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Walmart Photo and Walmart Photo App Review in 2020

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When you need to have some photo printings for recent journey, Walmart Photo Center is a good place. Before you place an order for Walmart Photo, you can learn more detail about the service and reviews first.

Walmart Photo app is the mobile client of Walmart Photo Center. Many people prefer to use Walmart Photo to print pictures. This online photo printing service offers better prices and extensive photo products. Customers could create an order online and pick up prints in nearest Walmart store. Now, Walmart Photo Center released mobile apps for iOS and Android handsets. Customers could print their photos on smartphones directly. To help you learn about Walmart Photo app, we are going to show you its features and review in details.

If you want to check the alternative service for Walmart Photo and more apps similar to Walmart Photo app, you can also get the information from the article.

Walmart Photo Banner

Part 1. Walmart Photo Review

Here are some websites provide reviews for Walmart Photo, the article selected some reviews from both professional websites and customers for your reference. Just check the Walmart Photo Reviews before placing an order.

Walmart Photo

Professional Review

Dewitzphotography Review:

The article has a quality comparison between Walmart Photo, BayPhoto and Walgreens Photo, you can learn more detail from the linked article.

“The Walmart photo prints are terrible if you care about quality at all. When I receive photo invitations in the mail for weddings and graduations that are way too dark; I know where they came from… but you can’t beat the price, right? The prints did not have a true matte finish as they were still smooth like a glossy print and the feel is very dry and squeaky.

Walmart Pros

  • 1-Hour Matte Photos
  • Cheaper Than Dirt

Walmart Cons

  • Horrible Feel
  • Horribly Dark”

Dewitzphotography Review

Beckimpressionsphotography Review:

It is a professional review compared Walmart Photo with Professional Lab.

“Seriously, when I saw the prints from Walmart, I was floored. I expected them to be a little dark and a little off, but I didn’t expect to see this sweet little baby turn into a zombie!!”

Beckimpressionsphotography Review

Customers Review

ViewPoints Reviews:

ViewPoints Reviews

There are total 7 reviews with 3 score in average (total 5 score).

Stacyabben from Portland, TX

“What is better than receiving your photos within a day? Only having to take one trip to the photo store! That is what the WalMart Photo Center offers.”

Photographyreview Reviews:

Photographyreview Reviews

There are total 32 reviews with 1.8 score in average (total 5 score).

Mobile Alabama a Intermediate

“Strengths: Walmart Photo Prints are pretty good, not exquisite.

Weaknesses: The online order process is so slow that I usually give up by the time 5 print have loaded. They have "upgraded" their online order process in the last year and it is much WORSE than the old system. It is not intuitive, and extremely slow.

Bottom Line: The download process is extremely slow. If you can wait for an hour to download your pictures, the pictures are as good as anywhere else.”

Walmart Photo Alternative

If you are not satisfied with the quality of Walmart Photo printings or do not have a Walmart Photo Center nearby, you can choose alternative choices.

Walgreens Photo: Walgreens Photo uses thin photo paper as Kodak paper. Similar as Walmart Photo, the matte finish is also rougher and more noticeably compared to Kodak Professional Endura paper.

Walgreens Photo

Bayphoto: Bayphotos provides a high quality and fast shipping service. Compared to the cheap Walmart photo’s Fuji paper, Bayphoto uses a thicker high quality Kodak professional Endura photo paper.


Shutterfly: When you need to make a photo collage or further edit photos, shutterfly is a nice option compared to Walmart photo. It is a one-stop shop for any photo related products.


Service of Walmart Photo Center

What does Walmart Photo Center provides? Here is the photo printings service of Walmart Photo Center. If you need the same-day pick up or even 1 Hour service, you can drive to the Walmart Photo Center local office directly. And you can also place an order online with the images in Google Photos or other cloud storage service.

  • Prints: Prints and Posters
  • Cards: Greeting Cards, Announcements
  • Wall Décor: Canvas prints, Mounted photos, Posters, High Gloss Wall Art and Desk Art
  • Photo Book: Classic Photo Books, LayFlat Photo Books, Same Day Books, 1-Hour Express Book Home & Gifts: Blankets, Pillows, Mugs, Jewelry, Clothing, Keepsakes
  • Calendars: Wall Calendars, Desk Calendar, Planning Calendar, Poster Calendar and Calendar Border Prints
  • Office: Calendars, Mousepads, Phone cases, Tablets & Laptop cases and Mounted photos

Just contact Walmart Photo Center local office to get the specific Walmart Photo Center Hours. Usually you can contact Walmart Photo Center as the following timetable: Mon – Sun 6:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. Of course, you can also place the Walmart photo prints order online with coupon codes.

Part 2. Walmart Photo App Introduction and review

Walmart Photo app is a simple tool to print photos on mobile devices. Its key features include:

Walmart Photo App

1. You can browse and search for pictures stored in internal storage for printing.

2. Walmart Photo app allows users to upload multiple pictures and book an order at once.

3. You can select the nearest kiosk in Walmart store to print your pictures and pick up the prints as soon as possible.

4. This printing app has the ability to preview the photos before printing.

Walmart Photo App Screenshot


1. Walmart Photo app accelerates the process of photo printing.

2. The straightforward interface makes it easy to use.

3. It is available in both Play Store and App Store.


1. It lacks photo editing tools.

2. Walmart Photo is integrated in Walmart app.

Top 5 apps similar to Walmart Photo app

1. KODAK Kiosk Connect app

KODAK Kiosk Connect App

KODAK Kiosk Connect is a useful tool that helps you search for the nearest KODAK Kiosk and print photos immediately.

1. You can search for the nearest KODAK Kiosk based on the geo-location.

2. This app allows you to search and select pictures on internal storage of your Smartphone for printing.

3. You can send the pictures from your handset to KODAK Kiosk wirelessly.

4. Similar to Walmart Photo app, KODAK Kiosk Connect could display all photos on kiosk before printing.

KODAK Kiosk Connect Screenshot


1. This photo printing app is free of charge.

2. You can import pictures for printing in future.

3. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.


1. It lacks some necessary features, such as photo editing.

2. During sending pictures, you cannot use your Smartphone.

2. My KODAK Moments

My KODAK Moments App

Compared to Walmart Photo app, My KODAK Moments has more useful features.

1. This app allows you to import photos from memory, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Dropbox.

2. You can create an order in various sizes or make a photo product.

3. My KODAK Moments could help you transfer the photos via Wi-Fi at a KODAK Picture Kiosk.

4. Customers could decide to pick up in store or deliver to home within this app.

My KODAK Moments App Screenshot


1. This app works well on most iOS and Android devices.

2. It supports a wider range of input sources and print products.


1. My KODAK Moments will collect your personal data.

2. It does not have photo editor.

3. CVS Photo app

CVS Photo App

Similar to Walmart Photo app, CVS Photo app is a part of CVS pharmacy app. The features related to CVS Photo include:

1. You can pick up photos from internal storage or Facebook and print at CVS Photo.

2. This app allows you to book an order on your Smartphone.

3. The built-in geo-location feature could discover the nearest CVS pharmacy store to print photos and pick up at the same day.

4. It also has the capacity to print photos at Kodak kiosk wirelessly.

CVS Photo App Screenshot


1. The checkout process is smooth.

2. Photo uploading speed is faster than other printing apps.


1. CVS Photo app is not an independent app, but combined into CVS pharmacy app.

4. PostalPix Photo Prints

PostalPix Photo Prints App

Unlike Walmart Photo app, PostalPix Photo Prints is a dependent app for printing photos on mobile devices. Its key features include:

1. You can select photos from memory or Instagram and print them at your favorite printing service.

2. PostalPix Photo Prints allows you to put pictures in cart for printing in future.

3. Customers could decide to order standard prints or photo products and print quality.

4. You can pay for the prints within this app.

PostalPix Photo Prints App Screenshot


1. It has a concise interface and is easy to navigate.

2. Users could select pictures without internet.


1. It lacks photo editing tools.

5. Walgreens Photo app

Walgreens Photo App

Walgreens Photo app is another best alternative of Walmart Photo app. Its basic features include:

1. You can select pictures from internal memory or Walgreens album for printing.

2. Walgreens Photo app offers various photo print products besides standard prints.

3. Customers could choose the nearest Walgreens store to print pictures and pick up outputs.

4. The built-in photo editor allows you to enhance the pictures for printing in future.

Walgreens Photo App Screenshot


1. It works well on both iOS and Android devices.

2. Walgreens provides exclusive coupons for app users.


1. Similar to Walmart Photo app, it is integrated in Walgreens pharmacy app.


In this article, we have introduced basic features of Walmart Photo app. Although it is not a perfect app, Walmart Photo is still popular among customers. Plus, we had interviewed hundreds of users and shared their views about this photo printing app. If you prefer to print photos, you can learn more choices in second parts. KODAK Kiosk Connect and My KODAK Moments could help you print pictures in nearest kiosk wireless. CVS Photo app and Walgreens Photo app are mobile clients of CVS Photo and Walgreens photo. PostalPix Photo Prints is a dependent photo printing app. You can choose your favorite one according to your requirements.

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