Transfer Photos to iPhone

Photo to iPhone – How to Transfer Photos to iPhone from Another Device

When you need to add photos to iPhone, you can use the default solutions, such as iTunes, iCloud or AirDrop. Of course, you can also take advantage of the Instant messages or social media sites.

What should be the best method? In order to upload photos to iPhone with ease, you can create a media server to manage all the photos. Just choose the best solution according to your requirement now.

Transfer Photos to iPhone

Solution 1: How to add images to iPhone from Mac with Photos

Photos app provides an easy way to copy photos to iPhone from Mac and other Apple devices. You can use the default program to manage and transfer photos between iPhone and other Apple devices with ease.

Step 1: Launch the Photos app on Mac. Click the “Photos” on the left menu and select the “Preferences”.

Step 2: Make sure the “iCloud Photo Library” option is checked. It will create an album to upload photos to iPhone from Mac.

Step 3: Right click the photos you want to upload to iPhone, you can choose the “Share” option and select the “Add to Photos”.

Sync Photos with iCloud Photo Library

Step 4: Go to iPhone and launch the “Settings” app on iPhone. Choose the “Photos” option and enable “iCloud Photo Library”.

Step 5: Launch the Photos app and you can find the photos you want to add to iPhone on Photos. You can also create an album to manage the photos.

iCloud Photo Library

Solution 2: How to upload photos to iPhone from PC via iCloud

In order to upload photos to iPhone from cloud service, iCloud should be a great photo transfer for iPhone. It provides 5GB free storage space. You can transfer photos to iPhone from Windows, Mac and other devices.

Step 1: Go to “Settings” of your iPhone, tap the “Photos” option and enable the “iCloud Photo Library” option.

Step 2: Download and install iCloud for Windows and launch the program on your computer. After that enables the “Photos” checkbox.

Access iCloud Photos on PC

Step 3: After that you can click the “Option” button and check the “iCloud Photo Library”, you can also enable “iCloud Photo Sharing” for auto sync.

Step 4: Confirm with the “Done” option and click the “Apply” option to upload photos to iPhone from Windows.

iCloud Photo Sharing

Step 5: Navigate to the File Explorer. Go to “Devices and drives” > “iCloud Photos” and select the “Pin to Quick Access” option.

Step 6: You can go to the “iCloud Photos” directly from “File Explorer” and click on the “Add photos and videos” menu.

Step 7: Choose the photos you want to sync from computer to iPhone. Confirm the process and click the “Done” button.

Win10 Explorer iCloud Photos

Solution 3: How to transfer photos to iPhone from iPad via AirDrop

When you need to transfer photos from iPhone to another, you can take advantage of the AirDrop features. Just turn on the features, you can sync the photos between Apple devices with ease.

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to turn on the Control Center of iPhone. Turn on the AirDrop, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options.

Step 2: Set “Everyone” for Airdrop to receive files from everyone, if you do not want to limited to your contact only.

Turn Airdrop on iPhone iPad

Step 3: Just follow the similar process to turn on AirDrop and choose the “Everyone” option on another iPhone you want to share images.

Step 4: Tap the photos you want to upload and click the “Share” button. Choose the “AirDrop” option to upload photo to iPhone from iPhone.

Share Photos on Airdrop

Step 5: You can receive a notification on the target iPhone to download the photos. Just save the photos to Camera Roll of iPhone.


Solution 4: How to upload photos to iPhone from computer by iTunes

In order to upload photos to iPhone from Windows or Mac, iTunes should be another recommended solution. But you should backup the original files to avoid overwritten for the photos in iPhone.

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer. And use USB cable to connect iPhone with your computer.

Step 2: Choose your iPhone icon on the top left corner of iTunes. Select “Photos” option below, and tick the box before “Sync Photos” option.

Step 3: Set the button names copy photos from Photos. Choose the folder or the application you need to transfer with.

Step 4: Tick “All photos and albums” button below, and click Include videos button for people who prefer to sync photos to iPhone with.

Transfer Photos to iPhone via iTunes

Solution 5: How to sync photos to iPhone from Mac with Media Server

In order to move the photos to iPhone freely, you can setup a media server on your computer, which you can access the files and add photo to iPhone whenever Wi-Fi is available. WidsMob MediaServer is the right choice you have to take into consideration.

Download for Mac Version

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob MediaServer on your Mac, which you can turn Mac into a media server. After that you can install an UPnP app on iPhone. Your Mac is able to detect the iPhone automatically.


Step 2: Create a folder and import all the photos you want to transfer from Mac to iPhone. You can also include photos from Photos Library and iTunes Library within one click.


Step 3: After that you can choose the iPhone from the recognized device within the same network. You can also share the IP address to iPhone if you want to transfer photos privately.

Step 4: Open the UPnP app on iPhone, which is able to detect Mac with the UPnP standard. You can preview, copy and transfer photos from different folder from Mac to iPhone.



When you need to transfer photo to iPhone, you can learn more about the 5 best solutions from the article. You can just use the default solution to transfer limited photos to iPhone, such as iTunes, iCloud, AirDrop or Photos. Of course, you can also take advantage of the media server and create a folder to add photo to iPhone at any time you want.

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