WidsMob Viewer Pro User Guide

WidsMob Viewer Pro is the easiest and fastest solution to view photos and videos? If you are looking for a one stop solution to view photos and videos taken with camcorder or smartphone on Mac, you have to use different programs to view files in different formats. Moreover you might need file converter to transcode the files beforehand. WidsMob Viewer Pro is the easy and professional method to browse and manage photos, videos and audio files.

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Whether you want to view photos in RAW formats, or enjoy videos taken by camcorder or smartphone, WidsMob Viewer Pro is an excellent camcorder companion to view all the files in the easiest and fastest way. Moreover, you can also find the basic editing features to manage the photos and videos with ease.

How to View Videos Taken by Camcorder or Smartphone

If you insert your SD card of camcorder into Mac, you can simple just drag and drop one video or image into the program. The program supports videos in different formats, such as MP4, MOV or M4A. Of course, you can also import photos with JPEG, JPG or RAW files to open the videos.

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Viewer Pro.

Step 2: Drag and drop any video or image into the program. You can also click the "Open..." or "Open Recent" from "File" menu to import videos or photos into the program.

Step 3: Click the "Playback" icon in the middle of the video to view the files. Of course, you can also adjust the audio volume to enjoy the video within the program.

View Videos

How to Delete Some Unwanted Videos

When you find some videos you do not want, you can remove the files from your SD card within the program. Just keep the desired videos or import them to your computer.

Step 1: Once you import the video into the program, you can click the "Playback" icon on the middle of the program to preview the video.

Step 2: Click the "Trash" icon to delete the video from the program as well as the original SD card or folder.

View Videos

How to Browse Photos in All Folders and Sub-folders

Compares with Photos (iPhoto), you can open one photo to access all your pictures stored in your computer directly. Thus, there is no need to open each photo to find your target picture.

Step 1: Launch the program on your Mac.

Step 2: Open a folder in the “Library” left panel.

Step 3: Click “+” or “-” icons on the top the add or remove a folder. (Optional)

Step 4: Choose any folder and view others using four direction keys.

View Photo with WidsMob Viewer

How to View Photos Carefully in Full Screen Mode

If you have taken lots of photos of the same object and need to find the certain one, then you can enter into full screen mode to compare each photo carefully. With the support of Retina resolutions, WidsMob Viewer enables users to enlarge every photo to view the detail information in high resolution.

Step 1: Open one folder to access your pictures.

Step 2: Choose “View” on the top.

Step 3: Click “Enter Full Screen” option.

View on Full Screen

Note: You can click the square icon in the lower left corner to enter into full screen mode directly. And once you need to exit the full screen mode, you can choose the icon in the same place by one click.

Full Screen View

How to Find a Specific Photo in Library Mode

For most Photos users, it is quite annoying to open all possible pictures one by one to find a certain photo. To simplify and improve the photo viewing experience, WidsMob Viewer offers library mode, with which you can find a specific shot in seconds. In addition, you can press four arrow keys on your keyboard to move to the next picture or move back.

Step 1: Open your folder in the “Library” panel.

Step 2: Choose “Play” icon at the bottom.

Library Mode Viewer

Step 3: Use “Index Sheet” to see all photos in that folder. (Optional)

Index Sheet Viewer

Step 4: Click “Fit to Screen” to adjust photo size automatically. (Optional)

Fit to Screen Viewer

Step 5: Wait to see photos appearing in every 5 seconds.

Step 6: Tap “Esc” or click “x” icon to exit library mode.

Note: You can choose “Slideshow” from the “View” drop-down menu to open library mode too.

How to See All Photos in Thumbnail Mode

What if you have thousands of photos need to be viewed? Is there any method to locate the specific photo in a short time? Well, you can open thumbnail mode to see everything in thumbnail format.

Step 1: Add your folder into “Library” first.

Step 2: Open the certain folder to see all your pictures.

Step 3: Move the slider below to enlarge all photos.

Step 4: Double click the picture to view the detail information.

View Photo Detailed Information

Note: You can open any folder in the left panel to see stored pictures directly.

How to View a Photo in EXIF Mode

If you want to know how to take the same photo, you can deep dive into the details of each shot by viewing in EXIF mode. WidsMob Viewer can show you its camera maker, exposure time, ISO, flash and other detail settings. In another word, you can copy this photo totally by viewing those items.

Step 1: Double click the picture you want to view EXIF tags.

Step 2: Choose “View” in the toolbar on the top.

Step 3: Select “Show info” to enter into EXIF mode.

EXIF Mode Viewer

Step 4: Press arrow keys on your keyboard to view other photos.

Show Photo Detailed Information

Step 5: Choose “Hide info” in the drop-down “View” menu to exit.

Note: You can click the small “x” in the top left corner of your info list to exit the EXIF mode as well.

Get Basic Photo Editing Filters

WidsMob Viewer provides many easy-to-use filters for users to edit photos in batch. As a result, you can save time on applying the same photo effects. Wanna know how to use those useful tools? Just read and follow.

How to Add a Photo to My Favorites

The common way to view photos from different folders and sub-folders is collecting them into one folder in advance. And then you can manage them in batch for further usage. Otherwise, you can add those photos into “My Favorites” in easy ways.

Step 1: Open any photo in WidsMob Viewer.

Step 2: Choose the five-pointed star to add a photo into “My Favorites” folder.

Add to My Favorites Viewer

Step 3: Click the icon besides to see all your favorite photos.

My Favorites Folder

Step 4: Click that icon again to exit “My Favorites” folder.

Note: You can also choose “Add to My Favorites” from the “Edit” drop-down menu. In addition, you can get another way to enter into “My Favorites” by choosing it from the “Edit” menu too.

How to Remove a Photo from My Favorite

What if you add the wrong photo into “My Favorites” folder? Actually, you can remove that picture from the “My Favorites” folder within few steps. After that, you can batch edit, share or output those selected photos with three icons displaying at the bottom.

Step 1: Choose “My Favorites” from the “Edit” menu on the top.

Step 2: Click the photo you want to remove.

Step 3: Hover your mouse in the top right corner of that photo.

Step 4: Click the red “-” circle to delete a photo from “My Favorites” folder.

Remove from My Favorites Folder

How to Resize Photos for Better Photo-Viewing Experience

The most direct way to resize a photo is using the slider in the lower left corner. And you can also get some specific features here to adjust photo-size with ease.

Step 1: Click “View” on the top.

Step 2: Choose “Actual Size” to view the picture in its real size.

Step 3: Select “Zoom to Fit” to adjust the photo size to match your viewer.

Step 4: Choose “Zoom in” or “Zoom out” to resize a photo slightly.

Zoom Photo on Viewer

How to View the Former or Latter Photo

You can press right or left direction keys on the keyboard to view photos in WidsMob Viewer. In addition, you can also find related options to improve photo-viewing experience.

Step 1: Click “View” on the top.

Step 2: Choose “Previous” or “Next” to move to the former or latter image.

Step 3: Select “Page Up” or “Page Down” to view photos in a vertical line.

Step 4: Click “First Image” or “Last Image” to Locate the first or final image directly.

View Former Latter Photo

How to Sort Photos

WidsMob Viewer allows users to sort thousands of photos in easy ways. Therefore, you can organize them in certain rule as well.

Step 1: Choose “View” in the menu bar of WidsMob Viewer’s.

Step 2: Click “Sort by” option in the list.

Step 3: Select “Name” or “Date Modified” to find your latest edited picture.

Step 4: Choose “Ascending” or “Descending” to view photos in certain regularity.

Sort Photos on Viewer

How to Edit Photo Effects

There is no need to find another photo editor to customize your photos. Actually, WidsMob Viewer can serve as your best photo editor software as well. You can achieve basic photo effects in easy ways.

Step 1: Click “Edit” icon at the bottom.

Edit Photo on Viewer

Step 2: Use sliders to adjust the photo settings of exposure, contrast and others.

Adjust Photo Parameters on Viewer

Step 3: Choose “Effects” section to apply the certain photo effect.

Add Effects to Photo on Viewer

How to Delete a Photo

It does not matter if you add a wrong photo into WidsMob Viewer. You can remove it any time you want.

Step 1: Choose “Edit” in the toolbar.

Step 2: Click “Move to Trash”.

Delete Photos on Viewer

Step 3: Click “Yes” to confirm to delete this photo.

Move Photo to Trash on Viewer

How to Crop a Photo

What if you need to crop a part of a photo only? You can locate that photo and then use the inserted crop tool to get your target part.

Step 1: Click “Edit” on the top menu.

Step 2: Choose “Crop” to get the photo-cropping tool.

Crop Photo on Viewer

Step 3: Crop the photo manually.

Step 4: Click “Rotate” icon to rotate your cropping tool 90 degree per time.

Step 5: Choose “Crop” icon in the middle to confirm.

Step 6: Select “Save”, “Main Interface” or “Crop” buttons below.

Photo Crop on Viewer

How to Rotate a Photo

Here are four options you can get to rotate pictures. As a result, you can change the direction of any photo in easy ways.

Step 1: Click “Edit” in the toolbar on the top.

Step 2: Choose “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right” to rotate a photo.

Step 3: Select “Flip Horizontal” or “Flip Vertical” to mirror your picture.

Rotate Photo on Viewer

How to Batch Rename Photos

It is supported to rename numerous photos in batch from 1 to the number you set.

Step 1: Select “Edit” option on the top.

Step 2: Choose “Batch” and then click “Batch Rename”.

Step 3: Enter the blank of “Rename to”.

Step 4: Click “Rename” to execute the operation.

Batch Processing on Viewer

How to Batch Resize Photos

Many people need to resize photos in batch to meet the certain requirement. During this time, WidsMob Viewer can be your best choice, which offers complete tools to resize photos in batch.

Step 1: Choose “Batch” in the “Edit” drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click “Batch Resize” option.

Step 3: Set the width, height, resolution and other blanks.

Step 4: Choose “Resize” to batch resize photos.

Batch Resize on Viewer

How to Batch Convert Photos

WidsMob Viewer allows users to convert photos to JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIFF and Microsoft BMP. In addition, you can adjust the output quality of those converted photos from the least to the best.

Step 1: Select “Batch” in the “Edit” list.

Step 2: Choose “Batch Convert”.

Step 3: Set the output format and quality.

Step 4: Click “Convert” to save your change.

Batch Convert on Viewer

How to Find the Photo Opened Recently

If you close WidsMob Viewer by accident, you can still find the previous-viewed photo directly.

Step 1: Click “Edit” on the top.

Step 2: Choose “Open Recent”.

Step 3: View the history and click the photo you viewed before.

Find Photo Opened Recently

Save and Share Photos to Popular Social Media

After you have edited or converted photos, you need to output them into a destination folder. And this is the main theme of the following operations.

How to Output Photos to Desktop

It is the traditional way to save edited photos into your desktop.

Step 1: Choose “Save as” in the “File” drop-down menu.

Step 2: Add tags and set its output folder.

Step 3: Set the output format and adjust its output quality.

Step 4: Click “Save” to output your photo.

Save Photo on Viewer

How to Adjust Page Setup

You can adjust page setup of your browsing photos with ease by using WidsMob Viewer.

Step 1: Choose “Page Setup” from the “File” menu.

Step 2: Adjust “Format for”, “Paper Size” and “Orientation”.

Step 3: Click “OK” to save your modification.

Page Setup on Viewer

How to Print a Photo

Wanna print a photo directly? WidsMob Viewer also offers simple tools for users to print a photo directly.

Step 1: Select “Print” from the “File” list.

Step 2: Set copies and pages.

Step 3: Choose “PDF” icon in the lower right corner to adjust its settings.

Step 4: Click “Print” button.

Print Photo on Viewer

How to Share a Photo to Flicker, Facebook and Twitter

You can share your edited photo to social media directly. WidsMob Viewer allows users to post photos to Flicker, Facebook and Twitter without hassle.

Step 1: Choose “Share” on the top.

Step 2: Select “Flickr”, “Facebook” or “Twitter” to share your artwork.

Note: You can Choose the “Share” button at the bottom instead.

Share Photo on Viewer

How to Send a Photo to Your Friend

Well, you can use WidsMob Viewer to find your target photo and then send it through email or Message.

Step 1: Select “Share” option on the top.

Step 2: Click “Email” or “Message”.

Step 3: Complete the process to send a photo.

Send Email Message on Viewer

How to Add to Photos or AirDrop

WidsMob Viewer enables users to add any picture to Photos or AirDrop app directly too.

Step 1: Choose “Share” on the top.

Step 2: Select “Photos” or “AirDrop”.

Step 3: Fulfill the whole process with specific items.

Add to Airdrop on Viewer

How to Set a Photo as Desktop

If you see a really gorgeous picture, you can set it as your desktop background as well.

Step 1: Open “Share” in the toolbar.

Step 2: Select “Set Desktop”.

Set Desktop on Viewer

That’s all for how to use photo viewer to browse, edit, convert and share photos. Hope you have a good time with WidsMob Viewer.

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