7 Best Vault Apps to Hide Photos, Videos, and PDFs on Different Platforms

Last Updated on October 12, 2022 by Peter Wood

How do you hide photos, videos, and even PDF files from others? Vault apps for Android and iOS devices should be helpful. Whether you need to hide the files with a calculator or encrypt them with cloud service, you can learn more about the 7 best vault apps as well as the excellent features. Just choose the desired one after reading the article.

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Part 1: 2 Best Vault Apps for Windows and Mac

Hide the photos, videos, and PDF files on Windows and Mac not only protect them from prying eyes but also secure the files from being stolen or lost. Here are 2 frequently used vault apps for Windows and Mac.

Top 1: WidsMob MediaVault

WidsMob MediaVault is one of the best vault apps for Windows and Mac to hide photos, videos, and other files confidential. It encrypts media files with comprehensive algorithms, which no one can search for them within your computer. Moreover, it supports most file formats, including photos, videos, and even PDF files.

1. Support HEVC, HEIC, RAW, MP4, AVI, and more from different devices.

2. Search and sort the desired photos/videos by name, date, type, and more.

3. Manage photos, delete unwanted ones, group them to different groups, etc.

4. Provide multiple methods to hide photos, such as minimizing the vault app.

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Step 1: Install and launch WidsMob MediaVault. Set up a password for the first time for using the vault app for Windows and Mac. After that, you can enter a password in the Create Password box. Enter the password again to confirm.

Set Up Password MediaVault

Step 2: Click the Import Files button or Import Folder button and select the photos and videos you need to import. Once you have imported the desired files, you can find them in the Library menu. After that, you can manage the media files between different albums.

Play Video MediaVault Win

Step 3: When you need to locate the desired file, you can use the Sort button to find the desired file by name, type, creation date, etc. It enables the desired file by ascending or descending. Moreover, you can enter the related texts to get hidden photos and videos.

Sort the Media File MediaVault Win Download Mac Download

Top 2: Google Photos

Google Photos is more than a cloud service. It also provides some simple methods to hide the uploaded photos and videos. Usually, the media files are protected with the password for the account, but you should pay attention to the share links. Here is a simple encryption method of the vault app to protect the photos and videos.

1. Sync the hidden private media files between different devices and platforms.

2. Protect the photos and videos from the main interface of the vault app.

3. Organize photos orderly and save the storage space of the local devices.

4. Provide 15GB of free space to hide photos and videos on cloud service.

Step 1: Launch photos.google.com on your computer. Select the photos and videos you want to hide. Click the three-dot icon at the top menu and click the Archive button. Moreover, you can press Shift + A shortcut to archive them in the cloud service.

Google Photos Archive Computer

Step 2: When you need to import more photos, you can click the +Add photos at the upper left corner to select the photos and videos you want to hide, and then you can click the Done button to hide them. After that, you can view the files within the vault app on different devices.

Add Photo to Archive Google Photos Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: 5 Best Vault Apps for Android and iOS

Is there a vault app for Android or iOS to hide sensitive photos and videos? Here is a curated list of the 5 best vault apps to hide media files, protect them with a password, or even decoy them with another icon.

Top 1: Secret Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos is a smart vault app for iOS, which not only hide pictures, videos, audio files, and PDFs but also provide a decoy icon to make the media files invisible. Moreover, it enables you to privately browse the Internet without leaving any traces.


Support multiple file formats, such as photos, videos, passwords, etc.

Provide a disguise icon to hide the photos and videos from prying eyes.

Create secret photo albums and store your images library in clicks.


Ads and other function restrictions are available for the free vault.

Delete the app accidentally will also remove the hidden media files.

Secret Photo Vault

Top 2: GalleryVault

GalleryVault is the desired vault app that can lock up photos and videos from the app. It protects your files with different encrypt permissions, like fingerprint, PIN, and other modes. It is integrated with a Private Web Browser and supports downloading all images and videos.


Support break-in alerts and knows who is trying to break into your phone.

Provides multiple ways to unlock the confidential library for media files.

Disguise its media vault app icon and keep your privacy safe.


The free version has more ads and the premium version is expensive.

Support hiding and playing most of the photo formats, including GIF.

Gallery Vault

Top 3: Hide Something

When you need to hide videos and photos without taking much space, Hide Something provides Google Drive support for hidden backups. It supports GIF, fake vault mode, and fingerprint support. Moreover, the vault app can share hidden files easily.


Hide different photo files and animated GIFs to your phone or Google Drive.

Provide advanced image viewer to browse the photos with the best quality.

Restore and hide the media files within your smartphone in a few clicks.


Hide the photos only but lack encryption features as the other vault apps.

Cannot always restore the hidden photos and videos on your smartphone.

Hide Something

Top 4: LockMyPix

To protect the media files from an Android SD card, LockMyPix is another excellent vault app with desirable features. It enables you to hide the photos and videos offline, use a decoy icon, provide AES encryption, and even apply for fingerprint support.


Protect photos, videos, and documents from true AES CTR encryption.

Mask LockMyPix as any other app like a calculator or shopping app.

Hide files via Password, PIN, Pattern, Fingerprint, Face Unlock, etc.


The backup features of the vault app are not fully functional well.

Need to subscribe to the Premium to explore the full functionalities.

LockMyPix Photo Vault

Top 5: PhotoGuard

PhotoGuard is an excellent vault app with multiple locking methods, including pattern, PIN, or fingerprint lock. It provides the advanced AES-256 encryption technology, which allows you to keep your privacy well protected. It includes a break-in alert when people try to break into your vault.


Provide a break-in alert report when your privacy is being stolen or hacked.

Organize and manage the photos and videos within different albums easily.

Transfer the hidden photos and videos to Mac via iTunes shared folder.


Cannot transfer a large number of media files to the vault app successfully.

Files might be lost or locked out when you update to the latest iOS version.



If you want to protect your privacy from prying eyes or avoid leakage, here are the best vault apps to hide the sensitive photos and videos you should know. When you need to hide all the media files and documents without taking up too much space on your smartphone, WidsMob MediaVault is always the initial choice you can consider.

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