RW2 File

What Is RW2 Image and How to Open or Convert RW2 Files from Panasonic Camera

“I just bought a Panasonic camera and took some photos at my friend’s birthday party, then I transfer the photos to my computer, but these RW2 files cannot be opened, and I only get an error message when double-click on the photos.”

The RW2 file format is a RAW image file format produced by Panasonic cameras. When you want to open or edit the RW2 files, the default photo editor might not work for you. This article just concentrates on the basic knowledge of RW2 files, as well as how to open and convert the RAW files of Panasonic DLSR with ease.

RW2 File

Part 1: Learn More about RW2 Format

A RW2 file is the RAW image file format captured by a Panasonic digital camera. Just like other RAW image file formats, it stores not only the image but also the data captured by the sensor. With the RAW data, you can decide how to develop the images using a dedicated program. It should be a nice choice to store or edit the RAW files.

Though the RW2 file has some many benefits, it is difficult to open RW2 directly with the default photo viewer. Moreover, the sizes for the RW2 files are large, you might have to convert RW2 to JPEG in order to transfer to smartphone or share to social media websites.

RW2 Format

Part 2: Why You Cannot Open RW2 File

In order to open RW2 files on the device, you will need a RAW image viewer supports RW2 format. If you just double-click on a RW2 image file, you might get an error message said Windows cannot open this file format. Just learn more about the reason as below.

1. The RW2 file might be corrupted or damaged due to various factors.

2. Require a professional RW2 image viewer to open the image format.

3. The registry keys of the RAW file association are invalid for the device.

4. Need to download the special codec for the RW2 image files.

Most of the time, you cannot open RW2 file due to the lack of RAW image viewers. Do not change the file extension by renaming. Otherwise, the image files may be corrupted.

After you have installed the RW2 viewer, right-click on a RW2 file, select Open With on the context menu list, and then select the proper program. Make sure to check the box next to Always use the selected program to open this kind of file. After that, you can always double-click RW2 files to open the photos directly.

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Part 3: Best Way to Convert and Open RW2 Files

WidsMob View Pro is a versatile RW2 image viewer to browses the RAW files in different modes; batch converts the photos, applies the filters and effects, and even manages the files with ease. When you want have a Panasonic camera companion to open and manage the photos on your computer, it should be the ultimate solution you can take into consideration.

1. Open RW2 files and other RAW files, JPEG, HEIC, or even the video files.

2. Provide several image viewing modes, like slideshow, EXIF, thumbnail, etc.

3. Edit RW2 image files, like rotate, crop, flip, apply filters, resize and more.

4. Batch convert RW2 files to JPG, PNG, TIFF and other image formats.

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How to Open and Convert RW2 Files

Step 1: Download and install the RW2 image viewer, launch the program and go to the “File” menu and choose the “Open” option to import the RW2 files. You can drag and drop the RW2 files into the program. Just add one image into the program, it will enable you to browse all the RAW images within the same folder.

Step 2: In order to browse and manage RW2, you can learn more about the several modes to view RW2 files as below.

Thumbnail mode. Locate the Library panel on the left side and click the Plus icon to create a new album. Put the RW2 files into the album and the image files will show up as thumbnails. Plus, you can adjust the thumbnail size with the slider at the bottom.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

Full Screen mode. Go to “View” menu and choose the “Enter Full Screen” option. Now, RW2 image files will display in full screen. You can use the backward and forward icons to switch to next image. It enables you to edit and manage the photos directly.

Full Screen Viewer Pro

EXIF mode. Open the RW2 image that you want to view. Click the “View” menu and choose the “Show Info” option. Then the metadata of the image will show up, such as the camera number, F-Number, ISO, Flash, White Balance and more others.

Check EXIF Info Viewer Pro

Slideshow mode. This mode is useful when it is convenient to browse RW2 files manually. Head to the album and click the “View” option and choose the “Slideshow” option. Now, your RW2 images will start playing automatically according to the order.

View Slideshow Mode Viewer Pro

Generally speaking, the software is able to organize your photos according to the metadata. If you wish to arrange them manually, click “View” > “Sort by” and decide images by name or date. If you wish to edit images, go to the “Edit” menu and you will find the image editing tools.

Step 3: Go to the album stores RW2 files under the Library section. Go to “Edit” menu and choose the “Batch” option. Select the “Batch Convert” option on the pop-up dialog, expand the Format drop-down list and select a proper image format, like JPG, TIFF and more.

Next, set the destination folder to save the output images by hitting the folder icon, and adjust the Quality slide bar to desired value. After that, you can click on the “Convert” button to start processing RW2 files.

Batch Convert on Viewer

The RW2 viewer also allows you to share and send the images. Open the target RW2 files, click the “Share” icon at the bottom, and select the desired channel. If you want to send the image to your friends, click the “Share” menu on the top ribbon, and select Email or Message.

Note: It only takes a few minutes to process hundreds of RW2 files using the advanced hardware acceleration technology.

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Just learn more details about what RW2 file is, why you cannot open RW2, and how to view and convert your RAW files. If you are using a Panasonic digital camera, you will get RW2 image files on your memory card. The biggest challenge is to open the raw images. WidsMob Viewer Pro is the ultimate solution to view, browse, manage and edit the RW2 files within clicks.