Photos in the Closet – 10 Picture-Safe Apps to Hide Photos on Different Devices

Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by Peter Wood

What are the best picture-safe apps to hide private photos completely? It is not easy to deal with the photos in the closet, whether you hide the photos on your smartphone or password protected them on your computer. When your family members or friends intend to track some evidence, here are the 10 recommended picture-safe apps to help you out.

Picture-Safe Apps

Part 1: 10 Best Picture Safe Apps for Android and iOS

Top 1: Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is one of the best picture-safe apps that hide your photos from any possible perpetrators. It has a stealth mode that hides the app icon and even takes the picture of anyone who inputs the wrong password. It also provides a premium plan to get tracking and stealth mode.


1. Lock photos, the app icons, and even the system settings.

2. Take a snap for the intruder entering the wrong password.

3. Prevent others from uninstalling and breaking into the app.


1. No separate password is required.

Gallery Lock Screenshot

Top 2: Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe Photo Vault is another popular app to keep pictures safe. It can hide your photos in a folder with snapshots of your credit cards, ID cards, and passport for safekeeping. Just take advantage of military-level encryption to make the hidden photos completely safe.


1. It will be available on the recently used apps list.

2. Take photos from the app for anyone who wants to break in.

3. Create a fake PIN that leads users to a decoy Keepsafe.


1. Automatically enroll you for the premium service.

KeepSafe Photo Vault Screenshot

Top 3: Hidden Album

iOS 16 has released new features to make the picture safe and private. Face ID and Touch ID are required to open the photos and videos. It allows you to safeguard the recently deleted folder with biometric authentication. Moreover, you can manage the photos within different albums.


1. Choose to show or hide the hidden album in the Settings app.

2. Provide the built-in features to encrypt the media files in clicks.

3. Manage, transfer, delete, add, favorite, and edit the photos.


1. It is still accessible if others check the Settings on your iPhone.

iOS 16 Default Hide

Top 4: Hidden Vault

Hidden Vault is another picture-safe app that stores your private photos and videos behind encryption. It enables you to set your password, create albums, save bookmarks, organize the media files into custom albums, and protect them behind a PIN passcode and Face ID.


1. Provide the built-in private browser and save the bookmarks.

2. Save the password and auto-fill the Pin code to access the photos.

3. Smart decoy vault feature and backup photos to iCloud.


1. Smart features are not available to free users.

Hidden Vault

Top 5: Safe Lock

Safe Lock is more than a photo vault app for iPhone. It also protects and manages your important files, beyond photos and videos. There are multiple fancy features, including WiFi transfer, anti-theft break-in reports, slideshow viewing, and a secret camera.


1. Support dot-lock, numeric, alphabetic, password, Face ID, etc.

2. Lock the photos and videos by shaking or flipping the iPhone.

3. Import and export media files to Photoroll, Email, and Cloud services.


1. Need to subscribe to the Premium service to explore all features.

Safe Lock

Top 6: Locker

When you need to secure photos, videos, notes, apps, and other files, Locker is the desired picture-safe app you should try. It organizes the media files in a way you can easily find them. Moreover, you can hide the secret apps behind Face ID/Touch ID protection.


1. Set up a password or apply Face ID/Touch ID to hide photos.

2. Save, protect, and write notes, PDFs, and other document files.

3. Change the app icon and disguise the picture-safe as a calculator.


1. It is difficult to retrieve data if you lose your password.

Locker Decoy Photo Vault

Top 7: Secret Key Lock Album

If you need to protect your images and videos on your iPhone, Secret Key Lock Album enables you to hide them with a Face ID or a Touch ID. Similar to the other picture-safe apps, it provides the auto-delete function to remove the media files from the default Photos app.


1. Add comments to the media files and change the covers.

2. Support multiple file formats, including Live Photos and videos.

3. Look back on your memories with stunning slideshow features.


1. Unable to edit videos or photos inside the photo vault app.

Secret Key Lock Album

Top 8: Secret Photo Album

Secret Photo Album is a versatile picture-safe app on your iPhone to protect pictures and videos. It enables you to unlock the media files with a PIN code or Face Touch/ID. Moreover, you can take pictures with the built-in camera to the app or the Cloud services directly.


1. Double password protection, and decoy PIN to hide real content.

2. Custom color themes, album covers, app icons, and fake galleries.

3. Provide a break-in alerts report with a snapshot of the intruder.


1. Need to reset the pin code once you have locked out the app.

Secret Photo Album

Top 9: Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder is an excellent way of protecting photos and videos from external intervention. It provides a log of successful logins, failed logins, pin changes, and more, which means you can use the picture-safe app to track the intruder even if others have the correct password.


1. Provide 4 security locks, password, pattern, and Face/Touch ID.

2. Warning noises to catch the snooper and add to intruder reports.

3. Manage multiple photos and videos with unlimited media folders.


1. Cannot use the hidden photos and videos after updating.

Best Secret Folder

Top 10: LockMyPix

To archive and keep private photos and videos in a hidden folder, LockMyPix is the desired photo-safe app. It enables you to create a decoy secret fake vault with a separate code and multiple albums/sub-albums. Different from the other apps, the photos are safe and encrypted with AES CTR.


1. Disguise the photo vault icon or make it invisible from App Drawer.

2. Custom the album covers, themes, and albums to manage files.

3. Capture intruders trying to open your vault with a break-in selfie.


1. The annoying ads appear frequently and last for 30-seconds.

LockMyPix Photo Vault

Part 2: The Best Picture Safe Program for Windows/Mac

To make pictures safe and away from prying eyes, WidsMob MediaVault is a versatile method to protect media files with combined algorithms, including AES-256 and more. It has different security levels, you can set up the different privileges to open the media files, export them to your computer, and share the photos with others. Moreover, you can also view them secretly and smoothly within the picture-safe app.

1. Support multiple file formats, like HEIC, RAW, WebP, AVIF, MP4, etc.

2. Set up different security modes to manage, view, and export photos.

3. Provide the built-in photo viewer and video player to browse media files.

4. Add advanced algorithms to protect photos and videos easily.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob MediaVault, you can launch it on your computer. Create a new password if you're using the app for the first time. After that, you can confirm the password and write down it to access the media files.

Set Up Password MediaVault

Step 2: To upload the media files, such as HEIC, MP4, and more, you can simply click the Import Files button or the Import Folder button to import the files from different devices. Locate them in the Library menu, you can right-click them and manage the files.

Add to Certain Photos MediaVault

Step 3: When you need to hide the photos with different privileges, you can go to the Settings option from the File menu. After that, you can simply set up the different security levels and automatically locks when the application is minimized within the picture-safe app.

Set up the Security Level Win Download Mac Download


Here are the most popular picture-safe apps that are helpful for anyone who wants to protect privacy. Just learn more details about the review and choose the desired one according to your requirements. WidsMob MediaVault is the all-in-one photo safe program for Windows and Mac, in which you can hide the photos, make the file invisible from your computer, set up different security levels, and more.