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In today's digital age, multimedia content plays a key role in online interactions. From sharing memorable moments on social media to creating educational materials, video has become a versatile medium. However, in some cases, you may need to preserve animation sequences or specific frames in the video, then you need to extract specific frames from the WEBM video or create an image sequence. In this guide, you will be guided through the process of converting WEBM videos to PNG images on your computer. Whether you are a video enthusiast, content creator, or researcher, this technology is invaluable in your multimedia work.

Convert WEBM Video to PNG Images

Part 1: How to Convert WEBM Video to PNG Images on a Computer

Most of the time, there are very few software that directly support converting videos to images, but it does not mean that it is impossible. You can perform the WEBM to PNG step through the collaboration function between software, which will also allow you to get the final PNG image. The middle medium is GIF animation because it is an image that can be played and is a very good medium in the conversion process. Next, I will tell you in detail how to convert WEBM to PNG images through collaboration between software.

How to Convert WEBM Video to GIF Animation

When performing WEBM to PNG, first convert the WEBM video into a GIF animation. This conversion process is relatively simple and allows you to further select the WEBM video content. WidsMob GIF is a GIF animation producer and editor that can create GIF animations from videos and photos in multiple formats, including importing WEBM to generate GIF animations.

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Step 1: After installing WidsMob GIF on your computer, start it, click the Video to GIF button, and select the WEBM video in the pop-up dialog box to import it into the software. After the import is successful, you can view and play it in the preview box.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: If you want to select some clips in the WEBM video to convert to GIF animation, then you only need to determine the content of the GIF animation through the selection boxes at both ends in the timeline below the preview box. Click the Play icon to preview the playback of GIF animation content.

WidsMob GIF Play

Step 3: On the right side of the GIF animation preview box, you can edit the GIF animation. Click the Video Adjustment button, and there will be 3 options for you to adjust the HSL of the GIF animation. Adjust the slider of Contrast to observe the changes in the GIF animation in the preview box to achieve the best viewing experience. After editing is completed, click the Export GIF button to export the WEBM video as a GIF animation.

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How to Convert Animated GIF to PNG Images

At this point, you have exported the WEBM video into a GIF animation type that is easy to operate. The next step is to convert the GIF animation into PNG mode. GIF animations and PNG images are essentially image formats, so you need image conversion software, such as WidsMob ImageConvert. WidsMob ImageConvert is a versatile image conversion software that simultaneously supports image import and conversion in more than 100 formats, so it can support converting GIF animations to PNG images, thereby helping you get PNG images from WEBM videos.

1. Import JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, AVIF, and other image formats.

2. Preview image changes in real-time during the editing process so you can make timely adjustments.

3. Modify the size of the image through 4 different modes.

4. Customize the quality of the image and export high-quality content.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert on your computer. After the installation is successful, start the software, click the Import button, select the GIF animation converted from WEBM in the pop-up dialog box, and import it into the software. After the import is successful, you can view it in Library.

Import Photos to ImageConvert

Step 2: Select the GIF animation and you can view its detailed information in the lower right corner, such as Histogram and Properties. Click the Convert button to go directly to the page for converting GIF to PNG images. In the conversion page, the GIF animation will play automatically.

WidsMob Convert ImageConvert

Step 3: In the editing tools on the right, click the Resize button. On the pop-up drop-down menu, tools for resizing PNG images will appear. Click the Mode button, select By Width, and then enter the corresponding value, so that you can resize the size of the PNG image without changing the image ratio.

WidsMob Resize ImageConvert

Step 4: Click the Rotate Flip button, which allows you to rotate and flip the GIF animation. Combined with rotation and flipping, you can get a new presentation of PNG images. Click the Save icon in the upper right corner of the page, and the export dialog box will appear. In the export dialog box, select the PNG image storage address and Name.

WidsMob Rotate ImageConvert

Step 5: Make sure the output format of the file is a PNG image, just click the Format button and select PNG. If you need to export all WEBM as PNG images, you need to select Export All Frames in the Option. Adjust the slider of Quality, and click the Export button to save the high-quality PNG image converted from WEBM to your computer.

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Part 2: How to Free Convert WEBM Video to PNG Images Online

After the introduction of the software, you can also convert WEBM to PNG through online websites. OnlineConvert is a web-based file conversion service that offers a wide range of conversion options for different file formats. Converting WEBM to PNG images is a complex process, so you are not able to preview the images when converting them on the website.

Step 1: Open your browser and enter https://image.online-convert.com/convert/webm-to-png to directly enter OnlineConvert’s WEBM to PNG page. Click the Choose File button on the page, select the WEBM video in the pop-up dialog box, and upload it to the website.

OnlineConvert Choose Webm File

Step 2: After the video is successfully uploaded, it will appear in the list at the bottom of the page. If you need to upload multiple videos at once, you can do so by clicking the Add Sample File button. After the video is successfully uploaded, you can adjust the size and quality of the PNG image in Options, etc.

OnlineConvert Add Sample Webm File

Step 3: In Quality, you can set the export quality of PNG images by moving the slider. Unfortunately, OnlineConvert cannot modify the size of PNG proportionally. It can only customize the size of the image. After editing, click the Start button directly to start converting the WEBM video.

OnlineConvert Start Webm

Step 4: Wait a moment, WEBM will be successfully converted into multiple PNG images. The PNG images will appear in a list, select the image you want to download and click the Download button. If you want to download all images, you need to click the Download ZIP File button.

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Part 3: FAQ about Converting WEBM Video to PNG Images

1What is the typical file size difference between a WEBM video and a series of PNG images?
PNG images typically have larger file sizes than raw WEBM videos because they are uncompressed and store each frame as a separate image. File sizes vary depending on factors such as resolution and compression settings.
2Is there a way to convert multiple WEBM videos to PNG images in batch mode?
Yes, you can use the batch processing feature of WidsMob ImageConvert to convert multiple WEBM videos to PNG images in batch mode using inter-software and technology.
3Can I convert only specific parts of a WEBM video to a PNG image, or does it have to be the entire video?
You can specify the time range or segments of the video you want to convert by adjusting the start and end time in the conversion command, thereby converting only the parts you need.


Converting WEBM videos to PNG images enables you to take advantage of the versatility of video content and convert it into a collection of still images. By following the steps outlined in this guide and using the right tools, you can open up a world of creative and analytical possibilities on your computer. As technology continues to advance, so does the ability to edit multimedia content, and you now know how to get the most out of it. Continue to explore your video-to-image conversion skills and watch your multimedia projects come to life.

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