Top 8 AI Face Editors to Touch-up and Edit Portrait Images Automatically

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Touch up the portrait images might not be an easy task. Especially you are not familiar with Photoshop. Photoshop is a professional face editor for designers. When you need to enhance a portrait image without many skills, such as remove wrinkles, whiten teeth, and do makeup, the AI face editor should be the best choice.

The difference from ordinary face editors, AI face editors use deep learning technology to detect all facial points. You can optimize the teeth, remove the blemish, and makeup blush within one click. Here are the 8 best AI face editors to touch-up and edit portrait images automatically.

Best Face Editor App

Part 1: Advanced AI Face Editor to Touch Up Portrait Images

WidsMob Portrait Pro is a versatile and professional AI portrait and face editor that enables you to touch up the skinenhance the portrait, or even make up the faces. You can also take advantage of the batch process and customize the presets. Moreover, it enables you to export the photos with the desired quality within a batch process.

  1. Advanced AI technology to detect all facial points and skin areas easily.
  2. Retouch skin, face, nose, lip, cheek, eye, teeth, and more facial points.
  3. Enhance and makeup a portrait with presets and tweak parameters.
  4. Customize the presets to enhance and makeup portraits within one click.
  5. Export the portrait with the desired photo format, quality and others.
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How to Edit Face within Portrait Image Automatically

Step 1: Download and install the face editor, launch the program on your computer. Just click the Select Photos button or the Select Folder button to add the portrait images into the program. It will analyze the facial points for the portrait image automatically.

Add Portrait Image Portrait Pro

Step 2: Click the Adjust key point icon to tweak the detected facial point. When there are multiple faces within one image, or there are some smiley faces, you can further tweak the points to make sure you can apply the desired effect with ease.

Adjust Facial Point Portrait Pro

Step 3: If you have already customized a preset for the portrait, you can simply choose the desired one. Of course, you can also enhance the skin status, enhance all the portrait points, or even have the desired makeup with advanced technology.

Makeup Portrait Pro

Step 4: When you want to save it as a preset, you can click the Save as Preset button to name the preset. As for the case, you can always click on the Preset menu and apply the desired effect for the face within one click as desired of the AI face editor.

Makeup Portrait Pro

Step 5: After that, you can click the Export button, which you can resize the photos, change the photo format, tweak the quality, or simply choose the Add export preset, you can click the Start button to edit all the portrait images within one click.

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Part 2: 2 Online AI Face Editors to Beauty Portraits and Selfies – Online AI Face Photo Editor

Fotor is more than a web-based AI face editor, which enables you to touch up photos online with ease. Just choose the Beauty menu, you can tweak the different parameters, including the Basic one, eyes, teeth, face, and more other facial points in one click.


  1. Integrates a dedicated face editor along with other photo editing tools.
  2. Upload portrait images from the computer, Dropbox, Facebook, or more.
  3. Provide extensive retouching tools covering skin, eyes, lips, teeth, etc.
  4. Instant view in real-time while editing your portrait image online easily.


  1. It will add watermarks on your portraits if you are using the free account.
  2. Some advanced features are only available to premium users.
  3. Lack of the parameters for makeup and unable to tweak the details.
Fotor Online Face Editor

BeFunky – Online AI Portrait Enhancer

BeFunky is another AI-based face editor that makes editing portrait photos a breeze. It has the advanced innovative Artificial Intelligence to edit face within one click. Moreover, you can also find the Clone tool for removing unwanted objects from photos.


  1. All-in-one AI face editor to edit photos, make collages, and design graphics.
  2. Provide blemish remover, eye enhancer, wrinkle remover, and others.
  3. Enable you to remove the background from the photos automatically.
  4. Batch processing feature to edit multiple pictures at the same time.


  1. Need to upgrade to the BeFunky Plus for using all features and functions.
  2. Provide limited colors, templates, customize options, and more others.
  3. Different to manage the detailed touch-up online with poor Internet service.
Befunky AI Portrait Enhancer Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: 5 AI Face Editors to Polish and Edit Face on Smartphone

Facetune 2 – Selfie Editor for iPhone

Facetune 2 is a good method to retouch your selfies on your iPhone. Even though you do not have a perfect face or photography skills, the face photo editor could produce impressive portraits, such as face reshape, swipe away blemish, add glam light effects, etc.


  1. The face photo editor includes extensive tools for beautifying your selfies.
  2. Smooth skinand adjust any areas on the portrait to get the desired effect.
  3. The built-in face makeup tool allows you to retouch your face with taps.
  4. Integrates dozens of filters to create a unique effect with your portrait image.


  1. The advanced features need to be purchased within the face editor app.
  2. If you want to access the full features, you have to subscribe to the service.
  3. Cannot edit, enhance, or makeover the portraits with advanced features.

Beauty Booth Pro – Face Editor for Android

Beauty Booth Pro is not only a face editor app for Android, but also a selfies maker. You can use the filter effect that automatically analyzes and optimizes the tone of your skin with the surrounding environments, such as the acne, scars, and freckles on your face.


  1. Decide to take a portrait or import selfies from the photo gallery.
  2. Automatic analyzes your face, skin, eyes, and other recommendations.
  3. Provide 20 attractive eye effects, 26 beauty filter effects, and more others.
  4. The stylish photo borders are another option to decorate your selfies.


  1. Though the face editor is free to use, some effects need to be purchased.
  2. It is not available to the latest Android devices, or saves with high quality.
  3. Does not provide the detailed parameters that you can tweak the portrait.
Beauty Booth

YouCam Makeup – Cosmetic AI Face Editor

YouCam Makeup is a virtual makeover and selfie retouch-editing app based on AI technology. Retouch tools for a full-face makeover for eyes, nose, make lips plumper, plus teeth whitening, airbrush skin, smooth skin, face tune your selfies in seconds.


  1. Enables you to try cosmetics from the top beauty brands in seconds.
  2. Dye hair virtually with real-time salon games with 360-degree color change.
  3. Add more glam to your portrait and selfie by putting on some accessories.
  4. Personalized skin regimen and recommendation with advanced technology.


  1. It will reduce the clarity of the photo after applying face-editing filters.
  2. Require much more work to do in order to function in a good manner.
  3. Take too much time to edit the image with complicated filters and effects.
Youcam Makeup

ModiFace – Augmented Reality Face Editor

When you are looking for a free face editor to beautify your portrait, ModiFace should be a nice choice to apply real-time photo and video SDK for makeup. It has all picture editing essentials to add the realistic AR try-on capability for the beauty filters and enhance the facial points.


  1. Patented AR SDK scientifically validated skin assessment and simulation.
  2. Real-time facial analysis and feature tracking for portrait photos and videos.
  3. Provide a fully custom AR module for your iOS, Android, and Windows.
  4. Accessible via HTML through any browser to enhance the portrait images.


  1. It should be difficult to manage the portrait touch-up, especially for hairstyle.
  2. Difficult to master the touch-up features within the ultimate virtual makeover.
  3. The output portrait might not as realistic as the original portrait image.
Modiface App

Photo Wrap – Funny Face Editor

If you want to make fun with the portrait image, Photo Wrap is a good choice to make a fat, thin, blurry face within clicks. The face editor is not able to beautify the portrait, but distort it. When you want to kill time with some funny apps, you can download the program instead.


  1. Free to download in App Store that anyone can use free of charge.
  2. Pinch in or out to make the face, eye, mouth, ear, or more fat, thin or distort.
  3. The built-in reconstructed brush can be resized and reset at any time.
  4. Save the edited portrait image to Camera Roll or share it with Facebook.


  1. Face photo editor contains annoying ads when you editing the photos.
  2. There is no option to remove ads, or touch up the photo for funny.
  3. Not suitable to edit, enhance and retouch portrait image as a profession.
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Part 4: FAQs about AI Face Editor You Should Know

1Is It Possible to Touch Up with Photos on Mac Automatically?

Yes. If you want to touch up the portraits and selfies automatically, you can simply use the Photos add-on to enhance the images. Once you have installed WidsMob Portrait Pro, you can find the AI face editor extension from the Photos on your MacBook.

2How to Change the Facial Points within the Face Editor?

If the face editor cannot analyze the facial points correctly, you can adjust the facial points manually. As for WidsMob Portrait Pro, you can simply click the Adjust key point icon to tweak the detected facial point by dragging the points to the right position.

3What is the Alternative Way to Polish Portrait Images?

As for the portrait images that are difficult to recognize, such as half-face, or exaggerated expression, you can use Photoshop as the face editor to touch up the portrait image. Moreover, you can also swap another face from other images to get a satisfactory image.


Congratulations! You should master at least the 8 best face photo editors for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices. In order to get a satisfying photo portrait image, WidsMob Portrait Pro is a desired face editor you can take into consideration. It does not only provide a series of portrait retouch features, but also able to produce the highest output quality.

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