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Download Photo Eraser and Best Alternatives

Photo Eraser is an awesome photo editor allows you to erase unwanted part from a picture without damaging. It is annoying that you discover spots on photos after took pictures, which may be caused by dust on lens. Moreover, there are usually many people in interesting places. It cannot be avoided that there are strangers in your pictures. Throwing these pictures to trash is a pity. The alternative solution is to use Photo Eraser to clean the unwanted spots or object from your pictures. Before dealing with your pictures, you must want to know whether Photo Eraser is worth to use. Therefore, we are going to introduce this photo editor in detail. Plus, you can also learn other software has similar features to Photo Eraser.

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Introduction and review

Photo Eraser is a dedicated photo editor for erasing something from photos, which is developed by EffectMatrix. Its key features include:

1. It could erase and clean watermark, logo, signature, stamp, text and other unwanted parts from pictures.

2. Besides extra parts, you can also use Photo Eraser to delete unneeded objects from pictures, such as a building, a stranger, and so on.

3. This photo editor also has the capacity to remove blemish from portraits.

4. It will use advanced algorithm to analyze the picture and fill the blank area automatically.


1. Compared to complicated photo editors, this application simplifies the process of photo erasing.

2. It will protect the photo quality as much as possible.

3. The real-time preview feature is useful when dealing with photos.


1. This application is only available on Apple’s devices, including Mac computers, iPhones and iPads.

2. You cannot adjust the result manually.

3. It is a paid application.

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Top Photo Eraser alternatives

Recommend: WidsMob Denoise

If you are looking for a smart photo editor that could de-noise pictures, WidsMob Denoise is a good choice. With this powerful tool, you can beautify your pictures with one click.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. It could detect and analyze imperfect photos in batch automatically.

2. This photo editor is compatible with almost all picture formats, including RAW files and other high definition picture formats.

3. You can use Photo Denoise to eliminate Luminance noise and Chrominance noise on pictures without quality loss.

4. The built-in portrait beautify feature could retouch and soften faces in the picture using advanced algorithm.

5. It supports to share results to social media, cloud services, or other Apple devices directly.

In a word, WidsMob Denoise is the most cost-effecitve photo eraser software on market.

Denoise Image Process

The best online photo eraser

WebInpaint is an online photo editor. Unlike photo editors, WebInpaint allows you to delete any objects or spots from a picture. Its features include:

1. Remove watermarks, stickers, logo, stamps and text from a picture.

2. Erase any unwanted object from the photo.

3. Retouch digital facial and clear wrinkles and blemishes.

4. Fill blank area automatically.


1. This web-based photo eraser is easy to use.

2. WebInpaint is free of charge during beta.

3. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.


1. It need registry with email.

2. The output quality is not as great as desktop software.


Best replacement on Windows

As its name said, Remove Objects From Photo PRO is a dedicated photo eraser for Windows users to remove unwanted objects from photos. Its basic features include:

1. It could clear images from any artifacts, including watermarks, stains, shadows and more.

2. You can use the sensitive selection tools to select unwanted area exactly.

3. This photo editor also has the capacity to deal with old photos and remove noises.

4. The zoom tool could help you process the small details or clean facial blemishes.


1. The remove object feature is accurate.

2. The output quality is among high rank.


1. It is not compatible with Windows 10.

2. You have to purchase this photo editor.

Remove Objects

Best Photo Eraser substitute for Windows 10

If you are looking for a photo eraser program for your Windows 10, you can try Photo Eraser for PC. Its principal features include:

1. It could remove any objects from a photo, such as logo, sign, number, shade or people.

2. Or you can use this program to clear blemishes from portraits.

3. The built-in clone tool could fix the removed part easily.


1. The integrated tutorials are helpful for beginners.

2. The photo erase feature is easy to use.


1. You have to fix the unwanted parts manually.

2. Compared to the features, the price is a little high.

Inpixio Photo Eraser

Top Photo Eraser alternative for Android

Easy Photo Eraser is an amazing photo editor for Android devices. Its basic features include:

1. This app supports to remove unwanted objects from a picture with one click.

2. It could detect the erase area with you painting accurately.

3. The build-in algorithm could fix the photo automatically.

4. You can share the results to social media within this app.


1. It has a straightforward interface and you can find what you want easily.

2. This app is totally free of charge.


1. The output quality is not very good.

Easy Photo Eraser


In this article, we have introduced Photo Eraser, one of the best photo editors for Mac computers. While Apple has integrated many useful features and utilities into Mac OS X, such as Preview, Photos and more, they cannot remove noises or unwanted objects from photos. Photo Eraser is a good complement for Mac OS X. That is why so many people use this application. If you need a photo eraser application for other platforms, you will find this article is helpful, for we shared similar tools for different devices. WebInpaint is the best online alternative of Photo Eraser. Remove Objects From Photo PRO is compatible with Windows 7/8. Photo Eraser for PC is a good choice for Windows 10 users. And Easy Photo Eraser is a substitute for Android. If you want the best cost-effective photo eraser utility, we will recommend WidsMob Denoise.

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