Complete Tutorial to Download, Install and Use DU recorder for PC

Last Updated on December 20, 2021 by Jane Joe

DU Recorder is a highly rated screen recorder app for iOS and Android users. You can download DU Recorder for Android or iPhone from Google Play Store or App Store directly. Then how about DU Recorder for PC or Mac? Is it possible to use DU Recorder on Windows PC? The answer is Yes. Here is what you need to do to record the desktop with DU Recorder. By the way, you can get rid of DU Recorder limits to screen records on Mac as well.

DU recorder for PC

Part 1: How to Download and Use DU Recorder for PC

There are many iOS emulator apps and Android emulator apps you can choose from, such as BlueStacks, iPadian, Air iPhone, and more. Here will show you how to emulate Android to PC with BlueStacks. You can replace the BlueStacks emulator with other emulator apps as well.

You can get two parts from this section. The first part teaches you about DU Recorder for PC free download. The second part will show you how to use DU Recorder on PC. Just read and choose the information you need.

Section 1: How to Download DU Recorder for PC

There are many iOS emulator apps and Android emulator apps you can choose, such as BlueStacks, iPadian, Air iPhone and more. Well, here will show you how to emulate Android to PC with BlueStacks as an example. You can replace BlueStacks emulator with other emulator apps as well.

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks on PC. Set up BlueStacks with location accuracy and language preference.

Step 2: Sign in to BlueStacks with your Google account, which you also use on your Android phone.

Step 3: Specify the Google Services of backup & restore Wi-Fi and more.

Step 4: After all specifications, you will be in the Home section.

Step 5: Find DU Recorder in My Apps or App Center. It depends on whether you have installed the DU recorder on a PC or not. If not, type DU Recorder in the top search bar. Press Enter to download and install DU Recorder for PC.

Sign Into Google Account

Section 2: How to Screen Record and Stream with DU Recorder for PC

When the DU Recorder for PC installation completes, you can see a small organizing icon on the top right corner of your screen. The main disappointing thing is that DU Recorder can’t record internal audio. You can record desktop screen video and webcam with external audio-only. If you don’t mind, you can start recording or streaming on PC using DU Recorder now.

Step 1: Open DU Recorder for PC app. Choose the Settings option. Here you can customize video quality, FPS, location, and other screen recording settings.

Step 2: Click the Record icon to record with DU Recorder for PC.

Step 3: If you want to record DU Recorder live stream, scroll down and enable Live Creator in the Settings section.

Step 4: Choose the DU live stream platform from YouTube or Facebook.

Step 5: Type the title for DU Recorder live stream. Then choose Start to start a live stream with the DU recorder app on PC.

Note: You may find some chrome extensions in Google Web Store like DU Recorder for PC and similar ones. There is no official DU Recorder for Chrome extension. If you want to get the DU Recorder app on Mac or PC, an emulator app is required.

Part 2: How to Use DU Recorder Alternative on Mac

DU Recorder can record on-screen activities, faces, and commentary and create a picture-in-picture video. Here is the DU Recorder for PC tutorial above. If you want to get a screen-recording tool, you can try WidsMob Capture. It is a simple Mac screen recorder with multiple editing and annotation tools. You can record screen video with system audio and microphone voice simultaneously.

Compared with DU Recorder, you can get more flexible screen recording settings. Your computer’s performance will not influence. Even though you are recording gameplay or live streaming video, it will not slow down your computer. You can set hotkeys, take snapshots, make annotations, and manage the media library.

1. Record screen video, audio, and webcam in HD without lag. All on-screen activities on Mac can capture smoothly.

2. Screen capture with full screen, display window, or custom region.

3. Add text, line, arrow, circle, rectangle, callout, and multiple annotation tools to your recording video and screenshot.

4. Set up hotkeys to start/stop/pause/resume recording and take screenshots.

5. Safe, lightweight, and easy to use.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Free download WidsMob Capture on your Mac computer directly. But if you want to run DU Recorder for Mac, you need to install a phone emulator app first.

Step 2: Run the screen recorder on Mac after installation. Click Record Screen in the main interface.

Capture Screenshot

Step 3: Set the screen capture area or window by dragging your left mouse. Enable Microphone and Webcam options to record screen video with audio and your face video based on your need.

Customize Capture

Step 4: Click REC to start screen recording on Mac. You can click the Edit icon to get access to on-screen drawing tools. When you stop recording, go to Media Library to manage and share recording files.

Media Library Capture
Win Download Mac Download

All in all, you can use DU Recorder for PC with the above steps successfully. As for Mac users, you can get one more choice. WidsMob Capture can be your DU Recorder for a computer alternative. You will not be limited with internal audio recording due to copyright violations. You can record everything that happened on Mac freely with WidsMob Capture. Its low CPU usage and intuitive interface are also friendly to all users. If you are new to screen recording, it is worth free to download the program and have a try right now.