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Top 8 Best Duplicate Photo Finder Software You Should Know

Today, more and more people are accustomed to record life with digital photos. And we usually store a large amount of pictures on our computers, from selfies, to family photos, landscape photos and graphs. Many pictures are high definition ones and taking up a lot of hard disk space. With such a large amount of pictures, it is more likely to have multiple duplicate copies of at least some of these pictures. These duplicate images not only waste of storage space, but also bring problems on picture management and use. Don’t worry! To solve the problem of duplicate photo, you just need an appropriate tool. And we will share top 8 duplicate photo finders in this post.

Duplicate Photo Finder

Top 1. WidsMob Viewer - the best duplicate photo finder of all

WidsMob Viewer is not only a professional photo browser, but also the best photo manager that has the capacity to find duplicate photo. With Photo Viewer, you can enjoy many useful features.

1. Photo Viewer supports more than 50 photo formats, including RAW files and animated GIF images.

2. This duplicate photo finder is able to load and import hundreds of pictures in short time at once.

3. The built-in advanced algorithms could find out the duplicate photos automatically through reading the information of your photos and comparing the pictures.

4. You can browse photos in different modes, like Viewing Mode, Thumbnail Mode, Slideshow Mode, Library Mode and EXIF Mode. In EXIF Mode, you can read all details about the camera, ISO and more within Photo Viewer.

5. Beside photo browse, Photo Viewer also provides some basic editing tools, like rotate, flip, zoom, crop, adjust various parameters related to color, apply effects, rename, resize and more.

6. Moreover, Photo Viewer allows you to convert photos files in batch, share photos to social networks or print with hot keys.

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TIFF Image Viewer

Although Photo Viewer has so many useful functions, it is easy to use and navigate.

Top 2. VisiPics - the best duplicate photo finder for Windows 10

Microsoft had announced that penetration of Windows 10 around the world have passed 50%. But there are only a few duplicate photo finder software is available to Windows 10. Based on our testing, VisiPics is one of the duplicate photo finders for Windows 10.


1. VisiPics not only looks for duplicate photos by file names, but also compare the photo contents.

2. You can decide how strictly VisiPics compare your photos, like strict, basic or loose.

3. After comparison, VisiPics allows you to preview and check whether it is repeated.

4. This duplicate photo finder could read hundreds of photos and tell you which ones are duplicated in batch.

5. The duplicate photo detect feature is free to use.


1. You have to delete duplicate photo manually. If you want to remove repeated photos within VisiPics, you have to pay for it.


Top 3. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder - remove duplicate photos on your PC

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is another free powerful tool. The duplicate photo remover will help you to find and remove duplicate photos on your PC. With this program you can easily clean up your photo collection from duplicates or even similar images. It is an easy to use duplicate photo remover with user-friendly interface. Just learn more detail about splendid features of the program.

1. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is able to compare pictures that was resized or pictures with corrected colors.

2. The duplicate photo remover can search through the various image types including JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF, etc.

3. It contains absolutely NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE, NO REGISTRATION, NO POPUPS, NO MALWARE or other unwanted software.

4. You can do all you need with duplicate photos in just a couple of mouse clicks with the simple process of the program.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Top 4. iPhoto Library Manager - the top duplicate photo finder for Mac

iPhoto Library Manager is a dedicated photo manager for Mac computers. Since 2015, Apple has released the successor of iPhoto, Photos. People still could use iPhoto Library Manager to organize photo libraries on Mac computers.


1. This duplicate photo finder for Mac is able to find repeated photos by file name and date.

2. Once iPhoto Library Manager discovers the repeated picture, it will pick one to keep and delete the duplicate one automatically.

3. You can customize the rules, like move the duplicate pictures to trash, flag, hide, assign keywords or add to album.

4. In addition to find duplicate images, iPhoto Library Manager also has the capacities to create new libraries, merge photo libraries and rebuild corrupted libraries.


1. It cannot compare the image contents.

2. When dealing with more than hundreds of photos, iPhoto Library Manager may crash.

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Top 5. Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro - professional duplicate photo remover for Mac

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro is able to keep your photo collection organized and clutter free. The duplicate photo remover for Mac is able to remove duplicate and similar images from folders, iPhoto Libraries and any directory of your choice easily and quickly. It is a simple yet powerful duplicate photo remover program that can save you from manually sifting through hundreds of duplicate and identical looking photos. As for the case, you can also import photos from iPad to remove duplicate, and then delete photos from iPad.

1. It will keep the photo library organized and neat by removing the duplicate photos from different folders.

2. When you remove the same or similar photos with duplicate photo remover. It is extremely fast when it comes to scanning and comparing a large number of photos within seconds.

3. The program supports removable devices and external devices, such as pen drives and USB.

4. You can fully customize your comparison settings out of the available methods by adjusting the settings according to your requirement, regardless of the image size or format.

5. The duplicate photo remover uses the auto-mark features to mark all duplicate photos in every group except one.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro

Top 6. Anti-Twin - The best cross-platform duplicate photo finder

Anti-Twin is a versatile duplicate file detector available to both Windows and Mac computers.


1. This duplicate photo detector is able to scan the repeated images and delete them automatically.

2. You can customize the rules, like detect duplicates by file name, by CRC, by file name and CRC or by size and file name.

3. Anti-Twin also has the capacity to detect other duplicate media files, like audios and videos.

4. Anti-Twin is a freeware and anyone could use it without pay a penny.

5. It is easy to use.


1. Anti-Twin cannot scan many images at one time.

2. This duplicates finder bundled with unwanted components when you install it.


Top 7. Duplicate Photos Finder - The professional cross-platform duplicate photo finder

Duplicate Photos Finder supports all popular image formats as well as the RAW files. The duplicate photo remover has a scanning engine optimized for processing image files. What is more, the program has a handy preview feature that let you preview the duplicates. It has everything you need to find and delete duplicate documents, images, music files, videos, emails and more. Just learn more detail about the features of the duplicate photo remover.

1. Duplicate Photos Finder is able to manage duplicate documents, songs, photos, videos, and emails. It is the versatile duplicate photo remover for different operation systems.

2. Lots of advanced search methods and custom scan modes. You can always search for the same or similar duplicate photos from the PC or Mac with ease.

3. The duplicate photo remover is able to delete duplicate files from iTunes, Photos, iPhoto, Windows Media Player, Google Driver and Dropbox.

4. When you delete the duplicate photos, you can preview all types of file for safer search.

5. The program has protects system files and folders from accidental deletion.

Duplicate Photos Finder

Top 8. Duplicate Images Finder - the best free duplicate photo finder

Duplicate Images Finder is one of the best duplicates image detectors without charge.


1. Besides file name and date, Duplicate Images Finder is able to compare the image contents to find out duplicates.

2. This duplicates detector could compare images in different formats, like JPEG, PNG and other image formats.

3. Duplicate Images supports more than 40 file formats, including RAW files.

4. You can customize the detect options, like file size, file extensions and so on.


1. It only shows you ten duplicates one time.

2. This duplicate photo finder is only compatible with Windows.

Duplicate Images Finder


In this post, we introduced top 8 duplicate photo finders. They all have some benefits and advantages. VisiPics is the best duplicates detector for Windows 10 and you can use it for free. iPhoto Library Manager is the test tool to manage photo libraries on Mac computer. Anti-Twin is an all-in-one duplicates detect solution compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Duplicate Images Finder is a freeware that has the ability to tell you which pictures are repeated on PCs. But if you are looking for the best duplicate picture finder, we recommend WidsMob Viewer. With Photo Viewer, you cannot only discover the duplicates among thousands of photos quickly, but also get extensive picture editing tools.

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