Should You Choose Skylum with Its Excellent AI Filters? Here is the Ultimate Review

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Skylum provides some excellent and powerful AI photo editors and filters, such as Luminar Neo. Should you subscribe to the Skylum software for EUR 179 per year? Before choosing a plan, learn more about the AI features and review the AI photo editor beforehand. Moreover, the article also shares the Skylum alternative to polish photos with stunning filters.

Skylum Review

Part 1: Skylum Luminar Neo Review, Here are Excellent AI Features

Luminar Neo is the Skylum software for AI photo retouching. It provides multiple advanced AI features to polish the photos automatically, including Body, Iris, Face, Skin, Accent, Atmosphere, Portrait Bokeh, Structure, Color Harmony, Augmented Sky, and more. Just need to learn more about the AI features of Skylum software. Find out the details here.

Features of Skylum Luminar Neo

What should be the most popular AI filters for Skylum Luminar Neo? Is there anything especially for these effects? Learn more details about the Skylum software below.

Sky AI of Skylum Luminar Neo

Sky AI is the outstanding filter of Skylum software, which enables you to work with most skies with filters. It automatically analyzes an image and identifies where the sky begins and ends. There are more than 50 skies with different presets, such as blue skies, dramatic skies, galaxies, and starry nights.

Sky AI Filter Skylum

Portrait AI of Skylum Luminar Neo

Portrait AI is another frequently used feature of Skylum Luminar Neo, such as portrait bokeh AI, face AI, skin AI, body AI, high key tools, and others. There are different settings for the face, eyes, and mouth. Moreover, it enables you to get rid of various skin imperfections automatically.

Portrait AI Skylum

Masking Options in Skylum Luminar Neo

Besides the AI features, the masking options should be the feature of Skylum software you should try. Masking Options, such as Paint Mask, Radial Mask, and Gradient Mask allow you to obscure an effect in parts of an image. To fine-tune an effect in select areas, brush it in or out.

Mask Option of Luminar

Moreover, you can also explore the AI HDR features of Skylum, which utilizes multiple exposures of the same subject, each picture at a different exposure value. It also works with a single exposure to enhance detail and extend the dynamic range of the image.

HDR Effect Skylum

Review of Skylum Luminar Neo


1. Provide a full set of RAW process tools to retouch photos from camcorders.

2. Tweak AI filters with a wide range of creative options and multiple settings.

3. Include plug-in versions compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photos.

4. Take precious control over depth of field, softness, glow, bokeh effect, etc.

5. Adjust AI masks for the sky, mountains, humans, manmade ground, and more.


1. Make much smaller images when you apply some AI filters to the photos.

2. Face recognition does not always work and lacks keyword tagging.

3. Difficult to manage and polish the photos with complicated touchup filters.

4. Need to purchase more templates and skies to polish the desired photos.

Skylum Luminar Catalog

Part 2: Best Skylum Alternative to Polish Photo with Beautiful AI Filters

What should be the Skylum software alternative to polish the photos with AI filters? WidsMob Retoucher is another versatile AI photo editor with stunning filters and effects, including AI Denoise, AI Portrait, AI Face Mosaic, AI Filter, AI Cartoonize, AI Effect, etc. There are some advanced filters for B/W, LOMO, and others.

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AI Denoise as Skylum Alternative

When you need to reduce the image noises and enhance photo quality, it is the optimal choice. Besides the 3 different AI Retouch options, such as Lowlight Recovery, Noise Reduction, and Haze Removal. There are features to adjust the chrominance, luminance, and sharpness of the photos. You can apply the AI filters to enhance the quality and adjust the details to make the optimal photo accordingly.

Check Details for Denoise Retoucher

AI Portrait as Skylum Alternative

Similar to Skylum, it has the AI portrait algorithm to recognize facial points and remove imperfections. There are basic features to skin smoothing, skin whitening, shine removal, eye circle removal, blemish removal, and more. When you need to use the makeup feature or select the skin area, you can also choose the professional portrait editor, which enables you to manage the skin, enhance the portrait, and have makeup.

Portrait AI Retoucher

AI Cartoonize as Skylum Alternative

AI Cartoonize is a special AI algorithm, which turns a selfie or a landscape into a cartoon image within one click. It not only converts your face to cartoon or anime style, but you can also make some stunning landscapes with AI effects. It has only 2 different AI Cartoonize effects, but you can combine the other filters and settings to make some beautiful cartoon images with dozens of styles according to your requirements.

Cartoon AI Portrait Retoucher

AI Filter as Skylum Alternative

Besides the above, there are various AI filters to make mosaic photos, HDR effects, LOMO effects, vignette filters, TikTok filters, and more. Of course, you can also explore more with a combo. Moreover, the Skylum software alternative also provides sliders to adjust the depth of the filters and get optimal effects. Just take advantage of your creativity to make some beautiful photos now.

AI Style Transfer Retoucher

Besides the above AI filters and effects, there are more advanced features as Skylum software, such as masking, cropping, enhancing, and composing.

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Part 3: FAQs of Skylum AI Photo Editor You Should Know

1Is Skylum Luminar 4 good for beginners?
Yes. The AI algorithms provide stunning effects that apply beautiful filters within clicks. Moreover, there are some basic parameters to get the optimal effects. But there are some limitations to Skylum software, if you need other AI filters you have to choose Photoshop or alternatives instead.
2Luminar V.S. Lightroom, which is your choice?
In depends. Luminar provides AI filters that apply stunning filters to photos automatically. As for Lightroom, you can adjust the detailed settings or apply some AI filter automatically. When you are a beginner with a limited budget, Skylum Luminar is the optimal choice.
3Is it possible to edit photos from mobile with Skylum software?
Yes. Luminar has released a new Luminar Share mobile app, which enables you to connect with the desktop software and allows the mirroring of images. If you need to edit the photos with the AI filters, you can send or post images online from your phone.


Should you subscribe to Skylum service to polish the photos? Here is the simple review you should know. Just learn more about the featured AI filters of the AI photo editor. If you just need other AI filters as Skylum alternatives, such as denoise, filters, and more, WidsMob AI Retoucher is the optimal choice you should not miss.

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