Safe and Easy Ways to Convert PDF to Word with Nitro Pro

Last Updated on June 6, 2023 by Tina Clark

Recently, many people want to know how to convert a PDF file to a word document because it is not convenient to import PDF to word as templates. Despite online PDF converters, you can also run Nitro Pro to convert PDF files offline. This program can convert PDF to word, excel, and any Microsoft Office format with no maximum file size limitation.

However, here comes a question, some people complain that all Adobe applications get disabled when Nitro Pro works. You can get steps for converting PDF to Word with Nitro Pro and a Nitro Pro alternative with no incompatibility issue. So just read and follow.

Convert PDF to Word with Nitro Pro

Part 1: How to Convert PDF to Microsoft Word with Nitro Pro

You can open the official Nitro Pro site to access this program. And here are two choices for you. You can free download it to have a try, or just purchase the entire Nitro PDF to word converter directly.

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Step 1: Add a PDF file to Nitro Pro

Complete the installation of Nitro Pro on your computer. Launch this program and choose File on the top left corner. Then click Open in the left panel and choose a PDF file to import.

Step 2: Set word as the output format

Choose To word on the top toolbar. Later, you can see a popping-up window of Convert PDF to Word. Click Add Files… or Remove to manage the imported PDF file. In addition, you can also click Choose Pages to set the specified PDF pages up to 3 pages. Then click OK to save your change.

Set Output Format Nitro

Step 3: Customize the output settings

Click Folder under the Output section. Here are three options you can get Specific folder, Folder of original file and Ask during the process. Moreover, you can choose Options… below to manage PDF to word preferences, such as Page layout, Advanced text recovery, etc. Later, click Apply and then choose OK to finish the process.

Customize Output Settings Nitro

Step 4: Convert PDF to editable word with Nitro Pro

Finally, choose Convert at the bottom of the Convert PDF to Word window. You can see the progress bar of Exporting PDF File. After that, you can access the converted Nitro PDF to word document directly.

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Part 2: Solutions for Nitro PDF to Word Converter Not Working

Here are some solutions you can take according to various PDF to word conversion problems with Nitro Pro.

Situation 1: Nitro PDF to word crack or frozen.

Solution 1: If Nitro Pro freezes or crashes when you attempt to convert PDF to word, you can remove it and reinstall the latest version of Nitro Pro.

Situation 2: The active hyperlinks are invalid after conversion of Nitro PDF to word document.

Solution 2: You can also upgrade the copy of Nitro Pro to the latest version. This problem always occurs in the older versions of Nitro Pro software.

Situation 3: Fail to convert PDF file to word document after an upgrade.

Solution 3: Uninstall the Nitro PDF to word converter. Remove all old registry entries that are associated with your old Nitro program. Later, exit Microsoft Office and restart your computer. Now, you can install the latest Nitro Pro and convert PDF to editable word document.

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Part 3: Best PDF to Word Converter – Convert PDF to Word Document Using Nitro Pro Alternative

Is there a simple but powerful PDF-to-word converter like Nitro Pro? PDFElement is one of the best PDF to Word Converters that enables you to extract the desired content with OCR and AI algorithms. It not only preserves the frames and structures of the original content but also read the text with AI algorithms. Moreover, you can edit and manage the PDF files before converting the PDF documents.

Key Features of the Nitro PDF to Word Converter Alternative

  • Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, image, text, PDF/A, and multiple formats.
  • Provide advanced OCR algorithms to extract text files and image with multiple languages.
  • Keep the original layout/frames with images, hyperlinks, graphics, text, signal, and more.
  • Support OCR algorithms, batch process, language settings, scanned PDFs, and others.
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Step 1: Download and install PDFElement on your computer. Launch it on your computer and import the desired PDF files with the Open PDF button in the bottom right corner. Once you have imported the PDF files, you can edit the PDF files before converting them to Word or other file formats.

Edit PDF Form PDFElement

Step 2: Choose the Convert menu and select the To Word option to extract everything from the PDF to a Word file. When you go to the convert window, you can choose DOCX or DOC file, enter the name of the output file, and specify the destination folder before clicking the OK button to convert PDF to Word.

Convert PDF to Word

Step 3: When you need to convert a series of PDF files, you can click the Batch Convert button and import more PDF files. Click the Settings icon, you can convert the scanned PDF, disable the OCR recognition, and more. After that, you can click the Apply button to convert multiple PDFs to Word documents accordingly.

Convert PDF to Word Batch

Note: If you do not want to copy an entire PDF file to word, you can right-click on your PDF file to set a page range.

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All in all, you can get the complete user guide of two powerful Nitro PDF to Word converter software. And you are allowed to edit PDF in Word after the conversion easily. Share this post with your friends if it is helpful. PDFElement is one of the most efficient methods with advanced AI algorithms, in which you can convert the PDF to Word without losing the structure but also provide an AI algorithm to read the converted PDFs.