Photo Color Correction App Review – 7 Methods to Discover the Realistic Colors

Last Updated on November 16, 2022 by Peter Wood

What should you do if the colors of your shots are different from your eyes? If you have some precious shots with colors that are beyond the capabilities of your camera, color correction apps should be the choice to discover realistic colors of the images. Which is the best photo color correction app that auto-explores the original color? Just read the article and choose the desired one according to your requirements.

Photo Color Correction App

Part 1: What is Color Correction, Here is the Simple Guide

Color correction is more than a process to compensate for exposure and white balance to provide neutral color. It is associated with density, contrast, saturation, and more. Why do the colors of your shots not match the neutral ones? Here are some reasons you should know before choosing the desired color correction app.

1. Lens Issues: The degree of light sensitivity of different lenses can affect the color rendering of your photos. It should be the major reason for the color discrepancy.

2. Camera Settings: The settings of different modes of the cameras will also make some changes for the presentation of image colors when shooting with the camera.

3. Light Problems: Light is another important factor for color rendering. If you need to explore some stunning colors, you have to use some color correction apps with color settings.

4. Time Factors: Most of the photos are placed for a long time and react with air, which will lead to a deviation of photo color, especially in the lowlight or haze environment.

Color and Light

Part 2: 7 Best Color Correction Apps to Explore Realistic Color

WidsMob AI Retoucher – Explore the Neutral Color with AI Technology

WidsMob AI Retoucher is an AI-based photo color correction app, which not only provides the AI algorithms for haze removal, low light recovery, and noise reduction, but also enables you to adjust different parameters for exposure, contrast, tint, shadows, highlights, temperature, and more. Moreover, you can also apply some advanced AI Style Transfer options and AI Filter options with stunning colors.

1. Correct colors for lowlight, noises, haze, and other scenarios.

2. Adjust red, blue, green, opacity, vignette, shadows, and more.

3. Apply neon light, candy, starry night, soft light, dark light, etc.

4. Provide stunning colorful and black-n-white film pack filters.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob AI Retoucher, you can launch the program and click the Open button from the File menu to pick up the desired photos into the program. Moreover, you can also drag-n-drop the photos into the program.

Import Photo Retoucher

Step 2: Go to the Adjust menu, which provides a whole series of color correction features. It provides RGB color adjustments with opacity and vignette, as well as exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation, vibrancy, tint, sharpness, and more.

Adjust Color Settings Retoucher

Step 3: Besides the basic settings, you can also click the AI Retouch menu to adjust the color discrepancy according to lowlight, haze, and noise. Choose the Lowlight Recovery option, you can correct colors because of the lowlight environment.

Reover Lowlight Details Retoucher

Note: It enables you to reduce the image noises with the Noise Reduction option and the haze/dusty with the Haze Removal option. Just use the AI features with others to explore realistic colors

Remove Haze AI Retoucher

Step 4: When you need to view the colors of the 70s, you can simply go to the Filters menu and choose the desired filter to change the photos. It provides different light filters and analog film filters. You can simply click the Dark Light option to apply a dark light filter.

Dark Light Filter Retoucher

Step 5: Moreover, you can also choose the AI Style Transfer option to make the photos into paintings, such as the Neon Light option to apply the painting colors. Once you have done this, you can simply click the Save As button before correcting the colors of the photos.

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PhotoWorks – Auto Color Correction for Lighting, Dull Color, and More

PhotoWorks is the desired software, which provides some advanced color corrections, sharpening controls, shadow settings, and multiple photo filters and effects. Moreover, there is a special AI composition that is dedicated to retouching images.


1. Manipulate the colors of the photos with AI filters and effects easily.

2. Provide hundreds of filters, advanced text editors, and face sculptors.


1. Lack of layers, groups, or batch editing feature for color correction.

2. The watermark cannot be removed and the charges are high.

Photoworks Radial Filter

Lightroom – Correct Color with White Balance and Tone Curve

When you are looking for a professional color correction app, Lightroom is the desired choice to find the optimal balanced values for red, green, and blue colors. It also enables you to correct the gray/neutral points to get the optimal effect with the program.


1. Provide a preset library with multiple simple color correction features.

2. Automatically adjust the color discrepancy with manual settings.


1. It is difficult to achieve the desired color correction effect as others.

2. Take up lots of memory and require high computer performance.

Lightroom Color Correction

Vance AI – Colorize the Photos with AI Technology Online

Is an online color correction app with an easy process to balance the colors of your photos? Vance AI is the desired method to de-noise, sharpen, de-haze, and enhance photos online. But the online solution does not work with some large photos.


1. Recover the realistic colors from image noise, haze, and others.

2. Provide online AI algorithms with basic functions for editing images.


1. It should be difficult to upload or export large images for AI effects.

2. Need to subscribe to the online AI services to polish the photos.

Image Enhance AI Vance Online

Fotor – Adjust Image Color with RGB Curves Online

Fotor is another online photo editor to correct the colors of your images. It provides multiple editing features to remove the image noise, add a vignette, apply film grain, and more. Of course, you can use the RGB Curves to get realistic colors of an image.


1. Provide RGB curves to correct colors and enhance the quality easily.

2. Enhance the photos with noise reduction, HSL filters, and more.


1. It is not stable to use the online photo editor, especially for large images.

2. Cannot correct the colors of images directly, only enables to enhance.

Color Correction Fotor

Cutout. Pro – Apply Automatic AI Color Correction Online

When you need an AI color correction app online, Cutout.Pro is the one you can consider. It will fix color balance, exposure, and contrast-related problems automatically in a single click. But you can only download a preview image with much smaller size without a subscription.


1. Balance the exposure, contrast, RGB, and other settings of photos.

2. Provide the one-click color correction AI technology online easily.


1. Cannot manually adjust the corrected colors with more adjustments.

2. Cannot download the full-resolution images after the process.

Cutout Pro Online Color Correction

Photoshop – Explore All Color Correction Features Manually

If you are familiar with Photoshop, it should be another choice to correct the color of images. Different from other AI color correction features, you need to adjust all the parameters manually to achieve the optimal effect, which will be better than other color correction apps.


1. Provide the whole series of editing features for color correction.

2. Install plugins to touch up photos and correct the colors easily.


1. Difficult to choose the features and filters for color correction.

2. Require a high computer configuration for touching up photos.

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When you need to get realistic colors with your photos, here are the best post-process color correction apps you should know. Photoshop, PhotoWorks, and Lightroom provide manual adjustments for color correction. To apply the features online, here are 3 workable choices to touch up photos in one click. If you need to combine AI methods and the manual parameters together, WidsMob AI Retoucher is the optimal choice.