How to Download Music on Mac without Paying a Penny – The Ultimate Guide You Should Know

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Jane Joe

What are the best methods to download music on Mac? When you want to download music files, you can search for a free music downloader website to get the songs or even capture the audio files from any website. You can learn more about the workable methods from the article. Since Apple has serious copyright protection, you might only listen to music online or purchase it from the iTunes Store or Apple Music service. Just learn more about downloading music on a Mac. You can choose the desired method from the article now.

How to Download Music on Mac

Part 1: Where to Get Free Music to Download on Mac

If you need to download some free music files, you can learn more about the 6 best websites to get free music to download on Mac. Just search for the desired music files and choose the desired one according to your requirement with the following information.

Top 1: SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the popular music databases online. It lets you listen to unlimited music online and download music on Mac. Moreover, some songs provide the download option. Today, more and more musicians publish music and albums on SoundCloud. Once you sign up for an account, you can get almost all songs on the platform, search by genre, and create playlists.


Top 2: ReverbNation

ReverbNation has a collection of music online. All the platform songs are from musicians in the world. You can feel free to download them on Mac. ReverbNation can store music by genres, hip-hop, and others. Moreover, you can search for your favorite songs by title, artist, and other tags.


Top 3: Jamendo

Jamendo Music relies on creative commons license to protect music on the platform. It means that you can download your favorite songs for free and legally on Windows and Mac. Bear in mind the music downloader website for Mac is focused on independent music, but not mainstream tracks, which you can download royalty-free music files.


Top 4: SoundClick

Compared to other online music websites, SoundClick is more like a music marketplace. It collects a lot of websites of musicians and artists. When you want to download a song on Mac, it redirects you to the artist’s website. So, the download is not only free but also very safe. Remember that not all songs are free to download.


Top 5: Audiomack

Audiomack is another emerging music-sharing platform. Everyone can search for music on a user-friendly webpage. The navigation is pretty good to get and download the music files and songs on Mac. Though the database is not as huge as SoundCloud, you can find the last music files on the platform and download them for free.


Top 6: YouTube

YouTube is the most popular streaming platform that you can access to hundreds of music files and songs. You can follow almost all artists and musicians on YouTube and discover their latest albums. Some music videos on YouTube provide the download option as well that you can download music on Mac.


Part 2: How to Download Free Music Files on MacBook

What is the best method to download music files from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music and other music streaming platforms? Musify Music Downloader is a versatile music download to download music on Mac and Windows. Moreover, you can also download music files and videos without DRM protection.

1. Download music and videos on Mac without the DRM copy protection.

2. Keep the original audio quality for downloading the advanced technologies.

3. Take a time schedule to download music streaming for different streaming.

4. Control the music download on Mac with hotkeys, editing features, etc.

Win Download Mac Download

How to Download Music on Mac

Step 1: Launch your browser or music stream service, find the music or playlist to download offline. Open the music video downloader on Mac after installation. Then choose the Download option to download music files for online streaming sites.

Download YouTube MP3 Musify

Step 2: Go to the Preferences dialog and tweak the options related to hotkeys, output format, destination, and more.

Set MP3 M4A WAV Format Musify

Step 3: Enable the Download icon and choose the system sound to download the music files and adjust the volume. Click the Paste URL button to record the music files. After the countdown, you can start downloading the music file.

Musify Download YouTube Spotify MP3

Step 4: You can click the Pause button on the toolbar to pause the recording during the process. When you finish the music download on Mac, click the Stop button and save the music to your hard disk. The downloaded music is in the format you set before. If you want to listen to music, go to the Media Library window.

Win Download Mac Download


If you need to know how to download music on Mac and get the free music files, Apple Music and iTunes Store are the official places to download music on Mac, but the music files might be too expensive. The downloaded music websites have many limits. The free music download websites, such as SoundCloud, do not ask for any payment or subscription. If you need a music download for your Mac, Musify Music Downloader is worth trying. It is easy to use and download music with the original quality.