Top 6 Analog Film App to Rediscover Stunning Photographs

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Taking shots is very easy for amateurs. However, getting photos with stunning effects might not be as simple as using cameras. Just apply some analog film filters. You can create great images. What are the best programs for analog film? In this article, you can get the most popular film analog app to rediscover the magic of film grain and camera profiles.

Analog Film App

Part 1: Best Analog Film Filter for Computer

Being the professional analog film app and film grain photo editor, WidsMob Retoucher has 4 different color rendition profiles, 28 camera profiles, 15 options for color modes, and 25 film-gain profiles. When combining the photo effects, you can get many stunning results with analog film filters.

  • Easy to apply analog film presets and camera profiles to recover authenticity and natural look.
  • Support to upload images of JPEG, TIFF, and most RAW formats to preserve the high quality of digital photographs.
  • Before-and-After mode to the analog film filters to adjust the effects with instant preview.
  • Color rendering digital photos with Contrast, Saturation, and Special color tones.
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How to Apply Analog Film Post Effect

Step 1: Import the photos into the program and click the Open option to select all the images or drag-n-drop files to the program.

Filmpack Screenshot

Step 2: Choose the different analog film profiles, which you can select the camera profiles, color modes, and noise modes.

Beach Original

Color Positive Analog Film

Beach Color Positive

Color Negative Analog Film

Beach Color Negative

Black and White Analog Film

Beach Color Black and White

Cross Processed Analog Film

Beach Cross Processed

Step 3: Adjust the contrast, saturation, and Color Modes, and choose the best effect of Film Grain to get the best result for the output analog film profiles accordingly.

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Part 2: Top 5 Analog Film App for Smartphone

Top 1: Snapseed

Being the popular analog film app iOS, Snapseed is a powerful image analog app with easy operates and a wide range of editing tools. You need to make sure to run your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on iOS 8.0 or later. In addition, you can get an analog film app free to try.

1. The analog film app Snapseed can open JPG and RAW files or export them as JPG.

2. Snapseed offers 18 realistic grainy films and 38 predesigned analog film texts.

3. You can get 24 tools and filters during analog film editing to ensure analog effects.

4. Snapseed can rotate, transform, HDR scape to bring a stunning look to images.


Top 2: VSCO Cam

Being another well-known analog film app on Android and iOS, VSCO allows people to edit and share photography freely. Moreover, you can analog film processing with videos as well. As a result, you can use the analog film app free or purchase $19.99 per year to enjoy the newest tools. You can use VSCO as an analog film camera to shoot photography.

1. VSCO consists release new products monthly for analog film development.

2. You can get over 100 film analog presets and growing to apply.

3. VSCO community is a platform for people to communicate with friends.

4. Every filter can adjust exposure, color, or more.


Top 3: Enlight

Enlight has been the 2015 App of the year by the App Store, which can prove its strong film editing effects. Being the classic analog filmmaking app, Enlight can preserve image perfection no matter how many analog filmmaking effects you add. You can convert, transform or create analog filmmaking processes.

1. Enlight offers built-in masking to control tone, color, or other details.

2. You can analog film cameras and vintage film with the film editor.

3. It is convenient to add artistic touches with film grain, fade, and intensity.

4. Enlight provides a text add service, with which you can draw manually too.


Top 4: Mextures

It is easy for amateurs to use Mextures to analog film color without teaching. You can apply film grain, add textures, and get light leaks and gradients to photos within a second. After that, it is fun to upload products to the digital photo frame, with which you can enjoy your great work daily. It is acceptable to grit, grain, grunge, and vintage film textures with the analog film app iOS.

1. Mextures has over 150 original textures for users to analog.

2. You can adjust photography with precision to exposure, contrast, and preset.

3. Formula manager and infinite layers enables people to analog film processing

4. You can save and share film edits as Formulas, as well as import Formulas.


Top 5: Analog Paris

Analog Paris is the frequently used analog film city series. You can run it both on iPhone and iPad. If you want to apply other city effects, you can try London View, Jeju View, Wedding View, or Beijing View with high quality. You need to use iOS 5.1.1 or later to apply it as an analog film Paris on Android devices.

1. Analog Paris develops 10 photographic filters in Paris for you.

2. There are 30 color filters to edit for analog filmmaking effects.

3. You can use various editing tools to expose, sharpen, highlight, saturation, film grain texture, and so on.

4. It is possible to preserve data, which are EXIF data and GPS data.

Analog Paris


What should be the best methods to apply analog film filters to your photos? To design the images for smartphones, you can download some photo filters from the App Store or Google Play to apply effects for digital pictures taken with the camera. You can use WidsMob Retoucher to have some stunning photo effects with ease.

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