Dropbox HEIC – How to Upload, Convert, and Download HEIC via Dropbox

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When you want to upload your iPhone images to Dropbox, however, the shots are in the new HEIC file extension. Is it possible to upload the HEIC photos to Dropbox on your iPhone? Can you preview the photos within the app? Is it possible to use Dropbox on your iPhone or computer to convert HEIC to JPG? This guide contains everything you need to know.

Dropbox HEIC

Part 1: The Concrete Guide to Upload HEIC Photos to Dropbox

Why Do You Upload HEIC Photos to Dropbox?

HEIF is also known as High-Efficiency Image File Format. It is featured for the new compression method. It is not supported on all platforms. But the good news is that Dropbox accepts HEIC files and lets you preview them online. Because cloud data is frequently exchanged, HEIC photos are not compatible with the devices of the recipients. The advice is to convert HEIC to JPEG to the cloud drives because they are the most popular image format.

Dropbox provides an excellent platform for users to more easily organize HEIC files by uploading them in perfect synchronization. Simultaneously, it adds support for intelligent picture format selection, provided that you have updated your Dropbox iOS app to version 64.2.2 or higher.

Dropbox Compatible HEIC

How to Set HEIF/HEIC Files to Upload in Dropbox?

If you use the camera uploads option to automatically post the media files from Photos to Dropbox, you can configure your camera to upload HEIF and HEVC files, instead of JPG and non-HEVC MOV files. After that, iPhone files can be opened on non-Apple devices. Just learn more about how to set HEIF and HEIC files to upload in Dropbox.

Step 1: Launch the Dropbox app on your iPhone. Select the Individual icon when you need to upload HEIC format for Dropbox.

Step 2: Hit the Gear icon and choose the Upload Photos by tapping. The feature must be activated to view these options.

Step 3: Choose the HEIC file format from the Save HEIC Photos as option before uploading the HEIC files.

Set HEIC Dropbox

How to Upload HEIC Photos to Dropbox Manually?

When you need to upload the desired HECI images to the Dropbox account and organize them on your iPhone. Indeed, it facilitated the viewing of HEIC files. Just make sure you have already set the HEIC as the image format. Therefore, if you want to understand how to upload HEICs to Dropbox, here is the detailed process you should follow.

Step 1: Sign in to your Dropbox account and click the + icon in the middle of the bottom menu bar.

Step 2: Choose the Upload Photos button from the menu to upload the desired HEIC to Dropbox.

Step 3: Tap on the Camera Roll option from the desired album and select the images that you wish to upload.

Step 4: Click on the Upload option at the top-right corner to transfer the HEIC images to the desired folder.

Upload HEIC iPhone Photos

Part 2: Can I Convert HEIC to JPEG with Dropbox for a Computer

You can convert your HEIC to JPEG with Dropbox when you download the HEIC files to your computer. It enables you to view the iPhone photo format without an extra codec. For your convenience, here are the easy steps that you can utilize.

Step 1: Open any browser on your computer, and then navigate to the official website https://www.dropbox.com/.

Step 2: Log in to the account using your Dropbox credentials. There, preview and open the HEIC pictures.

Step 3: Select the Save picture as option from the context menu of the right-clicked image.

Step 4: Rename the images, specify the storage directory, and save them to your computer as JPEG files.

Save Image HEIC Dropbox

Part 3: How to Download and Manage the HEIC from Dropbox

Can you preserve the original HEIC photos from your iPhone with the Meta-data without conversion? When you need to download and manage the HEIC files from Dropbox, WidsMob HEIC is an all-in-one toolkit to open HEIC files in different modes, resize the photos in multiple ways, rotate the files in batch, add watermarks, and even convert HEIC to JPEG/PNG/GIF.

  1. Open the HEIC, burst photos, and Live Photos without conversion.
  2. Resize photos, rotate files, rename HEICs and add watermarks.
  3. Convert HEIC to JPEG, BMP, PNG, and even animated GIFs directly.
  4. Manage the HEIC downloaded from Dropbox with original quality.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Log in to your Dropbox account and select the HEIC files you want to download. Then, click on the ... icon. You will find more other options and click the Download option to download the HEIC photos from the Dropbox Cloud service to your computer.

Download Link Dropbox Files

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the HEIC files, you can simply drag and drop them into the program. It enables you to browse the HEIC photos in thumbnail, along with the file name and size. Double click any HEIC file that you can view the HEIC in full-screen.

View HEIC Thumbnail

Step 3: Choose the Rotate option in the left menu to rotate the horizontal HEIC from Dropbox. You may rotate left, right, or even 180 degrees on your PC. Moreover, you can also resize the photos, rename them, and even add watermarks to the photos.

Rotate HEIC Files

Step 4: You can choose the required HEIC files and click the Start convert button when you wish to use the downloaded HEIC files from Dropbox in another picture editor. Before clicking the OK button, select the JPEG or PNG file and adjust the photo quality.

Choose Output Format Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about Dropbox HEIC You Should Know

This is the title

1Should I convert HEIC from Dropbox to JPG?

In depends. You can convert your HEIC within Dropbox if necessary, however, keep in mind that the HEIC format has a smaller file size than JPG. Images captured and stored in the HEIC file format require less storage space than images captured and saved in the JPG file format.

2Does Dropbox compress HEIC photos?

Dropbox does not compress HEICs from iOS devices. Even if compression or re-compression is used, it is not obvious in the photos that are uploaded or downloaded. Dropbox, unlike other cloud services, can be used to transfer media files without sacrificing quality.

3How to make HEIC photo albums on Dropbox?

Sign in to Dropbox with your account and select HEIC photos for an album. Tap the … icon and choose the Add to album option. Then press the Create new album option and rename it. After that, you can import all HEIC photos to the new album within Dropbox.


Since iOS 11, images shot with the iPhone camera will be saved as HEIC files to reduce storage space. However, many operating systems have not yet supported this new format. Dropbox supports HEIC files, and you already know how to upload HEICs to Dropbox and download them from your account. Whether you need to view the original HEIC files on your PC/Mac or convert them to another photo format, WidsMob HEIC is always the best choice you can take into consideration.

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