Secret Photo Calculator – 6 Best Apps to Hide Photos Secretly Under a Calculator

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How to hide the photos from your friends and family members? Even if you have already locked the iPhone or Android phone with Face ID or password, others can’t view the private photos. To protect the private photos from your wife or child, the Secret Photo Calculator can hide photos under a calculator.

As for the secret photo calculator, if you cannot enter the correct password, it should only be a calculator app for your iPhone or Android phone. Just learn more details about the secret photo calculators, such as the features, review, and more details.

Secret Photo Calculator

Part 1: Why You Need to Use a Secret Photo Calculator

iOS has introduced a photo-hiding feature into the Photos app. It enables you to hide the photos from Days, Months, Years, and All Photos. But it is available in the Hidden folder, your family members and friends can still access these private photos. It is the major reason that you need to choose a secret photo calculator.

  1. Private information. When you have some private photos for your girlfriend or child, you might not want to share them with your friends. It is the reason that you need a photo vault app.
  2. Calculator protection. Just as the name of these secret photo calculators, you can protect them from your family members and friends from a calculator icon or discreet icon on your smartphones.

Part 2: 6 Best Secret Photo Calculator Apps to Hide Photos

Whether you need to hide the photo vault app with a calculator icon, or another discreet icon, you can learn more about the 6 best secret photo calculator apps as below.

Top 1: Secret Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault is a versatile secret photo calculator app for iPhone and iPad with in-app purchases. It can lock down your secret photos, contacts, passwords, and private browser with PIN protection.

  1. Preserve great and precious photos galleries, albums, and more other files.
  2. Change to discreet icons, such as key, lock, security, triangle, and others.
  3. Store all passwords, media files, or even browse the Internet without traces.
  4. Hide and manage the password and browse info for different situations.
Secret Photo Vault

Top 2: Calculator

NS Vault is another secret photo calculator to hide and lock photos, videos, notes, and other information on your iPhone. It has a generic calculator icon that prevents snoopers from identifying.

  1. Allow you to organize, view, and play all your locked images and videos.
  2. Create and lockdown sensitive credentials, secure passwords, and more.
  3. Prevent the loss of sensitive data and restore your data for theft of a device.
  4. Multitude of security locks, such as a calculator lock, touch ID, PIN, etc.
NS Vault

Top 3: xCalculator

xCalculator is the free secret photo calculator that provides a privacy shield for your private photos, videos, audio files, and notes. You can enter a privacy space by inputting a password and confirming with %.

  1. Add photos, videos, and other files from the album library, camera, etc.
  2. Support multiple accounts for the photo calculator with different passwords.
  3. Hidden camera mode lets you capture some photos and video files secretly.
  4. Wi-Fi sharing makes it easy to sync photos and videos with a computer.

Top 4: Secret Calculator Plus Photo Album

It is the secret photo calculator that hides private photos and videos under the calculator. Secret Calculator Plus Photo Album just keeps the media files away from nosy folks when they are using your device.

  1. Privacy with a passcode, double protection, album lever lock, and more.
  2. Disguised and inconspicuous calculator vault to hide photos and videos.
  3. Import and view top-secret files, such as DOC, PPT, XLS from PC/Mac.
  4. Browse the Internet without leaving any traces, with the tab support.
Secret Calculator Plus Photo Album

Top 5: Calculator Vault

Calculator Vault is another secret photo calculator to hide private, secure, and confidential data, such as photos, video files, contacts, safe passwords, secure notes, and more other files with ease.

  1. Hide the app from the list menu and others that will not find existence.
  2. Break-in alert to capture the image of who has tried to access your stuff.
  3. Prevent secret calculators from being uninstalled by kids or strangers.
  4. Set fake cover of force close of applications that are locked.
Calculator Vault

Top 6: Calc Box

Calculator Box is completely free to hide unlimited photos, videos, browsers, and apps. It is the secret photo calculator that keeps safe galleries, manages the media files, or even shares them with others.

  1. Magically disappears and gets replaced with a secret G-Scanner icon.
  2. Hide pictures and videos from the phone gallery by sharing them with the Gallery Lock app.
  3. Create a Fake vault with a different password for storing fake photos & videos.
  4. Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialog will hide the lock screen.
Calc Box

Part 3: Best Secret Photo Calculator Alternative for PC/Mac

A secret photo album app is not enough to protect your privacy, especially for the limited space, stolen or lost phone, or other situations. What should be the best alternative to hide photos for the secret photo calculator on PC and Mac? WidsMob MediaVault is one of the best secret photo album programs for your PC or Mac.

  1. Set up a password to protect photos and videos on Windows and Mac.
  2. Integrate advanced encryption technology to prevent data leaking.
  3. Work on almost all image file formats, including RAW, HEIC, MP4, etc.
  4. Browse secret photos and videos in a thumbnail, full screen, and more.
  5. Offer extensive photo editing tools and custom options for photo viewing.
Win Download Mac Download

How to Make Secret Photo Album on Computer

Step 1: Install the secret photo album software

Download and install PhotoVault, launch the program and enter your password, and re-enter to check it. Once you have clicked the Done button, you can choose the Preferences menu on the top of the window of the WidsMob PhotoVault menu.

Set Up Password MediaVault

Step 2: Set up the security levels for photos

To upscale the security level, go to the Security tab and switch to the High option. Then each time you export or email your private photos, you will be asked the password. If you want to reset your password, go to the Account tab and click the Change Password button.

Set up the Security Level

Step 3: Add photos to secret photo album

Once settings are done, go to the default Photos album. Alternatively, you can create a new album by hitting the Plus sign under Albums. Next, click the Import button at the top right corner and import the sensitive photos you want to add to the secret photo album.

Import Files MediaVault

Step 4: View hidden photos in different modes

When you want to view the secret photo album, locate it and double click the photo or video to view the media file in full screen. Moreover, you can also use the zoom in, zoom out, actual size, or adjust the audio volume of the hidden video easily.

Preview Hidden Media Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about Secret Photo Calculator

1Can I use another icon for Secret Photo Calculator?

Yes. When you need to protect the private photos from someone that can use your phone, you can disguise the secret photo calculator as games, to-do lists, social media, or other types of apps. If the app requires you to enter a separate passcode, be suspicious.

2Is it safe to use Secret Photo Calculator?

In depends. When you need to hide a limited number of photos on your Android phone or iPhone, it should be a nice choice. But if there are too many photos, it will take a large storage space of the phone. You need a photo vault program on Windows or Mac instead.

3Should you choose Secret Photo Calculator or Cloud service?

To protect the photos on your phone from your friends or family members, Secret Photo Calculator is always a nice choice. But if others do not know the password of Cloud service, such as Google Photos, you can consider the Cloud service to hide photos.


Why should you choose a secret photo calculator? Just learn more details about the reason. Moreover, here is the ultimate review for the 6 best secret photo album calculator apps for your iPhone and Android phone. You can also get the best alternative program on your computer to hide and lock photos with ease.

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