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The Top 5 Free CR2 Viewer Alternatives

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When you take shoots with Canon Camera, you can find photo files in CRW format. CR2 file type is a short name for Canon RAW version 2 file format. It has used by some popular Canon digital cameras, such as some EOS series and Digital Rebel XT. When the default JPEG viewer is not able to open CR2 format, you have to find a suitable CR2 viewer. The article has compiled a list of free and best CR2 viewer software.

Why do you use CR2 viewer instead of JPEG? The data saved in CR2 and other RAW files are lossless formats, which provide area for editing. CR2 also saves data as seen by the camera sensor without making any modifications to the image when captured. The CR2 viewers or other RAW image viewers should be important to access the data of CR2 and make any change. Even if you have purchased Photoshop, it might also difficult to create a simple photo album with CR2 files. Just find what top 5 CR2 Viewers can do for you as below.

CR2 Viewer

Top 1: WidsMob Viewer

WidsMob Viewer is a smart and professional CR2 viewer. The splendid features of CR2 viewer can help you quick browse thousands of photos and batch convert or rename the CR2 or other photo files. The program supports Mac operation system.

Download for Mac Version

1. Fully supports more than 35 formats, including the animated GIF, CR2 and other RAW formats.

2. 3D transitions make the slideshow displays in a fantastic way.

3. Fundamental editing tools to rotate, flip, zoom and crop the files in a lossless method.

4. Batch conversion, rename, resize and other batch functions to make it easy to handle large amount of files.

5. Retina aware application to display photos in incredible high-resolution on your Retina screen.

Organize Photo

It should be one of the best CR2 viewers on Mac. It still needs a longer way to perfect the whole program.

Top 2: Microsoft Camera Codec Pack

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack is the photo viewer of CR2 and other Camera codec pack, which enables the viewing of a variety of device specific file formats. It is compatible with most of the popular camera types of your PC.

1. Turn the Windows Photo viewer as the CR2 photo viewer with the Microsfot Camera Codec Pack. You do not have to use another CR2 viewer for previewing photographs of Canon.

2. The CR2 viewer allows you to view CR2 camera files on Windows Explorer.

3. It supports Canon Digital Rebel XT cameras, EOS series cameras and Powershot cameras.

The free CR2 viewer of Windows should be a popular option of Windows Operation system, but still lack of some batch functions and editing features.

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack

Top 3: IrfanView

IrfanView is another free graphic and CR2 viewer software for Microsoft Windows to view, edit and convert image, video and audio files. There are many plugin and add-ons to broader the usage of the CR2 viewer.

1. The CR2 viewer supports a huge number of formats, including graphic and RAW files, video formats and audio files.

2. Powerful editing tool to correct colors, convert to grayscale, resize images and adjust features of images.

3. Export the edited format to various formats; some formats have advanced saving options too.

4. Just check more plugin programs to make sure the CR2 viewer can do more than you can.

You might have to use some plug-in to compatible with more photo files and restart the program.


Top 4: Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition

Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition is a CR2 viewer makes it easy to use the photograph. The program also includes some editing package for photographers to enhance the images. The CR2 photo viewer is available for Windows only.

1. Easily import and edit most image formats, including the CR2 format and other RAW files.

2. Basic functions to straighten and crop pictures or RAW files in a couple of clicks.

3. Provides simple editing features, such as the red eye and face blemish removal.

The CR2 viewer is focused on photo editing instead of the photo viewing. And you might have to upgrade to Serif PhotoPlus with US$70.00 to unlock some features.

Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition

Top 5: FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is a popular CR2 viewer, which is free, simple and lightweight. It is not only a CR2 viewer, but also the CR2 converter and CR2 editor. The latest version of FastStone Image Viewer can be used for Windows Operation System only.

1. The CR2 viewer supports all the major camera formats namely CRW, CR2 and other formats.

2. Not only for view images of CR2 and other formats, but also supports manage, resize, crop, color adjust, red-eye remove and email images.

3. Batch conversion can turn CR2 file to JPEG and other files. It should be a nice feature to handle multiple photo files.

4. Multiple effects and adjustments can be added to the photos within the CR2 viewer.

The CR2 viewer supports about only 20 photo formats and can be used for Windows Operation system.

FastStone Image Viewer

Download for Mac Version


In order to view the Canon photos on computer, you can learn more detailed information about the best CR2 viewers from the article. What is more important, you can also get the features for these programs. Just choose the desired program according to your requirement.

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