Streaming Video Recorder

Streaming Video Recorder – How to Record Streaming Videos on Windows and Mac

Live stream videos are the most popular method to enjoy entertainment online. Twitch, for example, is a popular platform to watch gameplays in real time. Of course, YouTube provides the largest video contents for most of the themes. How to record streaming video offline for your smartphone or tablets?

Whether you need to enjoy the video smoothly, or playback the files anywhere without a Wi-Fi connection, download and record streaming video is always a suitable solution. The article shares 6 frequently used methods to capture the desired files with ease.

Streaming Video Recorder

Part 1: Best Method to Record Streaming Video on Windows/Mac

How to download and capture online streaming videos with a high quality? In order to have the best audio-visual experience, you should make sure the files you captured with a good quality. WidsMob Capture is the desired screen recorder to capture video/audio and take snapshots as your requirement. It also has advanced editing features, annotation and drawing, and other customization features.

1. Capture live streaming videos and music files within a single click.

2. Customize the recording screen for the online screen video files.

3. Support the high quality output video formats for streaming video.

4. Add your face and reaction to the streaming video through webcam.

5. Make screenshots for important moments during recording.

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How to Record Streaming Videos on Windows/Mac

Step 1: Download and install the streaming video recorder. After that, you can launch the program on your computer. Choose the “Record Screen” option to record streaming video from YouTube or other websites. You can also choose the “Capture Screen” to take snapshots.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: Enable the screen record button and choose the “Custom Region” option. You can simply click the browser to record the whole window, or even select the desired part of the YouTube window. Of course, you can also check the “Fixed Proportion” option.

Fixed Region Capture

Step 3: When you need to record streaming video with audio or webcam video, you can enable the “Audio” option and select the audio channel from the drop down list within the screen recorder program, or enable the “Webcam” option to add the desired file.

Customize Capture

Step 4: Of course, you can also go to the “WidsMob Capture” menu and choose the “Preferences” option. You can set up the hotkeys, destination folder, mouse cursor, frame rate, bitrate and sample rate. Choose the 60FPS for frame rate to get a high video quality.

Recording Capture

Step 5: Click the “REC” button before recording streaming video. During the process, you can draw on the video with the pen tool or make screenshot with the camera icon. When the streaming video is done, click the “Stop” option. Preview the recording video and save it if you are satisfied with it.

Annotation Capture

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Part 2: 5 Frequently Used Methods to Record Streaming Videos

Method 1: Record a Live Stream with WMRecorder

WMRecorder is more than a screen recorder to capture online stream, it also enables you to download a streaming video. The recording files can be saved as a video or an audio file. You have to install Real Player 10 or high on your Windows in order to record streaming video.

Step 1: Open the streaming video recorder and set it up.

Step 2: Launch your web browser and click the “RECORD” button when the live stream starts. Then the “RECORD” button will turn to “STOP” button.

Step 3: When the streaming video finishes, hit the “STOP” button and select the desired action from the pop-up.

Note: WM Recorder cannot record content protected by Digital Rights Management.


Method 2: Capture Streaming Video via Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic provides both an online streaming video recording and a desktop screen recorder. The online version can capture a live stream without installing anything, but it only allows you to record 15 minutes.

Step 1: Copy and paste into the address bar of your browser. Click “Start recording for free” option and choose the “Launch Free Recorder” option. Choose the “Allow” to launch the recorder pop-up.

Step 2: Click the “Settings” button to open the settings dialog. Select Screen to enter the streaming video recording mode. If you want to add your face to video, select the “Both” option and permit it to access your webcam.

Step 3: Hit the “Size” option and reset the recording area size. It allows you to record video in 480P or 720P. Then adjust the volume and other preferences option.

Step 4: Open a new tab in your browser and start the streaming video. Click the “Rec” button on initiate the streaming video recording. When the video is done, click the blue “Stop” icon. Click the “Play” icon to preview the video recording and click “Done” to save it to your hard drive.


Method 3: Record Streaming Videos by VLC Media Player

VLC is a well-known media player for Windows, Mac and Linux. Moreover, it integrates extensive functionalities, such as capture streaming videos. VLC cannot record all streaming videos. You should not capture the copyrighted streaming videos.

Step 1: Open your VLC and click “Media” > “Open Network Stream” or press Ctrl + N to activate the open media dialog.

Step 2: Copy and paste the streaming video address into the box under Please enter a network URL. Click the “Arrow” icon next to the “Play” button and select “Stream”.

Step 3: Click the “Next” button to open the destination setup dialog. Expand the drop-down next to “New destination” and select File. Click the “Add” button and then hit the “Browse” button to set a specific folder for saving the output.

Step 4: Hit the Next button and select MP4 or other video format from the Profile drop-down. Click “Next” and choose the “Stream” option to begin recording the streaming video. You can monitor the length and click the “Stop” icon when the video is complete.

VLC Media Player

Method 4: Record Game on Steam on Windows 10 with Game DVR

Game DVR is the game recording function on Xbox One. Microsoft has already introduced this function into Windows 10. When you need to record the gameplay videos on Steam with ease, you can learn more about how to record videos on Steam as below.

Step 1: Go to the Start menu, choose the Settings option and select the Gaming option. Make sure to toggle on Game Bar and Game Mode to launch the program.

Step 2: Open Steam client, find and open the game you want to record. Press the Win + G keys on your keyboard to activate the Game Bar. When there is a prompt, check the Yes, this is a game option.

Step 3: Press the Record button on the menu bar to start recording on Steam. You can play your game and let Game Bar work as the process. When you stop gaming on Steam, click the Stop button.

Step 4: Then the game recording will be saved to your computer in MP4 format. By default, the recordings are stored in the default location. But you can change it in the Settings panel.

Game DVR Setting

Method 5: Record Game on Steam on Mac with QuickTime Play

QuickTime Play is the pre-installed media player on macOS. It also offers extensive useful features including game recording. It will record on Steam on Mac in MOV videos. Here is the detailed process to capture the gameplay videos on Steam.

Step 1: Locate the desired game on Steam. After that, you can launch the QuickTime from your dock or Applications folder. Go to the File menu and choose the New Screen Recording option.

Step 2: Click the downward icon to open the context menu. Then select the Microphone option to decide the video quality and whether Show Mouse Clicks in Recording. Click on the Record button.

Step 3: To record full screen, click anywhere on your screen. If you want to record a certain region, draw on it with your cursor. Click the Start Recording button and start playing the game on Steam.

Step 4: When you are done Steam video recording, hit the Stop button in the toolbar on the left side. Once you have captured the desired video, you can transfer the video to professional video editor.

New Screen Recording QuickTime


The article shares 4 frequently used methods about how to record streaming videos on Windows and macOS. Record the online streaming video is a workable method to get the files offline. Of course, you can try the free streaming video recorders. But if you want to produce high quality recordings, WidsMob Capture is the best option that enables you to capture an HD video with ease.

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