4 Free Easy to Save/Export PowerPoint Slide as JPEG, Including Software and Online

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Converting PowerPoint slides to JPEG images is a common need for various purposes, such as sharing content online, creating image-rich documents, or keeping slides as separate graphics. Fortunately, there are software and online tools available that can make this process quick and easy. In this guide, we'll introduce you to four free and user-friendly methods for saving/exporting PowerPoint slides as JPEG images to suit various preferences and requirements.

Save/Export PowerPoint as JPEG

Part 1: How to Save a PowerPoint Slide as a Picture

There are 2 main methods you can use to save PowerPoint slides as JPG images: "Save as JPEG" and "Export as JPG". Below is a detailed explanation of both methods.

Method 1: Save as JPG

Step 1: Find the PowerPoint slide that needs to be saved as a JPG image on your computer, double-click to open the file, and you can also slightly adjust its content at this time. Click the File button to enter the save page of the PowerPoint slide.

PowerPoint File

Step 2: Click the Save As button in the sidebar, select the storage location of the JPG image on the page that appears, and the corresponding dialog box will be summoned. Select JPEG in the drop-down menu of Save As Type to get the image converted from the PowerPoint slide.

PowerPoint Save As

Method 2: Export as JPG

Step 1: Still on the save editing page in PowerPoint, but this time you need to select Export. Several different options will appear. At this time, you can choose to save the PPT as a video format, etc. To export as a JPG image, you need to select Change File Type.

PowerPoint Export

Step 2: In Change File Type, you need to click the Save As button to open the conversion dialog box. Still in Save As Type, you can choose JPG as the saving format.

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Part 2: Convert PowerPoint to JPG/JPEG for Free Online

Zamzar specializes in file conversion services and its infrastructure is designed to handle various file formats. This includes the ability to convert PowerPoint presentations to image formats such as JPG.

Step 1: Open the browser on your computer and enter https://www.zamzar.com/convert/ppt-to-jpg/ to directly enter the PowerPoint to the JPG function page. Click the Choose Files button, select the PowerPoint file in the pop-up dialog box, and import it into the website.

Zamzar Choose PPT File

Step 2: After the import is successful, you can view the relevant information of the file in the list below, including name, format, and size. After confirming it is correct, click the Convert button to start converting the PowerPoint file.

Zamzar Convert PPT Now

Step 3: After the conversion is successful, you will be able to click the Download button to save the JPG file directly on your device.

Zamzar Download PPT Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: How to Export High-Resolution JPEG/JPG from PowerPoint Slide

During the conversion process, PowerPoint compresses the image to make it smaller, which may result in a loss of detail and quality. This compression is lossy, meaning some image data is discarded to achieve a smaller file size. But it's not impossible to recover from. You can also recover JPG from PowerPoint slide data. WidsMob ImageConvert is a software program mainly used for image format conversion and batch processing. It has a unique processing method for recovering and converting a large number of images.

1. Support input and output of multiple image file formats

2. Ability to process multiple images in batch mode.

3. Tasks such as rotating, cropping, and adding text or watermarks to images.

4. Adjust image quality settings, including compression level and output resolution.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert on your computer. After successful installation, start the software. Click the Import button on the home page, select the image converted from the PowerPoint slide in the pop-up dialog box, and import it into the software. After the import is successful, you will be able to see them in the Library.

Import Photos to ImageConvert

Step 2: If you need to import more images, you can click the Add button above Library and select the image in the pop-up dialog box. Select an image and you can view information about the image on the right. To edit all images at once, you need to click the Convert button in the lower right corner and select Convert All Images to enter the batch conversion page for all images.

WidsMob Convert ImageConvert

Step 3: On the image conversion page, you can make a lot of basic edits to the image because there are a series of tools available on the right. Click the Resize button and the corresponding drop-down menu appears. Select By Width in Mode, and then enter the corresponding value in Width to obtain the corresponding size without changing the proportion of the image.

WidsMob Resize ImageConvert

Step 4: If you feel the image is a little thin, you can gain a visual center by adding a border. In Border, select the color of the border, then enter the corresponding value in Width, and then you can observe it in the preview box and adjust the width of the border at any time. Adjust the slider of Opacity for better results.

WidsMob Border ImageConvert

Step 5: After editing is completed, click the Convert button in the lower right corner of the page to summon the batch conversion dialog box. Choose where to store the image, make sure the format is JPG, and adjust the slider of Quality to enhance the image converted from the PowerPoint slide. Finally, just click the Convert button and all editing will be completed.

WidsMob Quality ImageConvert Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQ of Converting PowerPoint to JPG/JPEG

1Can I edit a PowerPoint slide before saving it as a JPG image?
Yes, you can edit your slideshow before saving it as a JPG image. Make edits, such as adding or modifying content, formatting, or design changes, and then proceed with the save process as described.
2What is the recommended resolution for saving PowerPoint slides as images?
The resolution depends on your intended use. For screen displays, a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels is usually sufficient. If you plan to print the image, consider a higher resolution, such as 300 DPI. The image can be resized to suit your requirements when saving.
3Can I save PowerPoint slides to a different image format, such as PNG or GIF?
Yes, you can select a different image format from the Save As Type drop-down list when saving. PowerPoint supports a variety of image formats, including PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP.


With these four free and easy-to-use methods, you can easily save your PowerPoint slides as high-quality JPEG images, ensuring your content is easy to share and visually impactful. Whether you prefer a software solution for offline use or a convenient online tool, you'll find the right method for your needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of copy-pasting or taking screenshots—now saving PowerPoint slides as JPEG is a breeze!

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