5 Best M4P Converters to Convert M4P Music Files on Windows and Mac with Ease

Last Updated on November 17, 2021 by Jane Joe

Once you have downloaded several music files from iTunes, how to transfer the M4P files to a smartphone or even listen to the Apple music? Of course, the MP4 converter is the best method to extract Apple music and iTunes files to MP3, WAV, M4A, and more other audio files. Moreover, you can also remove the DRM protection from the music files of Apple. This article shares your top 5 best M4P converters for PC and Mac to convert M4P to MP3 or other audio formats.

How to Convert M4P Music Files

Part 1: What is M4P Format

As mentioned above, M4P is an audio file extension of copyright-protected music files. It encodes in an advanced audio codec named AAC. M4P files are lossy compressed. Though Apple introduced M4P intending as the successor to MP3, the former is not as widely used as the latter. It is an audio file downloaded from the iTunes Music Store onto a computer.

It uses an advanced algorithm to limit the number of computers playing a specific file. You can only play the M4P files on the authorized device using the Apple iTunes application. Moreover, you can also authorize up to five different computers using the same iTunes account. When you need to convert M4P files for more devices, you can choose an M4P converter instead.

Part 2: 5 Best M4P Converters

Top 1: WidsMob Converter

WidsMob Converter is a versatile M4P converter to convert M4P to MP3, WAV, and other audio files within a batch process. It enables you to decrypt the DRM Fairplay protection, tweak the video and audio settings, merge, edit, trim and crop the converted files with ease.

1. Convert M4P files to MP3, WAV, and audio formats in the batch process.

2. Tweak the audio codec, sample rate, bitrate, and more other settings easily.

3. Advanced editing features to crop, merge, trim, apply effects, and more.

4. Preview the M4P audio files; delete the files or share with social media sites.

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How to Convert M4P to MP3 without Quality Loss

Step 1: Launch the M4P to MP3 converter after the installation on your PC. After that, you can click the Add Files menu on the top ribbon and add the desired M4P files into the M4P converter. Of course, you can playback the M4P files directly within the program.

widsmob converter interface

Step 2: Once you have imported the M4P audio file, click the Profile drop-down list to expand it. And choose a proper audio format, such as MP3, from the General Audio tab. If you need to listen to the music files on your smartphone, you can choose the device model.

Convert Audio WidsMob Converter

Step 3: Go to the bottom area, click the Browse button and select a specific folder to save the result. After that, you can click on the Convert button to begin converting M4P to MP3. You can transfer and play the MP3 files to most of the devices.

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Top 2: iTunes

iTunes is more than a free M4P converter but also is a music manager. When you purchase the music in iTunes Store with the M4P format, you can directly convert them to MP3 in iTunes for free.

Step 1: Open the free M4P converter and make sure the M4P files are in your library. If you do not have the files within the iTunes library, you can download them from the Apple website.

Step 2: Go to the Edit menu, choose the General option from the Preferences option. Click the Import Settings option on PC. Then you can unfold Import Using and choose the MP3 Encoder option.

Step 3: Select all M4P files you want to convert in the iTunes Library. Click the File menu, choose the Convert or Create New Version option and choose the Create MP3 Version option.

iTunes Convert M4P

Top 3: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an open-source media player. It has many features include recording the audio files and converting M4P to MP3 or other formats in a batch process.

Step 1: Run the free M4P converter on your computer. Go to the Media menu and choose the Convert/Save button to transcode the M4P files without the DRM FairPlay protection.

Step 2: Click the Add button on the open-media dialog and import the M4P files. Hit the Convert/Save button to enter the next window for converting the M4P music files from iTunes.

Step 3: Locate the Settings section, expand the Profile dropdown list and choose Audio-MP3. Hit the Browse button to set the filename and destination. Hit the Start button to initiate the process.

VLC Media Player Convert Audio

Top 4: FileZigZag

FileZigZag is an online M4P to MP3 converter that you can convert the M4P music files with a few clicks. You can handle 10 M4P files. And each of them is no more than 50MB per conversion for free.

Step 1: Go to https://www.filezigzag.com/online-m4p-to-mp3-converter in a browser when you want to convert M4P to MP3. Drag and drop M4P files into the home page.

Step 2: Click the Start Converting button to begin converting M4P to MP3 within a batch process. When you finish the process, download the MP3 files to your computer.

Note: This web M4P converter does not provide any advanced settings.

M4P Converter Online FileZigZag

Top 5: Zamzar

Zamzar is a collection of web file converter apps and an M4P converter. You can use the basic features for free without registration. But it does not work with the DRM-protected M4P files.

Step 1: Open the web M4P converter https://www.zamzar.com/convert/mp4-to-mp3/ in your browser. Click the Add Files button to upload M4P files from your hard drive.

Step 2: To upload M4P files from the URL, press the select link. The web app can process five files per time, but each file must be less than 50MB. Make sure that mp3 appears in the format box.

Step 3: Once you have imported the M4P files, click the Convert Now button to begin converting M4P to MP3. When prompted, you can download the results.

Note: If it is not convenient to download the MP3 files, check the box next to Email after finishing and leave your email address.

Zamzar M4P Converter


Here are the top 5 best M4P converters to extract the M4P to MP3. If you have iTunes on your computer, it is a simple way to get what you want. Moreover, web MP4 converter apps can meet your basic requirements. WidsMob Converter, for example, is not only easy to convert M4P to MP3 with DRM protection but also able to produce the best output audio quality.

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