WebP Converter Review – 7 Best Ways to Convert WebP files

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What are the best WebP converters? Google's proprietary picture format WebP is arguably superior to the more widely used JPEG, PNG, and even animated GIFs. It produces a substantially smaller file size than JPEG while retaining the transparency characteristic of PNG with minimal quality degradation. Even though the file format is ideal, some devices still don't support the file format. So, which is the best WebP image converter? How to convert JPEG to WebP for better quality? Read this guide to find the best way according to your requirements.

Best WebP Converter

Part 1: The All-in-One WebP Converter to Convert WebP

WidsMob WebP is a one-stop solution to convert JPEG/PNG into WebP or vice versa. Moreover, it enables you to view WebP in both thumbnail and full-screen mores. The WebP photo converter also provides advanced features to resize, rotate, rename, and even add watermark in batch.

  1. Compatible with WebP, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and more other photo formats.
  2. Convert WebP to JPEG/PNG/animated GIF, and vice versa within clicks.
  3. Resize, rotate, rename and add watermarks for the WebPs within a batch.
  4. Provide different parameters to the text watermarks, like sizes and fonts.
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How to Convert WebP to Other Formats

Step 1: Once you have imported the WebP files, you can choose which ones you'd like to convert. Choose the Convert Selected Photos option or the Convert All Photos option by clicking the arrow adjacent to the Start convert button.

Select WebP to Convert

Step 2: Click the Select button to choose the destination folder for the output photo format. Choose from JPEG, PNG, BMP, or even animated GIFs as the output format. Before converting WebP to another file format, adjust the photo quality.

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How to Convert Images to WebP Format

Step 1. You can also input JPEG or PNG into the WebP file converter if you need to convert photos to WebP. Once you have imported the desired photos, you can simply examine the files, add more images, or remove the unwanted files beforehand.

Add JPEG Files WebP

Step 2. To choose the output images' destination folder, click the Select button. Select WebP as the output format of the conversion process and don't forget to customize the quality of the image based on your needs. Then, click the Convert button.

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Part 2: 3 WebP Converters to Convert WebP to JPEG/PNG

Microsoft Paint – Built-in WebP Converter for Windows

Most of the photo editors on Windows cannot open or convert WEBP files, but Microsoft Paint is an exception. It is the built-in WebP converter for Windows to open and convert photos to JPEG or PNG. But the program is frequently overlooked because of its simplicity.

  1. Rotate, flip, resize and reposition photos easily.
  2. Change your desktop backdrop to this image.
  3. Directly email and manage your images on Windows.
  4. Decide to preserve or discord Meta-data.
Paint WebP Converter

CloudConvert – Online WebP to JPEG or PNG Converter

CloudConvert is one of the best WebP photo converters to convert a WebP file to PNG or JPEG without downloading an extra codec. The program works with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. Moreover, you can also tweak the different parameters for the WebP files.

  1. Supports 200+ formats for conversion.
  2. Adjust the width, height, and WebP quality.
  3. Choose WebP from URL, OneDrive, etc.
  4. Decide to preserve or discord Meta-data.
CloudConvert WebP Firefox

XnConvert – WebP to JPEG Converter on Android

Since Android phones download WebP as JPEG directly, you do not need to use a WebP converter for your smartphone. But if you still need to manage the WebP photos, XnConvert is a recommended free WebP photo converter available on the Play Store.

  1. Resize, compress, add watermark on WebP files.
  2. Enable you to automate photo collection editing.
  3. Support all traditional pictures and graphics formats.
  4. Sort the desired photo by filename, pathname, and date.
XnConvert WebP Converter

Part 3: 3 WebP Converters to Convert JPEG/PNG to WebP

Convertio – Convert Photos to WebP Online

When you need photos to WebP converter with high quality, Convertio is a free online converter that allows you to convert JPEG/PNG to WebP. But you can convert files up to 100MB only. Of course, you can upload photos from different channels.

  1. Convert JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF to WebP online.
  2. Support more than 200 file formats, including WebP.
  3. Control image resolution, quality, and file size.
  4. Compress the WebPs in both lossy and lossless.
Convertio JPEG to WebP

EZGIF – Versatile Image to WebP Converter

EZGIF is another versatile WebP converter, which converts images to WebP, or vice versa. It has a series of editing features, such as WebP maker, video to WebP converter, GIF to WebP, and more. But it is difficult to convert photos to different file formats.

  1. Compatible with GIF, WebP, AVIF, and APNG.
  2. Convert photos and videos to different WebPs.
  3. Apply crossfade frame, stack frames, and more.
  4. Toggle a range of frames and add delay effects.
EZGIF WebP Converter

Imagify – Photo to WebP Converter Plugin

Imagify is a WebP converter plugin to convert JPEG and PNG to WebP format automatically on WordPress. It enables you to reduce the WebP file size, but not compromise the quality. You can deliver high-quality images without slowing down your site.

  1. Upload the WebP images but it does not convert the original file.
  2. Provide the different options to select the compression level.
  3. Set up the different WebP conversions and optimizations.
  4. The quality of the image remains the same in JPEG or WEBP.
Imagify WebP Converter

Part 4: FAQs about WebP Converter

1Can you convert WebP files in original quality?
No. WebP is a lossy and lossless compression technique that works with a wide variety of photographic, translucent, and graphical images present on the web. WebP converter can compress images by an average of 30% without sacrificing image quality.
2Why is the WebP file significant?
WebP is a cutting-edge image format that enables greater lossless and lossy compression for web images. Webmasters and web developers can use the photo format to create smaller images that load faster on the web. The WebP lossless images are 26% lower in size than PNG images.
3Can you compress a WebP file?
WebP images are approximately 30% less in size than PNG and JPEG images of comparable visual quality. Moreover, the WebP picture format shares many of the same features as other image formats. It is based on the VP8 key frame encoding.


Here are the 7 best WebP file converters that enable you to open, convert and manage the WebP photos on Windows, Mac, or Android devices. WidsMob WebP is the versatile method to convert WebP to JPEG/PNG or vice versa. Moreover, you can also rotate, resize, rename, and add watermark in batch within clicks.

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