How to Make a Funeral Slideshow With Music [Step-By-Step Guide]

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The funeral slideshow is the best way to share memories about the departed. Fortunately, it is simpler than ever to make a funeral slideshow in someone's honor in today's digital environment. As for the funeral preparation gets more complicated, an increasing number of families want to have the desired file complete with music to make it more personal. How do you make a funeral slideshow with music? You can know the procedure by reading this simple guide.

How to Make a Funeral Slideshow

Part 1: What Should You Prepare for Creating Funeral Slideshow

The funeral slideshow expresses your love and serves as a keepsake for future generations. To get started, you do not need any technical or creative abilities. All you need is a computer, the memorable images, and even some perseverance.

Choose Funeral Slideshow Templates

Before you begin, consider the style of funeral slideshow you want during your loved one's funeral. There is no such thing as a correct decision. Consider the sort of service you provide and if the slideshow will be included. If the ceremony is exclusively religious, you may like to have the slideshow at the repast or at the house of a family member after the official event.

Gather Images of the Departed

Following that, it's time to gather your loved one's photos and recollections. You are not required to go through this procedure alone. Numerous others include the deceased's extended relatives, friends, and family. Sending an email or a social media message to your guest list and requesting images is an excellent approach to engage folks. Typically, a funeral slideshow is a journey down memory lane. It begins with photographs of the deceased as a youngster and continues throughout his or her life, pausing to reflect on significant events.

Digitalize the Old Photos

If you're poring through old images from friends and family, chances are that a good portion of them are actual copies. Fortunately, digitizing photographs is now simpler than ever. On your phone, there are applications for digitizing them, or you may use a real scanner.

In any case, the process should take no more than a few hours, depending on the number of photographs you have. If necessary, enlist the assistance of friends and relatives.

Funeral Photos

Part 2: Which Music Should I Choose for Funeral Slideshow

Following that, it's time to choose your music. Even if you're not using the slideshow as a presentation, music is critical. This is another method to convey something about your loved one that is very special.

If you decide to use a tool to produce your funeral slideshows, the tool may have preset choices. Otherwise, here are a couple suggestions that consider your relative.

  • Song that the departed likes
  • Wedding song of the departed
  • Theme music of a popular television program
  • Music for religious purposes
  • Contemporary funeral songs
  • Music classique
  • Oldies

Suppose the funeral slideshow is lengthy, more than one music file may be required. You are not required to keep to a particular genre. You may easily mix up the music between photographs to keep the themes consistent. Getting imaginative enables you to really deliver a compelling narrative.

Funeral Music

Part 3: How to Make Funeral Slideshow with Music

To create a funeral photo slideshow with stunning effects, WidsMob Collage is the desired program to generate funeral slideshows with fonts, photos, and stickers. It comes with hundreds of pre-designed themes and frames. It has hundreds of pre-designed themes and frames that make it simple to build a presentation for your departed love ones.

1. Choose from a variety of slideshow layouts, templates, effects, and more.

2. Custom slideshow via typefaces, stickers, frames, and other components.

3. Share the momentum of the funeral slideshow on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Provide hundreds of filters and effects that you can use to polish images.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Collage, you can launch it on your computer, you can select the Plus icon and import the desired photos into the program. After that, preview the imported photos from the bottom of the user interface.

Add Christmas Photos

Step 2: Go to the Collage button. Select the desired funeral slideshow or poster collage to make the desired photos. There are multiple stunning templates. Choose the desired one and add the photos into the related columns accordingly.

Poster Christmas

Step 3: Moreover, you can add stickers and other elements. Click the Save button to export the funeral slideshows. You can also edit the collage files, including the noise filters, texts and more. After that, you can also customize the photo size accordingly.

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Part 4: FAQs about Making Funeral Slideshow

1Is it ethical to have a funeral slideshow?
It is rather customary for families to play tribute videos and tribute slideshows during the funeral service or wake. Your family members need to do is collect photos and any text you wish to appear in the tribute videos.
2How long is a funeral slideshow?
There are no precise criteria regarding the length or duration of some funeral slideshows. The majorities are between two and five minutes long, however they may be longer or shorter. When in doubt, consult the funeral home or the individual overseeing the event.
3How do you end a funeral slideshow?
The last slide should be inspirational and genuine, with a meaningful remark or desire, such as Always in our hearts. If a charity or memorial foundation has been established in their honor, you may mention the sentence at the end of the funeral slideshow.


When creating a funeral slideshow for a loved one, consider how they influenced you. This is a relic of theirs. Remember that it's an heirloom that your family will appreciate for generations. So, to assure a well crafted and memorable, WidsMob Collage is the desired slideshow maker to make some stunning photo collages.

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