic frame. Pull down to choose the PNG format.

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Part 2: How to DIY Mosaic Picture Frames to Decorate Your House

When you want to DIY and make a mosaic picture frame for fun, you need to prepare everything beforehand, especially for beginners. Here are some materials and tools you should purchase beforehand, such as:

A wooden photo frame

Glass or plastic tiles with different colors

A paintbrush

Masking tape

A pair of latex or nitrile gloves

Paper towels

A knife

Beacon quick-grip glue

Follow the steps to DIY a mosaic picture frame

Step 1: Paint the wooden frame white. You can also use the natural texture, but the tiles must match it; otherwise, the mosaic will look messy.

Step 2: Wait for the frame to dry, mask the photo area, and layout the glass or plastic tiles. This is one of the most important steps. Make sure there are empty between tiles. Do not use any tape or glue at this time, so that you can adjust the tiles easily.

Step 3: Once you are satisfied with the design, pick each tile, and some glue, and put it back on the frame. Then let the frame dry.

Step 4: Mix the grout in a disposable paper cup. Make sure the ratio of grout and water following the formula on the packing bag. Next, spread the grout onto the surface of the mosaic frame and fill the empty between tiles. Use a knife to spread the grout.

Step 5: Put the frame in a dray and ventilated place for at least 30 minutes. When the grout is dry, use a piece of paper towel to remove the redundant grout from the surface of the tiles. Now, you can put a photo into to mosaic picture frame.

Mosaic Picture Frame Mix

Part 3: FAQs about Mosaic Picture Frames You Should Know

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1How Many Tiles Should You Choose to Make a Mosaic Frame?

It depends on the size of your mosaic picture frame as well as the tiles. When you need to create a simple mosaic effect, you can choose one glass dot to make a frame with different effects. Of course, you can prepare as many as possible. Even if you leave it, you can do other crafts with the tiles.

2How to Choose the Desired Mosaic Frame Background?

If you need to use some frequently used frames, you can search for the desired one from the Internet. But when you want to create one according to a frame of your wall, you can draw it with Photoshop and make mosaic picture frames with wood or mosaic makers accordingly.

3Where Can I Order a Personalized Mosaic Picture Frame?

To purchase a personalized mosaic picture frame, you can go to the some local handmade shop to place an order. Moreover, online services also provide the customized mosaic picture frames. But you should have a clear description of what you need.


You should master how to make a mosaic picture frame in both virtual and real life. DIY is an interesting thing to make something by yourself and kill time. But it takes time to prepare and do creativity. Alternatively, you can make a virtual mosaic frame with WidsMob Montage in a few minutes.

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