A Brief Review of ACDSee Photo Studio and Best Alternative You Should Know

Last Updated on November 24, 2021 by Peter Wood

ACDSee Photo Studio is one of the Pro-level RAW photo editors and organizers to combine the features from both Photoshop and Lightroom. Will it be an option to organize the RAW photos from different digital cameras? Is it a desired photo editor to touch up RAW images? Just learn more about the brief review of the ACDSee Photo Studio and the best alternative from the article now.

ACDSee Photo Studio Review

Part 1: A Brief Review of ACDSee Photo Studio

Just as mentioned above, ACDSee Photo Studio has detailed management aspects and controls. It adds the facial recognition and faces detection features in the latest release.

Manage Photos with ACDSee Photo Studio

ACDSee Photo Studio has a Manage tab that enables you to organize the photos. It has the folder tree structure to view the images in different folders with a thumbnail preview. Moreover, the metadata section enables you to check the details about the photos. Of course, you can also create a new folder, search for the desired one and even rate the images.

ACDSee Manage Mode

Sort Through Photos with ACDSee Photo Studio

It also provides the Photos tab to sort through photos by date. The Photos tab splits into two sections, Timeline panel and Preview panel. You can have a monthly breakdown of images in a timeline or delve into the folder structure to view changes in preview. ACDSee Photo Studio also has an effective algorithm to speed up the process and improve the workflow.

Photos ACDSee Photo Studio

View Photos in Details with ACDSee Photo Studio

In ACDSee Photo Studio, the View mode is a more detailed section that you can view the photos one by one along with the files of a large size. It will take a period to process the images. Moreover, you can also access some of the editing features within the view mode to touch up the desired photos with ease.

ACDSee View Mode

Basic Touch up Photos with ACDSee Photo Studio

The Develop tab of ACDSee Photo Studio is the basic editing panel with basic editing features, such as White Balance, Light EQ, Color EQ, Tone Curves, Soft Focus, Effects, Split Tone, Post-Crop Vignette. Moreover, you can also tweak the contrast, saturation, clarity, and exposure within the General tab and Info Palette.

ACDSee Develop Mode

Edit Photos with ACDSee Photo Studio

Of course, when you need some basic editing features, you can also take advantage of the Edit tab of ACDSee Photo Studio. It has different editing features, such as Repair, Add, Geometry, Exposure, Color, and Detail. You can get over 60 photo effects to enhance the photos in clicks.

ACDSee Photo Studio

Cons and Pros of ACDSee Photo Studio


1. Full pack of photo editing features to touch up the RAW files with ease.

2. Advanced face recognition and facial detection to touch up portrait images.

3. Lens-profile-based geometry correction with responsive performance.

4. Cloud storage integration to transfer, manage and edit the photos online.


1. Complicated and overcrowded user interface to locate the desired features.

2. The noise reduction and chromatic aberration tools are not well.

3. Lens-profile-based image correction tools are less effective than the others.

4. Lack of face recognition, LUT support, and local brush adjustments.

Part 2: Best ACDSee Photo Studio Alternative

If you use Photoshop or Lightroom to edit the RAW photos, what is the best ACDSee Photo Studio alternative to browse and organize the images from digital cameras with ease? WidsMob Photo Viewer Pro is one of the best choices to browse photos and videos from cameras with different modes. Moreover, you can also apply filters, batch resize/convert/rename and even create a slideshow for the files with ease.

1. Provide the different browsing modes, slideshow, thumbnail, full screen, etc.

2. Select, group, and manage the desired media files into the favorite folder.

3. Support RAW, JPEG, HEIC, DNG, GIF, and the different video files.

4. Convert, resize and rename the photos within a batch process easily.

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Browse Photos in Different Modes

Similar to ACDSee Photo Studio, you can access the Library mode of WidsMob Viewer Pro to view the thumbnail images in the folder tree structure. When you want to check the detailed information, you can go to View and choose the Show Info to the EXIF information. Of course, there is a slideshow mode to view the photos automatically.

Check EXIF Info Viewer Pro

Import Photos into Photo Viewer

Different from ACDSee Photo Studio, you can either double-click any media file within one folder to view all the media files within the same folder. Of course, you can also drag and drop the whole folder or one image to the program to access all the files, including JPEG, PNG, HEIC, RAW, and videos within the program.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

Transfer Photos to Another Folder

When you want to transfer photos to another folder, you can just drag and drop the images to the desktop beforehand. After that, just put to the desired folder. If there are a large number of images, you can also check out the features for the Favorite folder instead.

View Photos Viewer Pro

Select the Favorite Photos

To select some favorite photos from a large number of files, you can take advantage of the Favorite mode within the Full-Screen mode. Just click the Star icon to pick the desired files to the folder, you can batch resize, rename, or even converter the photos, share to social media sites, or even export them to a new folder.

My Favorite Folder Viewer Pro

Basic Photo Editing Features

Of course, you can also access the basic photo editing filters, such as rotate, flip, crop, and more others. Just click the Image Edit icon, you can find the Adjust feature, such as exposure, contrast, temperature, tint, and more. It also has different modes, such as B&W, sepia, antique, fades color, boosts color, and others as ACDSee Photo Studio.

Image Edit Viewer Pro

Create a Simple Slideshow

To view the favorite photos automatically, you can directly view the photos within the thumbnail mode or select the desired ones within the Favorites folder. Of course, you can also view the detail sheet or manage the playback of the files within the slideshow mode manually according to your requirement.

View Slideshow Mode Viewer Pro


ACDSee Photo Studio is a good alternative for photo organization and editing. You can learn more details about the features and review of the program from the article. But if you were a professional photographer, you might already use Photoshop or Lightroom for editing the photos. As for the case, you should take WidsMob Photo Viewer Pro as the ACDSee Photo Studio alternative to manage the images with ease.