How to Print a Booklet in PDF – Here is the Ultimate Guide You Should Know

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Different from printing a multiple-page PDF, when you need to print a booklet in PDF, duplex printing should be a must. Both the printer and the PDF printer should print both the front side and the backside. If you are not similar with the booklet, you can simply choose a PDF printer to booklet printing, here are the 2 recommended methods for your reference.

How to Print a Booklet in PDF

Part 1: How to Print a Booklet in PDF via Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader is one of the most preferred methods when it comes to printing PDFs into a booklet. It provides the Booklet feature to adjust the Booklet subset, Binding, Orientation, and more. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the Auto-Rotate Pages feature to print a booklet in PDF. Just learn more about the detailed process below.

Step 1: Once you have imported the PDF into Adobe Acrobat, you can select the File menu and choose the Print option. At the top part of the Print dialog box, choose a printer from the menu. You can adjust the other parameters for printing the booklet beforehand.

Adobe Print Option for Mac

Step 2: Choose the pages you wish to include in the booklet from the Pages to Print section. After that, you can click the Booklet tab located under Page Sizing & Handling. It provides the booklet subset, binding, orientation, and auto-rotate page features.

Choose Booklet Tab Adobe

Step 3: From the Booklet Subset pop-up menu to select the Both sides option if you are using duplex printers, which will automatically print both sides of the paper. As for the non-duplex printers, you need to select the Front side only option for booklet printing.

Booklet Subset Adobe

Step 4: In the Sheets from boxes, you only need to leave the numbers as is. Acrobat or Reader will be the ones to determine which sheets to print. Check the Auto-Rotate Pages within each sheet radio to automatically rotate each page that will fit best on the printable area.

Check Auto Rotate Adobe

Part 2: How to Print a Booklet in PDF with PDFelement

PDFelement is another versatile method to print a booklet in PDF. Similar to Adobe Acrobat, it has the full functionalities of Booklet features, including the booklet subset, binding, auto-rotate, and auto center. Besides, the printing features also enable you to customize the print settings, page size, page range, and orientation. Moreover, you can also add footers and headers to the PDF file before printing.

1. Provide booklet mode with duplex printing for both the back and front sides.

2. Custom multiple printing settings, such as page size, page range, and more.

3. Print booklets in PDF with authentic looks with auto-rotate and auto-center.

4. Add footers and headers to booklet PDFs as markups for making booklets.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install PDFelement, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Open files button to open the desired PDF booklet you want to print. Just take advantage of the editing features to polish the PDF files you want to print.

Import PDF to PDFElement

Step 2: When you need to print the papers and make a booklet, you can go to the Header & Footer option on the submenu bar and select the Add Header & Footer button. After that, you can choose the position and select the Page number style to mark the page number.

Add Page Number as Footer PDFElement

Step 3: Click the File button and choose the Print button. When you go to the Print windows, you can find all the settings for printing a booklet in PDF, such as printer settings, page size, page range, printer properties, orientation, print content, print mode, and more.

Virtual Printer PDFElement

Step 4: Choose the Booklet menu from Print Mode. It provides additional parameters, such as booklet subset, orientation, color, page size, and page range. When your printer supports duplex printing, you can choose the Both sides option to print the booklet.

Choose Booklet Mode PDFElement

Step 5: If you need an authentic look, you can check the Auto Rotate option and the Auto Center option before printing. After you are satisfied with your booklet PDF, you can click the Print button to generate and print the PDF file as a booklet.

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Part 3: FAQs on How to Print a Booklet in PDF

1How do you know whether the printer with duplex printing?
Usually, the printer models with duplex printing specifically duplex print have a D in their model name. Of course, you can also print a configuration report directly from your printer, which will inform you whether your printer model can print a booklet in PDF.
2How to set up the print settings for the booklet in Word?
Head to the Print option from File, you can change the Print One Sided option to the Print on Both Sides option. Choose the Flip pages option on the short edge to avoid printing the second side of each sheet upside down for printing the PDF booklet in Word.
3How do I create and print a PDF booklet format?
Choose Acrobat to create and print a PDF booklet. Click the Tools menu to choose the Create PDF option. Choose the desired type to create, such as multiple, single, scan, or other options. Click the Create button to convert and print your PDF to a booklet then save the files.


Printing PDF to booklet does not require any complex methods. There are simple-to-follow ways you can apply using Adobe Acrobat that just only takes a few clicks. But if you wish to get a hassle-free and faster way to print PDF to booklet then better opt for PDFelement.

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