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6 Free Ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint Online or Offline

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- “Does anyone know free software to convert a PDF to a PowerPoint and still maintain the formatting?”

- “For some reasons, one of my lectures uploads her slides as a PDF and mainly works off of diagrams. Would anybody tell me if there is a way to convert PDF files to PowerPoint?”

By using PowerPoint, you can present well-organized notes to others effortlessly. So many people prefer to use PowerPoint instead of writing on the board. However, you may find that most documents are stored in the PDF format. So if you want to quote or use some paragraphs from that PDF file, you need to convert PDF to PowerPoint first. And this is also what this article wants to talk about. Yes, you can learn how to convert PDF to PPT online or offline from the following paragraphs.

PDF to Powerpoint

Part 1: Can I Convert PDF to PowerPoint Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

If you are new to Adobe Acrobat, then you can start the free trial to convert PDF to PowerPoint free Mac and Windows PC within 7 days. In another word, you are allowed to free convert PDF to PPT in Adobe Acrobat for 7 days. So take this chance to convert a PDF to PPT.

Step 1: Import PDF file to Acrobat

Free download and install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your computer. Then launch this program. Click “My Computer” under “Storage” in the left panel. Then select which PDF file to import and click “Open” to confirm.

Add PDF to Adobe

Step 2: Set PowerPoint as the output format

Find and click “Export PDF” in the Tools panel. Later, you will be required to choose an output format. Well, select “Microsoft PowerPoint” to convert PDF to PowerPoint preservation with Adobe Acrobat. Click “Export” to move on.

Set PPT as Output Format

Step 3: Convert PDF to PPT in Acrobat

Click “Settings” besides the document type if you want to customize its output settings. Later, choose “OK” to save your change. Change a different folder to store the converted PDF to PowerPoint document if you want. Then click “Save” to convert PDF to PowerPoint Adobe Pro.

Export PDF to PPT Adobe

After that, you can navigate Microsoft PowerPoint to see your live document in the native Office format. Well, you can follow the similar progress mentioned above to convert PDF to word and other Microsoft formats as well.

Part 2: How Do I Convert PDF to PPT Online Free – 5 Detail Solutions

For people who only need to convert a PDF to a PPT, using an online PDF converter may be a better choice. However, you are restricted with its Wi-Fi speed and maximum file size limitation. So if you want to put a PDF into PowerPoint without other requirements, then you can try methods below.

Solution 1: Smallpdf – Convert PDF to PowerPoint Free in the Cloud

Step 1: Search and open Small PDF convert PDF to PowerPoint site

Step 2: Drag and drop PDF file from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive

Step 3: Wait for a while to complete the PDF to PPT conversion

Step 4: Click “Download” icon to save your converted PDF to PowerPoint file to computer or cloud storage


Solution 2: Online2PDF – Convert PDF to PowerPoint Online Up to 20 Files

Step 1: Navigate Online2PDF website on your web browser

Step 2: Scroll down the page and click “Select files” to add your PDF file

Step 3: Choose “Standard conversion” or “Create new PDF file for each page” in “Mode” drop-down menu

Step 4: Select “PowerPoint 2007-2016 (*.pptx)” or other formats in the “Convert to” list

Step 5: Click “Convert” to convert PDF to PPTX online for free


Note: The maximum file size is 100 MB. And if you upload several PDF files to Online2PDF, make sure the combined file size is less than 150 MB.

Solution 3: Nitro – Convert a PDF to a PowerPoint Online with Email

Step 1: Locate Nitro to access its PDF to PowerPoint converter online free

Step 2: Set “PPT” as the output format you want to convert PDF to

Step 3: Click “Select your file” to add a PDF document

Step 4: Enter your email address in the required blank

Step 5: Click “Convert Now” to convert a PDF file to PowerPoint online

PDF to PPT Nitro

Solution 4: iLovePDF – Convert PDFs to PowerPoint Free Online

Step 1: Locate iLovePDF.com on your computer

Step 2: Click “Select PDF file” from your local folder, Dropbox or Google Drive

Step 3: Choose “Convert to PowerPoint” at the bottom

Step 4: It takes several seconds to convert PDF to PowerPoint online free

Step 5: Access the editable PowerPoint presentation by URL, Dropbox, Google Drive or direct download option


Solution 5: PDF Converter – Convert PDF File to Microsoft PowerPoint Document

Step 1: Head to PDF Converter official website on your browser

Step 2: Click “Select PDF file” to import a PDF file

Step 3: Choose the green “Download” option to save the converted PDF to PowerPoint document

Step 4: Click the downside arrow besides “Download” and click “Save” to output PPT to Google Drive

PDF to PPT Online PDF Converter

Note: You have to sign up to convert PDF to PowerPoint free online completely. Otherwise, PDF Converter only supports users to free convert PDF to PPT of the first two pages.

That’s all you need to free convert PDF to PowerPoint online and offline. You can get your best PDF to PPT converter from those user-friendly programs. As a result, both beginners and professionals can convert PDF to PPTX or PPT through above step-by-step guide easily and quickly.

If you have any good solution or suggestion, feel free to contact us. And you can also share your experience when you are putting a PDF into PowerPoint in the comments below.

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