4 Workable Methods to Convert Google WebP to JPEG You Should Know

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It is essential to know how to convert WebP to JPEG, which comes in handy if you download WebP photos frequently. WebP photos are more and more common on the web, but you may not have known it until you right-clicked and saved them as a new photo-type. But, what are the best methods to convert Google WebP to JPEG? Should you convert WebPs from Google? Find the answer by reading this guide!

Convert Google WebP to JPEG

Part 1: The All-in-One Method to Convert WebP to JPEG

Due to its more advanced compression method compared to JPEG and PNG, WebP is more and more frequently used file format on a variety of browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox. WidsMob WebP is a one-stop solution to convert WebP to JPEG, PNG, BMP, and animated GIFs. Furthermore, you can browse WebP photos in both thumbnail and full-screen viewing. There are multiple editing features to rotate, resize, rename, and even add watermarks.

1. Convert WebP to JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIFF/GIF, and vice versa in clicks.

2. Provide editing features to resize, rotate, rotate, and add watermarks.

3. Open and browse the WebP on Windows and Mac without converting.

4. Support multiple photo formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and WebP.

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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob WebP, you can launch the program on your computer. When you imported the WebP photos, you can choose the desired files you want to convert. It enables you to browse WebPs in different modes.

Import WebP Files

Step 2: Select the arrow adjacent to the Start convert button, you can choose the desired photos and click the Convert Selected Photos option to convert WebP to JPEG. Moreover, you can choose the Convert All Photos option to convert all photos.

Select WebP to Convert

Step 3: After that, you can specify the destination folder for the output photos. Choose the JPEG as the output format and adjust the quality with a slider, you can click the Convert button to convert WebP to JPEG. As for animated WebP, you can get a series of JPEG files.

Convert WebP to JPEG Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: How to Convert WebP to JPEG Online

If you just need to convert some WebP photos only, Zamzar is a trustworthy WebP to JPEG converter to convert WebP within 50MB. When you need to get the desired photos without an additional codec, it should always be the best choice to convert WebP in bulk.

Step 1: Go to the online WebP to JPEG converter and select up to 10 WebP photos by clicking the Add Files button. You can also click the Select link to import the WebP files.

Step 2: Choose JPEG from the drop-down menu. It takes a time to upload the files into the program. It does not support converting the animated WebP files to multiple JPEGs.

Step 3: Input your email address and hit the Convert button to convert WebP to JPEG. WebP photos will upload and you will receive the converted JPEG images through email.

Zamzar Convert WebP to JPEG

Part 3: How to Save WebP to JPEG without Conversion

How to Save WebP to JPEG with Chrome

There are some possible ways to save WebP as JPEG automatically. You can achieve the desired photos with a Chrome Extension. Search and install the Save image as Type extension to convert the desired WebP photos to JPEG with the following steps.

Step 1: Once you have located the desired extension, you can simply click the Add to Chrome button in the upper right-hand corner to add the extension to Chrome on your computer.

Step 2: Proceed to the Add Extension window and each image will have an additional option when right-clicked. There are some new options, including Save as JPG… that appears at the bottom.

Step 3: Right-click on the WebP file and navigate to the bottom of the menu to the Save Image as JPG/PNG/WebP option. A side menu will then display, which allows you to save the image as a JPG.

Save WebP to JPEG with Chrome

How to Save WebP to JPEG with Safari or Firefox

What should you do if you cannot save WebP to JPEG directly? As some browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, do not support WebP. Instead of loading the JPG file format. You can load simply the file in place of the WebP format with a simple URL adjustment.

Step 1: Once you have located the desired WebP files you want to convert, you can select the Copy image address option from the menu when right-clicking on the WebP picture.

Step 2: Copy and paste this address into a new tab, omitting the last three characters of the URL. As a result, delete the -rw suffix from the URL. When you press enter, a picture in the JPEG format will be loaded.

Step 3: You may then save the image by right clicking on it and selecting the Save image as option. After that, you can convert WebP to JPEG to your local drive automatically.

Part 4: FAQs about How to Convert WebP to JPEG

1Is WebP better than JPEG?
JPEG is a no-brainer in this situation. WebP has 25 – 35% reduced file sizes while maintaining the same SSIM quality index, which means that WebPs have smaller file sizes while maintaining the same quality as JPEGs. WebP also provides a more complete package than JPEG.
2Should I use WebP format?
WebP is a tremendously helpful format since it provides both performance and functionality. WebP, in contrast to other formats, offers both lossy and lossless compression, as well as transparency and animation, among other features. Moreover, it is smaller in file size than JPEG.
3Why did Google release WebP as an open-source?
The open-source approach is extremely important to Google, which means anyone can experiment with the new file format and make suggestions for improvements. It will become even more helpful and popular to deliver your thoughts and contributions.


All of the solutions listed above will enable you to save WebP to JPEG format without difficulty. There are some online converters and extensions to convert the WebP files. But you should pay attention to the limitations, such as the file size, the animated WebP, and more. If you need to manage the WebP files frequently, WidsMob WebP is the all-in-one method to convert WebP to JPEG within clicks.

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