Top 11 Best Blemish Editor to Remove Blemishes from Photos on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Android/Online in 2024

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Peter Wood

Want to remove all blemishes from your selfies quickly? You can get rid of annoying wrinkles and blemish from faces without using Adobe Photoshop. There are many powerful blemish editor apps you can take into consideration. Well, this article aims to show you eleven excellent blemish remover apps. You can remove acne scars, lumps, pimples, skin spots, and other blemishes easily.

Best Blemish Editor and Remover

Part 1: The Ultimate Blemish Editor to Retouch Selfies Smartly on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS

If you want to get a powerful makeup control tool, you should not miss WidsMob Portrait Pro. This selfie editor software can help users smooth skin and retouch portrait in high quality. Well, you can touch up photos from your DSLR camera or smartphone without limitations. As for smoothing face, WidsMob Portrait can remove pouch and blemishes perfectly. Thus, you can get a clean and flawless face photo effortlessly.

What Can You Get from the Photo Blemish Remover

  • Offer comprehensive controls over the eye, cheek, teeth, nose, face, and many other aspects.
  • Smooth skin with wrinkle/blemish removal, skin whitening, and more.
  • Improve skin texture freely with an advanced algorithm.
  • Batch retouch portrait within the same image smartly.
  • Define presets and combined effects to achieve the result within one click.
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How to Remove Blemish and Wrinkles from Your Portrait Photo with the Ultimate Blemish Editor

Step 1: Add a photo to remove blemish

Free download and install WidsMob Portrait Pro on your Windows PC or Mac computer. Launch this blemish editor after the installation. Then click Select Photos to add a picture. Well, you can drag and drop it to the main interface directly too.

Portrait Pro Interface

Step 2: Remove blemish from the portrait photo

You can get various editing filters in the right panel. During this time, scroll down and choose the Smoothing tool on the Skin section. You can select Low, Medium, or High level of smoothing.

Smooth Skin to Remove Blemish with WidsMob Portrait Pro

Then choose Blemish Removal from the Enhancement section. You can activate the Auto slider to remove blemish automatically. Or you can also use a Manual tool to remove the blemishes from the photo one by one with different sizes of removing brushes.

Remove Blemish with WidsMob Portrait Pro

Step 3: Save blemish removed portrait photo

You can monitor all changes with a real-time preview window. Well, if you want to get a more direct comparison, you can choose the Before/After button on the right bottom of the preview window. After the customization, you can export your artwork.

Choose the Export button on the right bottom of the window. Set the output format as JPEG or TIFF. You can also choose the image size and quality according to your need. At last, click the Start button to finish the process.

Export Enhanced Lip Portrait from WidsMob Portrait Pro

Enhance and makeup blemish removed portrait photo (optional)

You can make your blemish removed portrait photo look shiny by enhancement and makeup. You can enhance the blemish-removed image by deepening face smile, lifting cheeks, slimming face, etc. You can also do portrait photo makeup by add brush, lipstick, colored contacts, eye color, eyelashes, eyeliners, and eye shadow to make the portrait photo more vivid.

Enhance and Makeup Blemish-removed Face with WidsMob Portrait Pro

With this ultimate blemish editor, you can easily remove blemishes from photos on Windows 10/8/7 and macOS.

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Part 2: Top 5 Blemish Remover Online to Remove Marks from a Picture

1. Fotor - Face Clear Photo Editor Online

With Fotor blemish remover, you can get rid of most blemishes on your selfies online for free. Besides fixing blemishes, you can use Fotor allows users to smooth skin, remove wrinkles, reshape the face, etc. You can get many other pre-designed templates and presets too.

Blemish Remover Online - Fotor Online Face Editor

2. LunaPic - Remove Blemishes Online

LunaPic offers various editing tools into a traditional interface. You can get a simplified interface similar to Photoshop. It is supported to import photos from your local folder or URL. Later, you can use its zit-remover to retouch an image quickly.

LunaPic Blemish Editor

3. Befunky - Online Blemish Fix Photo Editor

Befunky offers most filters as sliders and simple options. You can remove a blemish, whiten teeth and fix other problems with ease. Moreover, you can run Befunky to remove the mustache and unwanted objects from photos online.

Befunky Blemish Editor

4. PicMonkey - Blemish Remover App Online

PicMonkey offers various retouching tools to make you stand out. For instance, you can get a blemish editor and airbrush makeup to salvage almost all selfies. Well, this blemish remover online is not free for all users. You can only get a free trial to access those features temporarily.

Blemish Remover Online - PicMonkey Photo Editor

5. iPiccy - Online Blemish App

iPiccy allows users to retouch their skin with a blemish fixer and remover online. What’s more, you can get multiple brushes with adjustable sizes. Thus, it is easy to perfect your selfies with the face clear photo editor online.

Blemish Remover Online - iPiccy Photo Editor

Although an online blemish editor can help you remove the blemish from photos easily, you need to upload your portrait photo to the online server. That means you have the danger of exposing your portrait privacy on the internet. So it would be safe to fix your blemish photos on your computer with blemish editing software.

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Part 3: 5 Best Blemish Fix APP for iPhone and Android Users

1. Best Blemish Remover App - Facetune

Platform supported: iOS [$3.99]

Facetune allows users to touch up photos with easy-to-use selfie filters. You can add shadows, textures, frames, and other stickers to photos with one tap. Moreover, the blemish editor offers vivid makeup tools. Thus, you can add artistic touches to make your portrait photo to be perfect.

Blemish Remover App - Facetune

2. Best Blemish Remover App - Perfect365

Platform supported: Android, iOS [$2.99]

Prefect365 provides more than 20 makeup tools and 200 preset styles. Well, you can even try a new lip or hair color for free. Well, if you want to get more functions, you need to unlock its in-app purchases first. Then you can use the blemish editor to share the retouched selfie photos through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Blemish Remover App - Perfect365

3. Best Blemish Remover App - Visage Lab

Platform supported: Android, iOS [$4.99]

With Visage Lab, you can remove pimples, wrinkles, black circles, and other unwanted parts. Well, it is also supported to outline eyes, whiten teeth and apply other makeup effects on your face. This app contains ads.

Blemish Remover App - Visage Lab

4. Best Blemish Remover App - Beauty Camera

Platform supported: Android

Beauty camera is more than a blemish editor app for Android. You can take a selfie with its built-in camera to get the makeover effect automatically. Even though you take a photo in a dark place, you can still get a beautiful photograph as usual.

Blemish Remover App - Beauty Camera

5. Best Blemish Remover App - PicBeauty

Platform supported: iOS [Free]

PicBeauty may not have many download clicks. But you can still get a natural and elegant photo effect after touching up. Well, this photo blemish editor for iOS can weaken blemishes, pimples, and wrinkles. Moreover, you can whiten skin and teeth on your smooth face with few taps.

Blemish Remover App - PicBeauty


Now you can choose the above blemish remover and editor according to your need. An online blemish editor would be an easy start-up. However, if you want to protect your privacy and remove the blemishes and smooth skin within 5 minutes from a picture on your computer, WidsMob Portrait should be your best blemish editor. You can start a free trial to access all touching up features from WidsMob Portrait Pro with a watermark. If you want to find a pimple remover app, you can check the apps mentioned above in part 3. If you like this article and think it helpful, you can share it with your family and friends.

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