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How to Flip Photos

Flipping photo has become a necessary skill, for more and more people use smartphones and digital cameras taking photos. Portability is one of the most significant reasons that so many people use smartphones and digital cameras. While the auto-rotate screen feature is awesome, this function may confuse users and capture upside-down pictures. To flip pictures, you need a powerful photo editor, especially when you have hundreds of pictures to deal with. Don’t worry! We are going to share multiple methods to flip photo. You can learn all necessary knowledge about flipping picture in this tutorial within a few minutes.

Flip Photos

Part 1. Flip photos easily

If you shoot hundreds of photos and majority of your photos need edit, you will need an excellent photo editor to help you, such as WidsMob Photo Viewer. It is not only a photo browser tool, but also a smart photo editor. Photo Viewer has integrated advanced algorithm to help you flip photos automatically or edit photo in batch. One reason that we recommend this photo editor is to flip photos without quality damage.

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How to flip photos with WidsMob Photo Viewer

1. Download the latest version of Photo Viewer from its official website and install it on your computer. When you need to flip photos, run Photo Viewer.

2. Put all photos need to edit into a folder and drag and drop the folder into this photo editor under the Viewing mode. Photo Viewer will load all the photos in the folder in seconds.

3. Then this photo editor is able to read the photos’ EXIF data, scan the images and flip photos automatically. If there are still some photos un-flipped correctly, you can use the hot key Ctrl + L and Ctrl + R in Windows or Command + L and Command + R in Mac OS X to flip the photos manually.

Flip Photo Viewer Before

4. After flipping photos, you can save the outputs to local hard drive or share them to social media in batch.

Flip Photo Viewer After

WidsMob Photo Viewer has the capacity to load almost all image formats, including RAW files.

Part 2. Flip a single picture in Windows

If you just want to flip a single picture, you can use Microsoft Paint for free. MP is the pre-installed photo editor available in Windows 10/8/8.1/7. The biggest advantage of MP is free of charge.

1. Locate to the folder contains the picture you want to edit and right-click on the picture; choose Paint under the Open with option to open the picture in MP.

2. On the top ribbon, unfold the Rotate menu and choose Flip vertical or Flip horizontal from the list.

3. Or you can right-click on anywhere of the picture and select Flip vertical or Flip horizontal under the Rotate.

4. After flipping photo, go to the File menu; and choose Save As option to save the flipped picture in your Windows computer.

Microsoft Paint is good at editing one picture. If you have to multiple photos to edit, it is a waste of time to flip photos with Microsoft Paint.

MS Paint

Part 3. Flip an image in Mac OS X

Apple has embedded several utilities into Mac OS X, such as Preview. Preview is photo editor that has the ability to flip images.

How to flip one image with Preview

1. Open the image you want to flip in Preview and go to the Tools.

2. Choose Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical from the Tools menu list, Preview will do the rest things as you wish.

3. When photo flip is done, go to the File menu and select Save to save the changes to the original image.

Preview Combine

How to flip multiple images in batch

1. Launch Finder, choose all the images to flip and open them in Preview.

2. Press Command + A to select all images and locate to top ribbon. Once you choose Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical from the Tools menu, all the images will be flipped in batch.

3. Then you can save the flipped images to hard disk.

Preview is a good photo editor that could help you to flip image easily.

Part 4. Achieve photo flip online

For many people, online photo editors are a better choice to flip photos, partly because online photo editors are portable and convenience. To flip photo online, the only thing you need is a great Internet connection. When it comes to details, we use FlipAPicture.com as the example.

1. Access FlipAPicture.com in any browser and click on the Choose File button on the home page.

2. When the window explorer opened, choose the photo you’d like to flip and click on the Open button to upload it to this online photo editor.

3. Unfold the drop-down list of Flip Or Flop Image and choose Flip Vertically or Flip Horizontally.

4. If you are ready, click on the Click Here button to start flipping photo.

5. When the process is done, right-click on the flipped photo and choose Save the image as option to download it to your computer.

Based on our testing, FlipAPicture is a secure photo editor to flip photos.



Based on the guide above, you might grasp multiple ways to flip photo in Windows and Mac OS X. If you only need to flip a single photo in Windows, you can use Microsoft Paint. And Preview in Mac OS X is similar to Paint and able to flip photo easily. For the people prefer to online photo editors, FlipAPicture is a simple tool to achieve photo flip. While these photo editors are easy to use, they have some limitations; such as you have to flip photos manually. Compared to MP and Preview, WidsMob Photo Viewer is smart photo editor. It has the ability to flip photos automatically.

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