Screencast Applications – 5 Best Screen Capturers to Record Screen Videos with Ease

Last Updated on December 28, 2021 by Jane Joe

How to make some video tutorials, take snapshots or record audio files with screencast programs? When do you want to record files on your computer, what screencast software is, and how to find an appropriate one for your Windows and Mac? Learn more about the 5 screencasts to record the desired files here.

Screencast Applications

Part 1: What is Screencast?

The screencast is a video recording application. It is usually accompanied by your narration so that the audience can learn some information and knowledge. The live screencast is the live broadcasting of your screen video files. It enables you to use screencasts to make video tutorials and online courses. Developers rely on a screencast to show the how-to and video tutorials. Anyway, screencast software stretches across several careers and is available to professionals and hobbyists.

Whether you are an online teacher, coach, vlogger, developer, technical support team, instructional designer, or even marketing professionals, you should take the screencast application into consideration.

Part 2: Top 5 Screencast Software

When you make a screencast, choose the desired program to capture the desired software? Just learn more about the compiled list of the 5 best screencast programs to record the files you want.

Top 1: WidsMob Capture

WidsMob Capture is one of the best screencasts that enables you to capture screens, record audio, and take screenshots. Besides the basic video recording features, you can also tweak the video/audio parameters, add annotation and even edit the recording files with ease. Moreover, you can also use hotkeys and schedules to manage the recording process.

1. Make screencasts, capture audio, and take a snapshot on Windows and Mac.

2. Add the desired face and voice to the screencast via webcam and microphone.

3. Capture HD screencast videos and snapshots using advanced technology.

4. Tweak the frame rate, bitrate, sample rate, and other settings easily.

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How to Use the Best Screencast to Capture Screen

Step 1: Download and install the screencast software. Launch the program on your computer. After that, you can select the Record Screen menu to record videos on your computer. If you need to make a still screenshot and take snapshots, you can choose the Capture Screen menu instead.

Capture Screenshot

Step 2: To capture the screen, check the Record Area option and set the recording area, such as full screen, custom region, or a specific window. If you wish to add your reaction to the screencast, turn on the Audio option to choose the desired audio file and the Webcam option as well.

Customize Capture

Step 3: Go to the Preferences dialog to set output formats, such as the bitrate, frame rate, sample rate, and more others. Of course, you can also set up the hotkeys to manage the recording. There are other options for the recording, such as the mouse cursor, schedule, and more others.

Recording Capture

Step 4: After that, you can click on the REC button to screencast on your desktop. You add text, shapes, and paintings with the Pen tool during the process. The Camera icon of the screencast can take a snapshot at some moments.

Annotation Capture

Step 5: After the screencast process, click the Stop icon. Then you can find the screencast video in the Media Library folder. Now, you can view the screencast, edit it further, or share it on social media, send it to your friends via email and message.

Media Library Capture
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Top 2: Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a popular screencast program online. It is free to use with some restrictions. But if it is not convenient to install software, it is an alternative solution to make screencast within a browser.


1. Free to capture the desired videos online without signing up or ads.

2. Make screencast online with no installation or extra plugin.

3. Capture webcam and microphone while making a screencast.

4. No watermark or extra payment to get the desired files.


1. The maximum screencast length is 15 minutes.

2. It cannot produce high-quality recording videos.


Top 3: OBS Screen Recorder

OBS is another well-known screencast program for gameplay videos. It is an open-source project for vloggers and broadcasters for free. Moreover, the streaming feature allows you to make live screencasts easily.


1. Free to capture screencast and gameplay with no ads or malware.

2. Stream screencast to YouTube and other online streaming sites.

3. Offer plentiful custom options to tweak the video and audio settings.

4. It is available to Windows and Mac for recording files with ease.


1. The screencast software is hard to learn.

2. There is no support team online.

OBS Studio

Top 4: ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is a versatile screencast app for macOS. It lets you make some screencasts for any region and then edit it on the timeline. It is a professional screencast program that is not free and costs $129.00 per user per year.


1. Save screencast videos and other files into the cloud server.

2. Capture multiple screens of your computer at one time.

3. Make schedules for the automatic screencast process.

4. Advanced editing features to combine video, audio, and more.


1. It is pricy to purchase a license of the screencast.

2. There is no Windows version.


Top 5: Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is another professional screencast software with a screen record and video editor. It can capture both video and audio you're your computer screen or even convert the desired creativity into videos.


1. Include extensive features to record the desired files.

2. Easy to set up and use the software with ease.

3. Offer a professional support team.


1. It costs at least $249 to capture the videos.

2. It cannot make 4K screencast files.



You can learn more about the 5 great screencast programs for Windows and Mac here. You get a simple tool to capture your screen and make a video tutorial. Just select the screencast tool according to the review. WidsMob Capture, for example, is a flexible program that can meet your need in various situations.

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