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How to Make Twitter Cover Photo by Yourself

Twitter is one of the most popular online news and social network service. You can share stories and interact with followers on Twitter. Moreover, more and more people read news on Twitter. Now, Twitter had hundreds of millions of monthly active users around the world. When you open a Twitter page, the first sign appears is the Twitter cover photo. So, if you want to attract others following your Twitter account, you need a well-designed and impressive Twitter cover picture. A distorted or blurry photo is apparently not appealing and cannot deliver your personality. So, when you make cover photo for Twitter, the first thing you need to learn is what is the Twitter cover photo size.

Twitter Cover Photo

Part 1. The best way to make Twitter cover photo

Twitter has released new design for everyone, including the cover photo update. According to Twitter, the Twitter cover photo size is 1500 x 500 pixels now. There is something important you should know about Twitter cover photo as well. Firstly, Twitter could crop or stretch your pictures, if it is not suitable to the cover space. Even though you upload a proper size cover photo, Twitter will also compress the photo. So, you’d better use highest quality pictures possible. As the template shows blow, if you add something in invisible areas, it cannot show up, no matter on PCs or smartphones.

Now, you may need a powerful photo editor to make a Twitter cover photo. WidsMob Photo Converter is your best choice. Twitter only supports JPEG, PNG and GIF picture as the cover photo. Photo Converter could help you to transform pictures in any format to JPEG, PNG or GIF without quality loss. Moreover, you can upload the result to Twitter within Photo Converter directly.

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How to make a Twitter cover photo

Step 1. Load the picture

Launch WidsMob Photo Converter, click on the Import button to load the picture you want to upload to Twitter cover photo. Then a pop-up window will show up, you should choose JPEG, PNG or GIF in the Format drop-down list. Once you press the Open button, the picture will load into Photo Converter.

Open ImageConvert

Step 2. Resize the picture

On the right side, choose the General tab. Select the box of Resize and decide to resize the picture By Width or By Height. Input 1500 in the field, if you choose By Width; or input 500 in the field, if you select By Height.

Resize by Height ImageConvert

Step 3. Add words

Go to Watermark tab, type the words you want to add to your Twitter cover photo in the field of Text and customize the parameters, such as Font, Style, Color and more.

Text Watermark ImageConvert

Step 4. Upload Twitter cover picture

Click on the Preview button to preview the result. If you are satisfied with it, click on the Export button to continue. In the pop-up window, choose Twitter and upload your Twitter cover photo immediately.

Preview ImageConvert

Part 2. Create Twitter cover picture online

For beginners, to design a cover picture for Twitter page may be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several online photo editors provide templates for Twitter cover photo, like Fotor. You can use the template and customize the elements with personal pictures.

1. Go to Fotor in any browser and press the DESIGN button on the home page.

2. Scroll down to HEADERS&COVERS section and choose TWITTER COVER to go to the cover picture editor page.

3. On the left side, Fotor shows up more than a hundred templates for Twitter cover photo. Browse and choose your favorite one from the list.

4. Then hit the IMPORT PHOTOS button on the right side and upload personal pictures from your computer.

5. Drag and drop your personal picture on to the template to replace the original picture. And then click on the text areas and enter your words.

6. Finally, press the share icon on the top ribbon to share the result to your Twitter page.

Fotor could help you create a Twitter cover photo online easily and quickly.

YouTube Banner Maker Fotor

Part 3. Design Twitter cover photo on iPhone

More and more people deal with daily tasks on mobile phones, like take photos, access social networks, check email and more. According to a survey, there are millions of Internet users only visits Internet on mobile devices. Of course, you can design Twitter cover photo on iPhone without the help of PCs. There are many photo editor apps dedicated for cover photos, like TwitWall. You can go to App Store to download a handful tool and follow the steps below to design your Twitter cover photo.

1. Open TwitWall on your iPhone and choose your favorite design from the database.

2. To start customizing your Twitter cover picture, you type in some text on the design. TwitWall provides more than 50 fonts, 20 font colors and dozens of font effects. You can customize these parameters related to text style to design your cover photo.

3. After settings, press Preview to check the result. You can adjust the design at any time.

4. If you are satisfied with the result, press the Twitter icon on the bottom to upload the image as your Twitter cover photo.

When you use TwitWall to design your cover photo, make sure your iPhone connects to Internet.


Part 4. Design a Twitter header picture on Android

If you want to design a Twitter header picture on Android phone, there are also many photo editors available in Google Play Store. The workflows are similar and we will use Fotor app as the example in this part.

1. Download Fotor from Google Play Store and install it on your Android phone. Open Fotor app, choose the picture you want to make as header picture from Photo Gallery and press the Edit icon to go to photo editor.

2. In photo editor screen, locate to bottom ribbon, swipe to left and press the Crop icon to go to picture crop screen. Here you can crop the picture according to the Twitter header picture.

3. After cropping, you can adjust contrast and color, add text and stickers or enhance the header picture with corresponding features. This photo editor offers hundreds of image filters; you can try these filters and design a personalized Twitter header picture.

4. If you are satisfied with the header picture, you can tap on the share icon at bottom right corner of the screen and choose Twitter to upload it.

Fotor Photo Editing App


Based on the introductions above, you might grasp the proper size of Twitter cover image. Moreover, we share some easy ways to create a Twitter cover photo online, on PCs or iPhone. Whenever you want to change or redesign your cover photo, you can follow the guidance in this article and create an impressive cover photo for Twitter. When you make Twitter cover photo, you should remember that high quality picture is necessary. At this point, WidsMob Photo Converter is the best way to create cover photo for Twitter page. Photo Converter has the capacity to keep the original quality when convert or compress pictures for Twitter cover photos.

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