10 Best Screen Recorder for Windows to Capture Onscreen Activities

Last Updated on November 13, 2021 by Jane Joe

How to record the onscreen activities of your Windows 10? When you need to capture some gameplay files, video tutorials, or even online streaming videos, what should be the best screen recorders for Windows? The article composes the 10 best video recording programs to capture screen, record audio, and take snapshots. Whether you are a beginner to try some free screen recorder for Windows or use the professional methods for social media channels, you can always find a suitable one from the article.

Screen Recorder for Windows

Part 1: Top 5 Professional Screen Recorders for Windows 11/10/8/7

To get some professional video tutorials for your product or even capture the gameplay video, you have to choose a professional screen recorder for Windows 11/10.

1. WidsMob Capture

WidsMob Capture is a professional screen recorder for Windows and Mac to capture video, record audio, take a snapshot and add webcam overlay. Moreover, it also adds annotation, markup, mouse effects, and other elements to the recording file.

1. Select the desired recording area or choose the fixed region.

2. Capture system audio, microphone as well as other professional devices.

3. Add annotation, draw on the recording, or even tweak different parameters.

4. Additional features to set up video, record countdown, media library, etc.

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2. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor for Windows. It has the advanced features to create stunning recording files, such as combine, trim, split and adjust the speed of the video clips. You can also add titles, animations, transitions, highlights, and more others.


1. Capture crisp video and audio, or record webcam to add a personal touch.

2. Customize the animation, effects, transitions, annotations, callouts, etc.

3. Choose from the library of royalty-free music, sound effects, more others.

4. Add quizzes and interactivity and turn your presentation into a video.


1. Lack embedding and course-creation features for similar products.

2. Cannot record the screen or audio file with a schedule-recording feature.

3. It costs much more than the other screen recorders for Windows 10.

Camtasia Studio

3. MadCap Mimic

When you need to create interactive recording videos, MadCap Mimic is the screen recorder for Windows 10 to send with words, image effects, shapes, and others. Moreover, you can also seamlessly integrate with Flare for further editing.


1. Advanced and multi-layered vector-based image editor and effects.

2. Support for single sourcing screen and print-oriented image formats.

3. Ability to reproduce the position and dimension of previous region capture.

4. Excel at annotation and editing, such as combine two different images.


1. Reliance on Flare to take full advantage of the features of the program.

2. Complicated user interface that requires a steeper learning curve.

3. Some of the features, such as Edge effects are not fully implemented.


4. Adobe Captivate

Adobe has a responsive screen capture for Windows, which you can easily create videos, HD product demos, and responsive application simulations. If you want to build an e-learning service to deliver HTML-5 based content, Adobe is your best choice.


1. Create a single responsive screen capture project that plays across devices.

2. Generate the automatic screen capture with full-motion recording.

3. Edit video with transitions, shapes, audio files, captions, and more.

4. Integrate with Adobe Captivate Prime, as well as the other LMS with ease.


1. It is precise that any carelessness will cause an alarmingly tricky instead.

2. Need to clean up the media library of Captivate retains content.

3. High-definition video exists outside the regular Captivate file.

Adobe Captivate

5. FullShot Screen Capture

FullShot Screen Capture is another professional screen recorder for Windows. It enables you to bring your screen capture to your fingertips. You can take advantage of the Save All Images command, which lets you save all your captured images in a single operation.


1. Easy to capture the recording screen with buttons on the window title bar.

2. Take multiple screen captures, each capture one within a separate window.

3. Support advanced concurrent video recording of multiple screen captures.

4. Provide some post-capturing and image-editing functions for the recording.


1. It is difficult to capture the desired part of your Windows preciously.

2. Cannot set up a color depth of a captured image to a specific value.

3. Provide the basic screen recording features than other screen recorders.

FullShot Screen Capture

Part 2: 5 Best Free Screen Recorders for Windows 11/10/8/7

If you need to record some videos for onscreen activities for personal use, you only need a free screen recorder for Windows 11/10/8/7. Here are the 5 most recommended one you should know.

1. iSpring Free Cam

To record the screen with high quality, iSpring Free Cam is a screen recorder for Windows. It has built-in audio and video editor that you can use to edit the recorded files with ease. It does not have any watermark for the output videos.


1. Ease to use screen recorder for Windows, without any virus or ads.

2. Record video in full screen, customized part or locked application.

3. Basic video editing features to cut, trim unwanted parts from video.

4. Share the recording files with social media websites directly.


1. Cannot record webcam, take a screenshot or add annotation tools.

2. Lack of video editing features or only export the recording as WMV.

3. Need to subscribe to the free version to take full advantage of the program.

iSpring Free Cam

2. Jing

Jing is only another basic free screen recorder for Windows. When you need to get a simple video for your screen, it is a good option. The user interface is easy to use, and most of the help and support is in the short web-based video tutorials.


1. 5 available drawing tools to add shapes, texts, annotations, and others.

2. Shared captured images directly to emails, blogs, Twitter posts, and more.

3. Web-based support materials include video tutorials for beginners.

4. Easy user interface that enables you to record screen video with ease.


1. Need to set up an account on screencast.com to use the sharing feature.

2. No window enables you to manage the video recording.

3. Difficult to capture screen regions precisely according to your requirements.


3. Ezvid Video Maker

Ezvid Video Maker is another free screen recorder for Windows 10. Just within some clicks, you can record the Windows screen to create a high-resolution movie. Moreover, you can also add title, description, keyword, and other meta-information to your recording.


1. Allow you to save the output video or create a slideshow with the capturing.

2. Provide advanced audio recording as well as voice synthesis features.

3. Enable you to add webcam recording and on-screen annotating with ease.

4. Upload the recording video or slideshow to the YouTube website directly.


1. The screen recorder for Windows only supports recording up to 45 minutes.

2. There are limited customizable settings for recording the computer screen.

3. Need to save the recording to your computer for uploading to other sites.

Ezvid Video Maker

4. Icecream Screen Recorder

When you need to record a video tutorial for a program, you need to zoom in or out while recording. Icecream Screen Recorder is a screen recorder for Windows on the list. The screen recorder for Windows also enables you to record screens or take screenshots.


1. Capture or record the desired part of the Windows screen with ease.

2. Provide zoom-in and zoom-out features when recording the screen.

3. Record gameplay video, video chatting, live streaming, and other activities.

4. Draw shapes, lines, and figures, add watermark and more other elements.


1. It only enables you to record the videos for up to 10 minutes free of charge.

2. Provide the basic video recording and video editing features and filters.

3. Limited configuration settings to tweak the desired parameters for recording.

Icecream Screen Recorder Interface

5. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is always a free screen recorder for Windows 10 alternatives you can take into consideration. It can record microphones and webcam directly while capturing desktop screens. Of course, you can also find other features, such as an audio mixer, themes, filters, and more.


1. Record games incorporate footage from games and add in existing videos.

2. Great selection of source options that optimized for the gameplay files.

3. Work with multiple sources and mix between them to create a seamless one.

4. Support for Twitch, YouTube, hitbox.tv, DailyMotion, beam.tv and more.


1. The interface is too much complicated to master, especially for beginners.

2. It is hard to set the configuration as the other Windows screen recorder.

3. Take a large space and resources to save the videos with high quality.

OBS Studio


When you want to record the screen of your Windows 11/10/8/7, the article provides the 10 best screen recorders for Windows. If you need a free screen recorder or the professional one, you can always find the special features for these programs from the article with ease.

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