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The Ultimate Guide about Hiding Photos and Videos with Photo Vault Online

Is there a photo vault online to hide your intimate and private photos on the cloud service? It not only releases more space for your computer or mobile, you can also access to the photos wherever you want. What is the best online service to hide the photos?

There are a lot of cloud service providers that enables you to limited photos and videos online for free, such as Google Photos, Dropbox, Flickr and more other. Some of cloud services provide the private photo vault online feature. This article shares you how to hide your photos online as well as the best alternative method.

Photo Vault Online

Part 1: How to Encrypt Photos Online

Google Photos is a photo vault online service that to store, manage, and browse your photos and videos crossing platforms. You can upload your pictures from smartphone, computer or other digital devices and save the media files in your Google account.

It allows you to hide some photos online with a folder called Archive, in order to avoid privacy leak or embarrassment situations. If you already have a Google account, no matter sign up on YouTube or Gmail, let’s start using the photo vault online immediately.

How to Encrypt Photos Online on Mobile

Step 1: Install the Google Photos app and click the icon to open the app on your mobile device. After that, you can create an account or sign in your account your created.

Step 2: Upload photos to the online photo vault service from your Camera Roll or Photo Gallery. Moreover, the automatic backup feature helps you to upload photos to Google Photos with ease.

Step 3: Select the photos you want to hide in the photo vault online, and tap the “Menu” button at the upper right corner. It will hide the selected photos to the Archive for permission.

Step 4: When the Archived message pops up, you can tap the “Done” option to confirm it. In order to keep your photos private, you can delete them from your mobile device after uploading to Google Photos.

Google Photos Private Folder

How to Encrypt Photos Online on Computer

Step 1: Open your web browser and visit the photo vault online. Then log in with your Google account and password. On the home page of the online photo vault, you can view all images stored in Google photos.

Step 2: If you want to hide photos on your computer, upload the photos to the online service. Click the “Options” button with a three-line icon at the top left side, and choose the “Archive” option.

Step 3: On the Archive page, click the “Add Photos” button. Then you will be presented all photos in your Google Photos. Select the images you want to hide and hit the “Done” button to complete it.

Note: After photo vault online, your photos will not show on the home screen of Google Photos or the original album. But they will appear in the search result.

Step 4: If you want to view the hidden photos, go to “Options” > “Archive”. Whenever you want to unhide the photos, select them in Archive folder and choose the “Un-archive” in the “Options” menu.

Google Photos Archive Computer

Part 2: Is it Safe to Hide Photos Online

Is it safe to hide the photos online via Google Photos or other photo vault online service? Of course, in order to access to the photos upload to the Cloud services, you have to enter the account with password. But the latest technology always enables the hackers to get into the widely used Cloud service.

Does the online Cloud service have a backup for the uploaded service? It should be an important question you have to take into consideration. Even if the Cloud service is safe enough to keep the photos private. How about someone access to your computer? It is the reason that the photo vault online service is not the first choice if you need to hide the photo completely private from others.

Part 3: Best Photo Vault Online Alternative

Just as mentioned above, there are other drawbacks when using photo vault online to hide your pictures. Google Photos, for example, only offers 15GB free storage for one account. If you need more storage, you have to purchase the plans. Moreover, It requires a good Internet connection to upload and hide photos with photo vault online. Is there an alternative solution to photo vault online? WidsMob PhotoVault is a powerful photo vault for both Windows and Mac with extensive pro-level features that hide your photos completely without any change of leakage.

1. Lock and encrypt photos within one click without any track on computer.

2. Hide and manage your private photos in secret albums with categories.

3. Rely on the advanced AES-256 encryption technology.

4. Work on all photo and image formats including RAW files.

5. Browse hidden pictures with thumbnails or in slideshow mode.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

The Best Photo Vault Online Service Alternative

Step 1: Download the photo vault program

Once you have installed the photo vault program, you can launch the program and set up the password. Just make sure you can remember the password, or else you might lose the photos you want to hide. It should be the safest method to hide photo as photo vault online service alternative.

Photo Protected with Password Photo

Step 2: Set up the security levels

You can click the “Preferences” on the top of the window, which enables you to set the custom options, such as the “Lock screen on PhotoVault hidden” option or the “Lock screen on PhotoVault minimized” to hide the photos for some emergency situations with ease.

Security Level PhotoVault

Step 3: Upload and manage the photos

Head to the Photos folder or you can make a new folder by clicking the Plus sign under the “Albums” option. Next, click the “Import” button at the upper right side to trigger the open-file dialog. Find the photos you want to protect and select them and click the “Open” button.

Photos Hidden on PhotoVault

When you need to browse the password-protected photos, you should try the slideshow mode. Find the folder in the alternative to online photo vault, and click “View” > “Play Slideshow”. Alternatively, you can choose the “Enter Full Screen” or “Zoom Out” to see the details of a photo.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


The article shares the method about how to hide your photos and make them private with photo vault online. You can not only store media files on digital devices, but also host them to cloud servers, such as Google Photos. Even better is that Google Photos supports you to hide photos from prying eyes. If you feel the online photo vault is not security, WidsMob PhotoVault is the desired alternative to the photo vault online service that protect your private photos completely from others with different security levels.

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