Is It Possible to Open and Save WebP Files with Firefox

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Why I cannot open WebP files with Firefox? Compared to JPEG, WebP is much higher in file quality and smaller in size. It is the reason that WebP is used for most websites. What should you do if Firefox cannot open and save the WebP files? Here are the five best methods that can help you to manage WebP files with Firefox.

Firefox WebP

Part 1: 2 Firefox WebP Add-on to Manage WebP Files

Method 1: WebP Image Converter

WebP Image Converter is an all-in-one WebP converter that enables you to convert, download, and store photos on Firefox. The Safari WebP add-on can complete the automated process depending on your preferences. Right-click on the Convert and save as button to get the desired file.

  1. Adjust the image quality and more other settings for the Safari WebP files.
  2. Copy, save, convert, set desktop wallpaper, and manage the WebP photos.
  3. Add time and date info of the WebP to the download location and filenames.
WebP Image Converter

Method 2: Save WebP as PNG or JPEG

Just as the name of the Safari WebP add-on, Save WebP to PNG or JPEG enables you to convert WebP images to another file format with the desired quality setting before downloading. Just right-click context menu overlays formatting options on the image.

  1. Send animated WebP files to EZGIF to convert them into animated GIFs.
  2. Re-request the image, share URL for conversion, show information, etc.
  3. Use the command line to convert WebP to PNG or JPEG with Safari.
Save WebP to PNG or JPEG Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: 2 Online WebP Converters and Viewers for Firefox

Method 3: FreeConvert

FreeConvert is an all-in-one online converter that allows you to convert and view WebP images on Firefox directly. It supports WebP files up to 1GB on Firefox. Moreover, it enables you to convert WebP to other photo formats with a batch process with ease.

  1. Convert WebP to over 500 different file types, including photos and videos.
  2. Employ both open source and bespoke tools with optimal photo quality.
  3. Completely free and compatible with any web browser, including Firefox.
Free Convert WEBP Firefox

Method 4: CloudConvert

CloudConvert is another popular method to convert WebP photos on Firefox. It supports a variety of file types, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, HEIC, and more. Moreover, you can convert JPEG to WebP and adjust the resolution, quality, and file size of the photos.

  1. Upload the Webp files from a computer, URL, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  2. Adjust the width, height, crop the desired area, and adjust the Meta-data.
  3. Provide the advanced technology to convert WebP files with high quality.
CloudConvert WebP Firefox Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: Best Firefox WebP Alternative to Open and Convert WebPs

What should you do if you still cannot open WebP on Firefox? Whether you need to open an animated WebP file, or convert large photos from Firefox, WidsMob WebP is a one-stop toolkit to open, convert and manage WebPs from Firefox. It provides the advanced features to convert WebP to PNG, resize the photos, rotate the files, and more in the batch process.

  1. Preview the Firefox WebP in both thumbnail and full-screen modes.
  2. Convert WebP to JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and even animated GIFs.
  3. Support both WebP photos and animated WebP files in high quality.
  4. Convert, resize, rotate, and add watermark for WebP in the batch process.
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How to Open Firefox WebP on WidsMob WebP

Step 1. Once you have installed WidsMob WebP, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Import option to add the Firefox WebP files into the program. It supports multiple photos formats, including WebP, JPEG, PNG, and a wide range of photo formats.

Import WebP Files

Step 2. It displays WebP images and animations. Just click the Add Photos button to add more WebP files or click the Remove Photos option to remove photos. Double-click any WebP file to see it in full-screen mode, even showing WebP images and animations at the original quality.

View Animated WebP Win Download Mac Download

How to Convert Firefox WebP on WidsMob WebP

Step 1. When you need to convert WebP to another file format, such as JPEG, PNG, animated GIF, and more, you can choose the desired WebP photos you want to convert. If you want to convert Firefox WebP photos, click the arrow beside the Start convert button.

Select WebP to Convert

Step 2. Select the target folder for the output images by clicking the Select button. The output format can be JPEG, PNG, BMP, or GIF. Adjust the photo quality before converting. Select the Convert button to save the changes and you are satisfied.

Convert WebP to JPEG Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about Firefox WebP

1How do I stop Firefox from saving WebP images?
Because WebP images are compatible with Firefox 65, websites do not need to fall back to JPG images. Go to the About menu on Firefox, you can find the particular preferences for controlling WebP files. To avoid receiving WebP files from the server, remove the image/webp photo option.
2Do all Firefox versions support WebP format?
Firefox 65 has finally included support for the WebP picture format. Because compatible browsers send an Accept: image/webp header when requesting images, you may identify WebP capabilities on the server-side and serve images accordingly.
3Should you use WebP on Firefox?
WebP is a fantastic format since it combines performance and functionality. It allows both lossy and lossless compression, as well as transparency and animation, unlike other formats. Despite these advantages, WebP routinely produces smaller files than its competitors.


The WebP file format is incredibly useful for your websites and you will see it in different web browsers. But you might not open and edit the WebP files on Firefox and others. You only need to use add-ons or online WebP converters to open and convert WebP files on Firefox. If you have already downloaded the WebP files from Firefox, WidsMob WebP is the best solution that opens and converts the photos for your convenience.

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