5 Efficient Methods About How to Convert M4P to MP3 without Quality Loss

Last Updated on November 18, 2021 by Jane Joe

If you have purchased and downloaded music from iTunes, how do you use the M4P music files on other devices? The M4P files are copy-protected with Fairplay DRM. If you need to convert M4P to MP3, you need to consider DRM protection. Just learn more about the 3 most efficient methods to convert M4P to MP3 and choose the desired one according to your requirement.

How to Convert M4P to MP3

Part 1: The Efficient Method to Convert M4P to MP3

WidsMob Converter is a versatile method to convert M4P to MP3 with DRM protection. It supports many audio and video formats, tweaks the audio settings for the output files, edits the converted videos, applies video filters, and even enhances the video quality. Moreover, you can also choose a preset for most of the devices within the program.

1. Extract MP3, WAV, WMA, and more other audio file formats from M4P.

2. Decrypt the DRM protection and process multiple M4P files in batch.

3. Tweak the audio codec, sample rate, and audio channel for the MP3 file.

4. Monitor and edit the music files with the built-in media player with ease.

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How to Convert M4P to MP3 without Quality Loss

Step 1: Download and install the M4P to MP3 converter, launch the program on your computer. Click the Add Files menu on the top ribbon and import the M4P files you wish to convert. Moreover, you can play back the M4P videos directly within the program.

widsmob converter interface

Step 2: Go to the top right side, expand the Profile drop-down list and choose the MP3 format from the General Audio option. You can click the Setting button to open the Profile Setting dialog. Here you can tweak output format, audio codec, file quality, and more.

Convert Audio WidsMob Converter

Step 3: Moreover, you can also trim the video to extract the desired audio files only. Head to the bottom area, click the Browse button, and select a specific folder to save the output. Finally, click on the Convert button to initiate M4P to MP3 conversion accordingly.

Conversion process

Part 2: How to Convert M4P to MP3 Online

The online M4P to MP3 converter apps are convenient methods to convert your music files. It does not ask you to install any software. Moreover, you can get the desired audio files without paying a penny. But there might be some downsides, such as file size limitation, output restriction, and more.

Method 1: How to Convert M4P to MP3 on FreeConvert

FreeConvert is a file converter app online. It has an M4P to MP3 converter as well. You are allowed to process several unencrypted M4P files from your iTunes up to 1GB per time directly.

Step 1: Copy and paste https://www.freeconvert.com/m4p-to-mp3 in the address bar of your browser and press the Enter key on your keyboard to open the online M4P to MP3 converter.

Step 2: Click the Choose Files button and upload the M4P files to convert to MP3. It allows you to upload files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and URL.

Step 3: Click the Convert to MP3 button to initiate the process. When you finish the process, click the Download button to get each MP3 file or click Download All to get them in the archive.


Method 2: How to Convert M4P to MP3 on M4PConvert

M4PConvert is another online M4P to MP3 converter that converts the video format with 3x faster speed. It can process several audio files. And each of them is no more than 200MB.

Step 1: Visit https://www.m4pconvert.com/ in your browser and click the Choose Files button to upload the M4P files from your hard disk.

Step 2: After uploading the M4P file, click the Start conversion button to begin converting M4P to MP3 online.

Step 3: Next, click the Download button to get the converted files. When prompted, choose a location and download the files.

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Part 3: How to Convert M4P to MP3 on Mobile

If you have some M4P files on your mobile device, you can also convert them directly within the device. Since iPhone and Android do not convert M4P to MP3 natively, you can learn more about the 2 excellent M4P to MP3 converter apps below.

Method 1: How to Convert M4P to MP3 on iPhone

The authentic iPhone can play M4P music files without a problem. You can still convert the M4P into MP3. The Audio Converter app is a recommended M4P to MP3 converter app that enables only handles an M4P file one time.

Step 1: Run the M4P to MP3 converter app on your iPhone or iPad. You can install the program from App Store for free.

Step 2: Tap the From option, choose where is your M4P file and select the file. Then touch the To option and select the MP3 as output.

Step 3: Hit the Convert button to start converting M4P to MP3. When you finish converting, you can save the MP3 file on your iPhone or share the file.

Audio Converter app

Method 2: How to Convert M4P to MP3 on Android

When it comes to Android, you have to convert M4P to MP3 since Android devices cannot open M4P. Some audio convert apps can help you get the MP3 files from M4P, such as Audio Converter.

Step 1: Open the M4P to MP3 converter app from your Android phone and tap the Choose File button to add an M4P file.

Step 2: Tap Output Audio Format and choose the MP3 format. After that, you can also tweak the audio settings with the Adjust option, such as the audio codec, sample rate, and more.

Step 3: Tap the Convert Audio File button at the bottom to initiate converting M4P to MP3 immediately. Finally, save the MP3 file to your memory or share it on social media.



You should master the 5 best methods to convert M4P to MP3 on Windows, Mac, online, iPhone, and Android. If you cannot view the music files in M4P format, you can choose the above methods to extract the audio files in MP3 with the original quality. WidsMob Converter can decrypt the DRM protection and produce the best output quality.

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