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How to Access Private Cloud on Keepsafe – Here is the Method You Should Know

Keepsafe private cloud is the most important feature in Keepsafe photo vault app. This app is effective to secure your personal photos and videos by locking them with PIN protection, fingerprint and more. You may have heard or used this photo vault app on your mobile device, but you might not able to master all functionalities, such as the private cloud. This article shares you the ultimate guide about how to access and use the private cloud on Keepsafe with ease.

Access Private Cloud on Keepsafe

Part 1: What is Private Cloud of Keepsafe

Briefly, the Private Cloud is the cloud storage of Keepsafe photo vault. It is your own secure backup space. The photos and videos you put in Keepsafe Private Cloud is only accessible on the devices with Keepsafe on them. In another word, Keepsafe promises to encrypt your photos and videos in Private Cloud, so only the logged-in device can decrypt them.

Moreover, the Keepsafe Private Cloud has more advanced features, like recover the deleted photos. The photos stored in Private Cloud will not be deleted even though you removed them from your mobile device. Similar to general cloud services, Private Cloud can help you to transfer photos across your devices.

KeepSafe Photo Vault Screenshot

Part 2: How to Access Private Cloud on Keepsafe

Now, you should understand what Keepsafe Private Cloud is, but how to access private cloud is another problem. Here is a complete guide for this feature in details.

How to Enable and Disable Private Cloud on Keepsafe

Step 1: Open the Keepsafe app on your mobile device. The procedure is similar on iPhone and Android phone. Here just take an iPhone XR as the example.

Step 2: Log in your Keepsafe account with ID and password to go to the photo vault app, and tap on the “Menu” option and choose the “Settings” on the top of the screen.

Step 3: Scroll down to find the “Enable Private Cloud” option and tick the checkbox next to it. To disable Keepsafe Private Cloud, uncheck the box to access Private Cloud on Keepsafe.

Enable Private Cloud

How to Back up Photos to Keepsafe Private Cloud

Step 1: Sign in the account with your passcode and account ID in Keepsafe app on your smartphone. Make sure to enable the “Private Cloud” option in the “Settings” screen.

Step 2: Go to the “Settings” app from your app tray, tap Wi-Fi and connect to your network. Once your device is online, Keepsafe will back up your private photos to Keepsafe Private Cloud automatically.

Keepsafe View

How to Transfer Photos to New Phone with Keepsafe Private Cloud

Step 1: If you just upgrade to a new handset and expect to migrate photos from the old device, install Keepsafe app on both devices.

Step 2: On the old device, enter your account and password, and then enable the “Private Cloud” in Keepsafe. Connect your device to a network and wait for your photos to back up to cloud.

Step 3: Go to the Keepsafe app on your new device, and sign in the same account. Head to “Settings” and enable “Private Cloud” too.

Step 4: Then head to the albums and mark the photos you want to transfer. After that, you can transfer the photos to new phone automatically.

Keepsafe Vault Hide

How to Recover Photos with Keepsafe Private Cloud

Step 1: Once you have deleted some locked photos in Keepsafe by mistake, you should stop using the program and close it directly.

Step 2: Deep taps your Keepsafe app until you enter the edit mode. Then uninstall it. Go to Play Store to reinstall and login Keepsafe again.

Step 3: Head to the “Menu” option and choose the “Settings” and check the box next to “Enable Private Cloud”.

Step 4: Close the app and then reopen it. Now, you will find the deleted photos are restored by Keepsafe private cloud.

Note: This way is only available to the photos that have been backed up to Private Cloud.

Part 3: Best Alternative of the Keepsafe Cloud

Is it safe to backup the photos to Private Cloud on Keepsafe? Will it take the storage space of your smartphone? Even if you backup the photos to the cloud service, your friends and family members might still access to the Keepsafe private cloud. WidsMob PhotoVault is the best Keepsaft Private Cloud alternative to backup and protect photos.

1. Hide photos from pry eyes or anyone without password on PC/Mac.

2. Add military-level encryption technology to your photos and albums.

3. Support all image formats, such as HEIC, JPG, PNG, RAW, etc.

4. Different methods to manage and view your private photos simply.

5. Share the hidden photos to your friends or another device via email.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Protect and Share Private Photos with Ease

Step 1: Download and install the photo vault app

Once you have downloaded and installed the program, launch it on your computer. As for the first time, you need to enter your password and confirm it. Then click the “Done” button to enter the photo vault.

Photo Protected with Password PhotoVault

Step 2: Add photos to private album

Go to the default Photos album and click the “Import” button at the upper right corner. Alternatively, you can create a personal album by clicking the “Plus” icon under the Album section. In the open-file dialog, find and select all photos you want to hide from others, and click the “Open” button to confirm it.

Photos Hidden on PhotoVault

Step 3: Manage the private photos

It enables you to view the photos in different modes when you backup the photos. To change password, security level and other options, click the “WidsMob PhotoVault” menu, choose the “Preferences” option and tweak the parameters accordingly.

Security Level PhotoVault

Step 4: Transfer private photos via email

It has the similar feature as the Keepsafe Private Cloud to enables you to share or transfer your private photos, locate the album. Select the desired photos and click the Email icon near the top right side. Then you will be taken to the new mail window.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


The article shares an important feature in Keepsafe photo vault app, Private Cloud. When you access private cloud on Keepsafe, you can back up private photos, transfer your photos to another device or recover deleted photos on iPhone or Android phone. In addition, you can find the best alternative to Keepsafe Private Cloud, WidsMob PhotoVault. It is not only easy to use, but also able to hide, lock, view, and transfer your personal photos on computer.

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