What is De-saturated Color and How to Use It for Photography [Ultimate Guide]

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When you need to mute the color with more black and white for an Ins style, de-saturate color is the optimal choice. Color is a constant topic in images, especially when you need to apply the same style for a series of photos and use innovative colors to give birth to classic works. You might be familiar with the saturated color with a more vivid style, but how about de-saturation color and how to post-process it for photography? Just learn more details about it from the article now.

De-saturated Color

Part 1: What is De-saturated Color? Here is the Guide

If you are familiar with saturate color, you should understand de-saturate color easily. When you need to get the desired color, you should adjust the RGB, HEX, RGBA, HSL, HSV, and more to create the desired color. De-saturate colors are the opposite of bright and possess a low saturation, which adds a small amount of black, gray, or white to the original color.

Desaturation Color Painting

How to create muted colors or de-saturated colors? Besides mixing the black or white color to mute the original color, you can also mix in some gray to create another hue. Moreover, mixing complementary colors or earth colors are useful ways to mute the colors you should know.

Muted Color Palette

Desaturation is a frequently used term by artists for dulled-down colors. Water Lilies, the famous painting by Claude Monet should be one of the best examples that have applied desaturation colors. It is also used in the film field, such as Mad Max Fury Road. Of course, you can also find the color used in other fields.

Water Lilies Claude Monet

Part 2: Why Should You Use De-saturated Color for Photography

In the aesthetic history of mankind, de-saturated colors have always given a more significant meaning. With contemporary people's three views and other factors, the sense of facetiousness brought by neutral colors can often represent a positive attitude towards life.

Visual Experience

With its own soft light, under normal circumstances rarely appear with high saturation of the status quo, as well as in nature rarely appear pure color, so in film and television dramas, the saturation is not so high, is to take care of the eye to see the perception. So most of the scenes that appear in most films and dramas are de-saturated scenes.

Director Personal Style

There are different choices of color tone in the film, which are generally based on the director's style to decide. The director's personal style is often able to determine the color tone and saturation of the entire film. The director will choose a more appropriate color style to go with the film itself.

Market Orientation

The director's personal style often responds to the public to produce a product that is acceptable to the public, whether a low-saturated color or de-saturated color, there is a relative market for it and the market is wide. It is the market that determines popular works that more and more films are unsaturated.

Stimulates the senses

The highly saturated colors often give you a very harsh feeling, and very easy to causes visual fatigue. When a film or television works, very many high-saturation colors appear for a long time, and the experience for the audience is very poor.

Part 3: How to Post Process De-saturated Color for Photography

How to turn a normal photo into a desaturation color one? Which photo filter should I choose to make less saturation? WidsMob AI Retoucher is the desired photo editor for post-processing. Whether you need to explore the photos with more natural colors or match the color of others, you can find a whole series of color management tools. Moreover, there are some stunning presets to get the optimal effect.

1. Tweak the RGB, contrast, saturation, and temperature to de-saturate color.

2. Provide presets for de-saturate with psychedelic, old photo, chill, and more.

3. Built-in Filters and AI Style Transfer to change photo colors automatically.

4. Check the histogram, Before/After, and Zoom in/out for the saturation color.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Retoucher on your computer, you can launch the program and click the Import button from the File menu to upload the photo into the program. Moreover, you can simply drag-n-drop the files you want to edit.

Import Image Noise Retoucher

Step 2: Just double-click the desired image you want to edit, and you go to the editing window. Choose the Adjust menu on the right toolbar to tweak the settings. When you need to de-saturate the red color, you can minimize the Red slider in Color Adjustment.

Note: Of course, you can also minimize Saturation and Temperature to make a de-saturation color. Moreover, you can also adjust shadows, tints, vibrance, and others.

De-saturated Color with RGB Retoucher

Step 3: To add the commentary color to de-saturate the color, you can choose the Psychedelic option from the Filters menu. When you need to make the effect more attractive, you can also further adjust the different settings from the Adjust menu accordingly.

Psychedelic Filter for Photo Retoucher

Step 4: If you need to turn the desired photo into a desaturation painting, you can choose the AI Style Transfer menu, like the Udine option to reduce the saturate the color. After that, you can click the Save As button to save the file to your computer.

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Color is a treasure given by nature, and the proper use of color to express one's feelings is a constant topic. The works that often appear in more and more films also often appear in de-saturated colors, a range of colors that have always been accepted by the public. When you need to de-saturate the colors for your shots, WidsMob AI Retoucher is the optimal choice you have to consider.