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Top 9 Photo Beautifier to Makeup A Satisfied Portrait

Touching up portraits should be the initial feature for most of the retouch applications. When you need to share selfie on Facebook or Instagram, you need to have a slim face, bright eye and high nose. Just apply some face soften features of photo beautifier; you can get a wonderful portrait with ease. But it might be far away from what you want.

Just imagine you have some featured freckles, the photo beautifier removes them all and makes up portrait flawless. When you upload the selfie into social media outlets, other might not even recognize you. More frequently you might only need to make the photos for selfie better. What should be the best photo beautifier as for the situation? Just check the top 9 photo beautifiers to make up a satisfied portrait from the article now.

Photo Beautifier

Part 1: Top 5 photo beautifier apps for smartphone

Photo beautifiers for selfies are very popular for Android phone and iPhone. Most of the applications are able to beautify selfie when you take shoots. You can get the top 5 applications to get the desired results.


Top 1: BeautyCam - Photo Beautifier App for Full Body Shot

BeautyCam is one of the photo beautifiers of Meitu, which customizes portraits and selfies with cool materials. It also delivers creative and adorable AR stickers to make portrait image excellent. When you need a beautiful selfie on Smartphone, it should be a must-have app.

1. Powerful night selfie function reduces the overall noise to capture the best selfie images.

2. The brand new “Video Selfie” retouch technology captures your beauty in motion.

3. The photo beautifier is able to remember all the customized retouching parameters.


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Top 2: InstaBeauty - Makeup Camera to Beautify Photos

InstaBeauty is a selfie photo beautifier for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. It contains more than 100 makeup styles and filters. The program has selfie filters, grid filters, teeth whitening, zoom in the eyes, stylish collage, emoji sticker, quick snap and many other amazing features.

1. Besides the default beauty presets and one-tap touchup, you can custom portraits with advanced features.

2. Get elegantly designed styles and instantly create magazine style beauty collage superb than other collages.

3. Quicksnap features of photo beautifier to review each beautified shot and choose the desired picture you want to keep.


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Top 3: B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera for Photo Beautifier

B612 provides a funny way to take selfie and beautify portraits. The photo beautifier contains facial recognition stickers that can distort your face and turn into a cute animal. It supports both taking shoots for selfie with Android and using editing tools from gallery to make existing photos more special.

1. More than 1500 diverse stickers, such as facial recognition filter, shiny effect and stylish analog filters, various drawing effects and more.

2. Real-time effect to beautify skin within one tap, you can also adjust slider to find your best face shape.

3. Stunning filters to perfect for selfies, foodie, landscapes and more other images, you can easy to find the immaculate filter to suit your taste.


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Top 4: YouCam Perfect - Photo Beautifier and Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect has a full editing toolkit to edit photos; you can apply one touch filters, crop and rotate photos, mosaic pixelate to blur the background, vignette, and HDR effect. The photo beautifier just applies simple steps for a flawless and luminous face in every picture.

1. Real-time skin beautifying effects in beauty camera and video selfie with cool filters for better Vine video.

2. Simple steps to reshape face, smooth skin, add contours, add/remove blush, remove eye bag and smile features.

3. Green screen with the photo beautifier to cut out the subject of a photo, which you can change for another background.

YouCam Perfect

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Top 5: FaceTune - Selfie Photo Editor

As another selfie photo editor and photo beautifier, FaceTune empowers users to retouch portraits and selfies, add artistic flair as well as teeth whitening. You can remove blemish and dark circles and add natural makeup to your portrait just within one tap.

1. Touch up for every detail of portrait, perfect smile, beautiful skin, bright eye, hair salon and face reshape.

2. Apply any shade of blush and eye shadow, add volume to your lashes and shape your brows, and add color to your lips for instant lipstick.

3. Selfie photo enhancements, blur the background, improve lighting or add special effects, create customized filters and more vivid makeup.


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Part 2: 5 professional photo beautifiers for portrait

Whether you need to touch up some portraits in detail, the photos are taken by DSLR cameras, or even beautify portraits in batch, the professional photo beautifier software on desktop is required.

Top 6: WidsMob Portrait - Photo Beautifier for Windows 10/8/7 and macOS

WidsMob Portrait is a professional photo beautifier that redefines portrait touch up. You can remove the wrinkles, adjust the skin color, remove blemish and get rid of pouch. It has the full make up control over all the aspects of a portrait images to make a prefect selfie or portrait image.

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1. Detect all the portraits in one image, which you are able to touch up each portrait in different solutions.

2. Support both JPEG format of smartphone and different RAW files of DLSR cameras.

3. Full make up controls over face, eye, cheek, noise, teeth, shine, skin and more makeup aspects.

4. Custom presets to member all the parameters, which can apply to portraits with the same touchup effects.

Before/After on Portrait


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Top 7: Portraiture - Portrait Beautifier Program on Computer

Portraiture is another portrait touch up program on computer. The multiple parameters of Portraiture are able to remove the twinkles and touchup faces to a perfect status. Take it into consideration if you have to deal with Portrait photos frequently.

1. Batch process of Portraiture can touch up portraits with a much better result by default settings.

2. In order to further edit portrait photos, the photo beautifier also provides other solutions for a perfect selfie.

3. The additional editing features should be a plus for the program. You have plenty of choices for an amazing portrait.


Top 8: Portrait Professional - Easy Photo Beautifier

Portrait Professional comes with full range of digital makeup, which provides everything in details. Just take touching up eye of the photo beautifier for example, it is able to false eyelashes, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. You can create fashionable and flattering makeup looks.

1. Child mode to retouch portrait with a subtle hand, which is focused on natural retouching, such as enhancing eyes and smile.

2. Besides the basic touch up features, you can find detailed touchup features for all the aspects of eyes and mouth.

3. Face sculpting technology is based on hundreds of hours of training in human aesthetics.

Portrait Professional

Top 9: PT Portrait - Portrait Retouching and Beautifying Software

PT Portrait 4 is portrait-retouching software on Windows and Mac. It is able to touch up portraits to make them perfect, remove imperfections and make improvements. What is more, the photo beautifier provides a natural and realistic effect with easy steps.

1. Advanced and easy methods to edit full time 16 bit high quality portrait images with ease.

2. Support standalone and Photoshop plugin of photo beautifier to touch up portraits with natural and realistic effects.

3. It is able to touch up every aspect of portraits as well as the full body skin to make all the skin area to perfect.

PT Portrait


When you need to touch up portrait with photo beautifier, you can choose the best program from the article according to your requirement. If you have any query about the topic, you can share more detailed information in the comments.

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