What is WebP Express? Here is the Ultimate Guide and Its Best Alternative

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To improve the performance of your WordPress site, especially for the speed, you should optimize the photos and videos. WebP Express is one of the most popular WordPress plugin to reduce the size of the media files. Images and videos take up nearly half of the total file size. Even small changes can make a significant impact. WebP can be a huge asset in this regard. Just learn more about WebP Express and its best alternative to manage the convert the WebP files on your WordPress sites.

WebP Express

Part 1: What is WebP Express, Why Should You Choose It

Most of the websites provides the JPEG and PNG, which are typically twice the size of WebP. WebP Express is a WordPress plugin to address the issue. When you want to generate WebP from the JPEG or PNG from the media server, but still deliver JPEG/PNG to browsers that don't support WebP, it should be your choice. Once you have enabled the plugin, you can always boost the speed of your website.

Just in simple, WebP Express converts photo to WebP using WebP Convert library. It is capable of converting photos in a variety of ways. There are other local conversion methods available, including imagick, cwebp, vips, and gd. If none of these options work on your host, there are cloud alternatives: ewww (paid) or connecting to a WordPress site where WebP Express has been installed and the web service capability has been activated.

WebP Express Wordpress Install

Part 2: How to Set Up WebP Express for WordPress

Just as mentioned, WebP Express is a simple method to configure the varied response for WebP in WordPress. When you want to reduce the size of the photos and boost up the speed, you can learn more about how to set up WebP Express for WordPress as below.

Step 1. Go to the WordPress and choose the Plugin menu from the left panel. Simply enable and install WebP Express plugin and select the Save settings and force new.htaccess rules to be created option.

WebP Express Wordpress

Step 2. WebP Express will configure a WebP converter and rewrite rules such that when a request is received, it will convert images to WebP on the fly and deliver the default image if the browser does not support WebP.

Step 3. If you are using Nginx, you must update the nginx.config file and add the additional codec. Moreover, you should also pay special attention to the # Optionally specify browser cache expiry line.

Step 4. Configure the plugin settings. When you want to run WebP Express fast and smooth, here are the settings I use for webp when configuring for an Nginx server behind Cloudflare.

Set Parameter Nginx

Step 5. If you're utilizing the Varied image responses operation mode and are behind Cloudflare. Go to Cloudflare, select the Page Rules option to exclude.jpg from their cache.

Exclude JPG WebP Express

Part 3: Best WebP Express Alternative to Use WebP for Websites

If you can't grasp wholeheartedly the process of using the WebP Express plugin, and save the storage space in the media server, WidsMob WebP is the best WebP Express alternative to use WebP for WordPress websites. It enables you to convert JPEG/PNG/GIF to WebP with a smaller size while remaining the original quality. Moreover, you can resize the photos, rotate the images, and add watermarks in a batch process.

1. Convert photos in different file formats to WebP with a smaller size.

2. Resize WebP, rotate photos, and even rename files in a batch process.

3. Add text watermarks to the WebP with different parameters within clicks.

4. Enlarge the smaller photos to WebP file format with advanced technology.

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Step 1. Once WidsMob Web has been launched on your computer, you can either click the Import button or drag your photos into it. It enables you to convert JPEG, PNG, and even the animated GIF to WebP for WordPress as the WebP Express alternative.

View Animated WebP

Step 2. You can also input JPEG or PNG images into the software if you need to convert them to WebP. Moreover, you can resize the WebP within a batch process, or even add watermarks to the WebP photos you need to upload to the WordPress server.

Add JPEG Files WebP

Step 3: When converting JPEG to WebP, unlike other photo formats, you must first select the required duration, choose the desired photo quality with the slider, and even overwrite the existing image before selecting the Convert button to get the files for WordPress.

Convert JPEG to WebP Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about WebP Express You Should Know

1Does WordPress support WebP format?
According to caniuse, WebP is compatible with most of web browsers. As of WordPress version 5.8, you can upload and use WebP photos in WordPress in the same way that you would a JPEG or PNG image. You can feel free to install the WebP Express on the hosting.
2Should I use WebP in my WordPress sites?
WebP images load faster than other formats due to their reduced file sizes. According to Website Builder Expert, each second delay in loading reduces visitor happiness by 16%, and one in four users will abandon your site entirely if it does not load within four seconds.
3Does WebP Express improve SEO?
WebP is no different from the other traditional format when it comes to Google SEO. WebP Express enables you to produce photos that are indistinguishable in quality from their JPG and PNG equivalents, but it significantly lowers viewers' loading speeds while maintaining the same level of quality.


WebP can be used to replace JPEG and PNG file formats with lossy and lossless compression, but results in significantly reduced file sizes that can improve your WordPress site performance. WebP Express is one of the best WordPress plugin to help you in this goal. But when you need to get WebP photos with the desired size and quality, WidsMob WebP is the all-in-one toolkit to convert, resize, and manage WebP photos for WordPress.

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