12 Best Decoy Photo Vault Apps to Hide Private Photos [Ultimate Guide]

Last Updated on September 15, 2022 by Peter Wood

To hide some private photos on Android or iOS, what should be the best decoy photo vault apps? If you have some private information, such as personal notes, photos, or videos, you need to keep them safe from prying eyes. When you need to hide the important photos and videos behind a calculator app or a game app, here are the 12 frequently used decoy photo vault apps to hide photos and video. Just learn more about the features of the decoy photo vault apps and find the best alternative.

Best Decoy Photo Vault Apps

Part 1: 6 Secret Decoy Photo Vault Apps for Android to Hide Photos

Top 1: AppLock by DoMobile

AppLock is desired decoy photo vault app to protect your photos and videos with a privacy browser. It provides extra protection to hide the app icon from the home screen. There is an error message, Unfortunately, AppLock has stopped to disguise and decoying the app.


1. Disguise the app with a blank screen or an error message.

2. Protect the media files with password, fingerprint, and Face ID.


1. Need to upgrade to remove Ads and use the premium features.

AppLock by DoMobile

Top 2: Keepsafe Calculator Vault

Keepsafe is the most popular decoy photo vault app to protect personal files. It enables you to set a password, PIN, or even fingerprint protection on folders with photos and videos. Moreover, you can sync the files between different devices, with a password on each one.


1. Provide a decoy app calculator icon with the same privacy feature.

2. Save and hide the private photos and videos in the cloud service.


1. Support 200 photos with limited locking modes in the trial version.

KeepSafe Photo Vault Screenshot

Top 3: Ultra Lock

When you need to protect the photos and videos with a special password, Ultra Lock is the desired decoy photo vault app that provides more protection from unauthorized access by others, such as the date and month pin, hours and minute pin, and battery and battery pin.


1. Block your social networks, media files, and more for a certain time.

2. Provide dynamic passwords to prevent others from guessing PINs.


1. Keep yourself away from the media files as well as the prying eyes.

Ultra Lock

Top 4: Vault

How to hide the photos from a prying eye? Vault is the desired decoy photo vault app, which disguises itself as the Camera and shows the picture-taking interface. It not only imports the photos from a smartphone in batch but also saves the photos from the web to Vault.


1. Take and record the faces of intruders who entered a wrong passcode.

2. Exit the decoy photo vault directly when you face down the screen.


1. Difficult to handle a large number of photos or even crash the program.


Top 5: Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti Theft not only provides the services in finding lost and stolen devices, but also protects the photos and videos within your Android. It can turn on an alarm on your lost device with GPS service. Moreover, the decoy photo vault can lock the device with a password.


1. Track the movement and get the GPS data of your Android device.

2. Take pictures with the camera for intruders to try to unlock the phone.


1. Cannot protect and hide the photos and videos for your daily usage.

Prey Anti Theft

Top 6: Hidden Eye

You can find who tries to view your data while you are away from your device with Hidden Eye. Since the decoy photo vault can find the traitor, you can know who is trying to read your messages and watch photos. But it doesn’t work on all Android devices.


1. Delete the individual images to have more control over the app.

2. Prevent and lock others from snooping into your Android phone.


1. Need to check the compatibility with the Android device beforehand.

Hidden Eye

Part 2: 6 Hidden Decoy Apps for iPhone to Vault Files

Top 7: Hide it Pro

Hide it Pro is a decoy photo vault app that converts to a hider when the Audio Manager title is long pressed. It hides photos, videos, messages, audio files, etc. Moreover, it enables a disguise screen to disguise the app as if it is crashed when anyone tries to access it.


1. Hide the secret chat and call history of the app to keep your privacy.

2. Use a fingerprint lock to back up the media files with cloud storage.


1. Cannot hide the decoy photo vault from the settings of your phone.

Hide it Pro

Top 8: Secret Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault can protect your photos and videos with a password. The decoy photo vault can be in the form of a passcode, PIN, or even fingerprint. The app encryption is as safe as military level. The decoy photo vault can use an aesthetic interface to bring you the best experience.


1. Provide the method to privately browse the Internet without any traces.

2. Store photos, videos, private contact information, and all the passwords.


1. Does not provide the original resolution to view all the hide photos.

Secret Photo Vault

Top 9: Best Secret Folder

When you need to find a decoy photo vault for iPhone, Best Secret Folder is the desired one that looks like a travel app, which is considered bloatware. Its interface looks like a bank vault, and you can also add a cover that looks like an empty folder if someone launches it.


1. Provide different unlocking options, such as PIN, password, or fingerprint.

2. Snap a photo for the intruder when someone ever inputs the wrong code.


1. Upgrade to the Pro version to take away Ads and use Cloud services.

Secret Photo Vault

Top 10: Private Photo Vault

Just like the name of the decoy photo vault, Private Photo Vault can protect your videos and photos with a PIN or a password. You can choose to hide individual apps and restrict app entry. It provides a decoy password to open different photos if someone wants to see your private photos.


1. Provide a break-on report, which is controlled by GPS accordingly.

2. Identify intruders try to peek by getting their location and snapshots.


1. Unable to retrieve the lost files when you lost your iPhone or iPad.

Private Photo Vault

Top 11: Locker

Locker is an easy-to-use decoy photo vault, with which you can hide photos and videos from others. It allows you to move your Home Screen apps to a safer location. You can simply change the icon of the app to a calculator or time to disguise the photo vault or related name.


1. Protect the media files with a password, fingerprint, or Face ID lock.

2. Write personal notes directly inside your protected locker photo vault.


1. Cannot hide the app completely, which can be evoked by Siri of iOS.

Locker Decoy Photo Vault

Top 12: Safe Lock

Safe Lock is so fast, intuitive, and user-friendly, designed to ensure personal privacy. It offers a decoy private vault only to keep photos and videos secure from spying on individuals. You can protect your files with an array of locks: PIN-code, DotLock, Face ID, Fingerprint, and more.


1. Support Wi-Fi file transfer, cloud service, dark mode, and others.

2. Browse your secret photos and videos with a slideshow mode.


1. Need to subscribe to a service to use the features of the application.

Safe Lock

Part 3: The Best Decoy App for Windows and Mac

WidsMob MediaVault is the best decoy photo vault app alternative for Windows and Mac, which enables you to hide photos and videos without size limitations. Whether you store the files on your smartphone or the cloud service, it will take a large storage space or difficult to run the apps. You can also enjoy the files as a slideshow within the media vault.

1. Encrypt the photos and videos on your computer without any traces.

2. Browse the secret photos and videos with different viewing modes.

3. Provide different settings and preferences to hide and view the files.

4. Change to another icon or manage the photos easily on your computer.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob MediaVault, you can launch the program on your computer. If it is the first time to hide photos and videos with the program, you also need to set up a password. Then, you can enter your password again to confirm.

Enter Password MediaVault

Step 2: When you need to import photos or videos, you can click the Import Files button or the Import Folder button to upload the desired media files into the software. After that, you can find them in the Library menu, which allows you to locate the desired files from Photos and Video easily.

Import Files MediaVault

Step 3: Double click any photo or video to playback the file within a full screen. It also enables you to add the desired ones into the favorite folder, group files to different albums, sort the desired ones by date/type, or even manage them between different albums within a few clicks.

Play Video MediaVault Win

Note: When you need to use it as a decoy photo vault on your desktop, you can add your own custom shortcuts to the desktop, change the icons, and even remove the arrows from the shortcut icons.

Win Download Mac Download


Decoy photo vault apps keep your private information safe and also they can be disguised as other apps, such as a calculator or an error message, these apps are harder to detect. But saving private photos and videos within a smartphone is a risk, not only for the limited storage space but also the prying eyes. WidsMob MediaVault is the best alternative to hide photos and videos on your computer without any trace.