Baby Photo Editor

What are the Best Baby Photo Editors to Edit Baby Photos

Different from the traditional photo editors, baby photo editors should include some special lovely templates, sweet backgrounds, special texts and others. Moreover, you should able to edit the baby photos and other portrait images. Is there a free photo editor for your baby? How to apply a natural portrait editing?

The article shares the 10 best photo-editing app for your kids. Whether you need to edit the portraits for your baby, or apply some lovely items for the photos, you can learn more details from the article. Read on the features about baby photo editors and choose the desired one accordingly.

Baby Photo Editor

Part 1: Best Baby Photo Editor to Retouch Portraits of Your Child

How to edit the baby photos with a natural effect? When you need to remove some imperfections of the captured photos, such as the skin color differences caused by the light, small spots on the face and more, WidsMob Portrait Pro is the ultimate baby photo editor to apply natural effect with ease.

1. Set up the touchup template for baby and adult according to the name.

2. Manage the skin of the baby and remove some imperfections with ease.

3. Enhance the portrait image for blemish, cheek, eye, nose and teeth.

4. Make up with professional portrait editing features for blush, eye, etc.

WidsMob Portrait Pro

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Step 1: Import baby photos

When you download and install the baby photo editor, you can launch the program and click the “Select Photos” or “Select Folder” option to import the baby photos into the program.

Import Baby Photos

Step 2: Manage the baby skin

In order to remove some imperfections of the baby skin, or even change the skin tone because of the light, you can click the “Adjust Skin Area” to choose the skin area before further editing.

Manage Baby Skin

Step 3: Enhance the baby portrait

Just choose the deep smile to show the great mode, enlarge eye to make the baby lovely, whiten teeth and bright eyes to make the whole baby portrait better than the original one.

Enhance Portrait

Step 4: Make up portrait for fun

If you need to have a makeup, especially for the baby girl, you can also use the make up portrait features, which enables you to adjust blush, lipstick, colored contacts, eye color, eyelashes and more.

Part 2: Top 10 Baby Photo Editors for Android/iOS Devices

In order to apply some interesting frames or templates to the baby photos, you can also use the baby photo editors to get a satisfied result. Learn more about the 10 best applications as below.

Top 1: Lifecake

Lifecake is a dedicated baby photo editor app that saves any moment of your baby in one seamless timeline. Moreover, the intuitive photo-editing app is free of charge and without any ads.

1. Zoom in any baby photo on timeline in one tap.

2. Share your baby story with family and friends.

3. Import photos from smartphone memory, cloud account or social media.

4. Control which family or friends can see the baby story.


Top 2: Camera+2

If you want to turn your mobile phone to professional camera when taking baby photos, Camera+2 is another baby photo editor to with multiple custom options to ensure you can get a satisfied baby photo.

1. Control the light of your baby photos by adjusting exposure separately.

2. Digital zoom up baby photos with advanced digital processing.

3. Set flash multiple times when taking baby photos in a dark room.

4. Enhance the baby photos using the Clarity feature.


Top 3: Fast Burst Camera

What should be the most difficult challenge to take a great baby photo? It is the method to let your baby not move. In order to get a suitable photo, Fast Burst Camera might be a great baby photo editor to help you out.

1. Take 30 photos per second and select the desired one easily.

2. Capture baby pictures as soon as pressing the shutter button.

3. Add filters, frames and texts to enhance baby photos as profession.

4. Create animated images and collage for your baby photos.

Fast Burst Camera

Top 4: Typic Kids

Just need to add some funny text, stickers, quotes, or even beautiful typographic text layouts to the baby photos, Typic Kids is not a photo editor for baby pictures, but a method to make the photos interesting.

1. More than 141 stickers, 28 fonts, 20 spectacular frames and 11 filters.

2. Suitable for social media posts, birthday cards, invitation, wallpaper, etc.

3. Make photos stand out with filters, frames, captions and fun stickers.

4. Enhance photos and even create Instant photo mockups in a second.

Typic Kids

Top 5: Pic Collage

If you prefer to save baby photos in photo collage, Pic Collage is one of the best baby photo editors to make your photo story and edit the photo grid. It will bring out the best in your photos with a creative experience.

1. Provide extensive beautiful layouts to create photo collages.

2. Import baby photos from photo library and social media.

3. Edit photos with Aviary photo effects and basic editing tools.

4. Print or share baby photo collage to multiple social media sites.

Pic Collage

Top 6: Baby Story

Baby Story is more than a baby photo editor application, it enables to record every moment of the baby, the pregnancy pictures, baby milestones, baby stats and more others into beautiful visual story.

1. Record baby photos in timeline with unique photo themes with ease.

2. Decorate your baby photos with artistic fonts, filters and artworks.

3. Create baby photos with artwork templates as a masterpiece.

4. Share the baby photos to Instagram and other SNS directly.

Baby Story

Top 7: Kudos

How about a community to share the baby photos and create baby photo collages? Kudos is the baby photo editor that shares the videos, pictures, comments and ideas in a safe and positive community.

1. Provide a free baby photo sharing community for photos of baby.

2. Inform the activities of kids and interaction are fully moderated 24/7.

3. Advanced AI tools and professionally trained human moderators.

4. Best Instagram alternative to share the baby under 12 in social media.


Top 8: Strip Designer

When you need to combine the baby photos into a story, Strip Designer is the desired baby photo editor that enables you to create comics from the beginning to the end with multiple panel layouts.

1. Provide more than a 100 page templates with 1 to 9 photocells.

2. Add sketch, draw, mask, warped 3D lettering, balloon and more.

3. Change the balloon size, rotation, color, transparency and combination.

4. More than 150 stickers for baby photos with additional impact.

Strip Designer

Top 9: Hipstamatic Classic

Do you want to capture a baby image with awesome analog control within your smartphone? Hipstamatic Classic is the baby photo editor to shoot beautiful authentic photography on iPhone.

1. Transform your experience via the rendered skeuomorphic cameras.

2. Provide a minimal capture interface with maximum and creative controls.

3. Manually control focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed and more.

4. More than 20 professional adjustment tools and 12 signature presets.

Hipstamatic Classic

Top 10: Paper Camera

In order to have fun with the baby photos, you can also turn it into a paper with stylish cartoon style filters with Paper Camera. It is the baby photo editor that you can see the world in another lens.

1. Apply cartoon/sketch/comic book/halfone/noir/neon effects to baby photos.

2. Take photos or record videos to magically done the photos in real time.

3. Tweak the contrast, brightness, lines, stroke, vignette, edges and more.

4. Special icon, text and other elements to make the baby photo lovely.

Paper Camera


Based on the article above, you might grasp the 10 best baby photo editor apps for iPhone and Android. Moreover, you can also learn more about WidsMob Portrait Pro, which is the professional photo editor for baby portrait images. With these best baby photo editors, you will not lose any important moment of your baby, even without professional cameras and photography skills.

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