How to Convert Table PDF to Excel? Here are 4 Simple Ways You Should Know

Last Updated on November 3, 2022 by Tina Clark

If you want to analyze the data from a PDF form, you should extract the numbers and frames of the table PDF exactly. What are the best methods to convert a table PDF to Excel? It is not difficult to turn a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet, but how to remain the original frame and quality? Just learn more about the 4 workable ways to convert PDF to Excel.

How to Convert Table PDF to Excel

Part 1: How to Convert PDF to Excel with Table via Extraction

When you need to extract the form in a PDF to Excel with the original frame and quality, PDFelement is a versatile solution. It enables you to recognize the form, add interactive toolkits, perform the OCR algorithms, and change the texts for the PDF. Moreover, it provides 2 different extract modes, extract data from form field in PDF and extract data based on selection.

1. Extract the texts, numbers, and images from PDF with the OCR algorithm.

2. Add interactive tools for making some table PDFs, such as a checkbox.

3. Manage the PDF with merging, cutting, splitting, cropping, and more.

4. Get the data from the form filed in PDF or the data based on selection.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Open files button and choose the PDF file with a table that you need to convert. When you select the desired PDF, you can click the Open button to import the file.

Import PDF to PDFElement

Step 2: Click the Form menu and choose the Extract Data option from More. A new box dialogue will appear on the window. After that, you can click the Extract data from form fields in PDF option, which will convert PDF to Excel CSV before clicking the Apply button.

Extract Data from PDF to CSV PDFElement

Step 3: If you just need to extract the texts or numbers from the PDF table, you can check the Extract data based on selection option. It will extract the data from the PDF table into a CSV file. Once you have the desired CSV file, you can open it in Excel for further editing.

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Part 2: How to Copy Table PDF to Excel with Microsoft Office

Just copying and pasting the data from table PDF to Excel is an efficient method. You can adjust the table structure in the Excel sheet and extract the text from the table. Moreover, you can also use MS Word to open the PDF and copy the files to Excel accordingly. But it should be difficult to copy large tables from a PDF document.

Step 1: Right-click the PDF file and click the Open with button. Choose the Word 2016 option to open a PDF file in Office Word. It will convert the PDF into an editable MS Word file automatically. After that, you can click the OK button to continue.

Step 2: Click the Enable Editing button to copy data from the PDF table. You can simply copy data from your Word file and then paste it onto the Excel sheet. After that, you can add frames and other elements to convert the PDF to an Excel file accordingly.

Open PDF in Word

Part 3: How to Convert PDF to Excel Online with Multiple Pages

If you are looking for converting PDF to Excel for free, PDFtables provides you with an amazing service to convert PDF to Excel, CSV, XML, or HTML for free. Different from the copying and pasting method, it takes less time to get the desired texts. Moreover, you can also get a unique API key to convert table PDF to Excel at no extra cost.

Step 1: Go to via a web browser. Click the CONVERT A PDF button to start the PDF to Excel conversion. From the file folder, you can find the PDF file you wish to convert. After that, you can click the Open button to import the files

Step 2: You can either click the Download As Excel button or simply click the drop-down arrow to view other options. It will download all pages to one Excel worksheet. The multiple sheets Excel will output each page to an individual worksheet.

Step 3: Once you have downloaded the Excel file, you can move the file to your preferred location and you are all set to go! You have now successfully exported your PDF tables to Excel sheets. Just open the Excel file and make some changes.

Convert PDF to Excel PDFtables

Part 4: How to Change PDF Table to Excel via Adobe Reader

Acrobat Reader is another choice to create Excel spreadsheets from PDF files. It enables you to convert the desired PDF files without reformatting or doing manual data entry. Moreover, you can use the PDF to Excel converter on your mobile device or browser to extract the data into the editable texts automatically.

Step 1: Open the PDF file with Adobe Reader. You can click the Export PDF button located in the right pane section. After that, select the spreadsheet file then choose the Microsoft Excel Workbook. You can click the Export button to convert PDF to Excel.

Step 2: You can now save the PDF converted file. Choose the destination folder and name your PDF file then click the Save button. Preview the output and make some basic changes before saving the Excel to your computer for further editing.

Adobe Reader Save PDF to Excel


Converting PDF tables to an Excel spreadsheet is one of the most reliable and effortless ways to help you organize large files. If there is a simple table Excel file, you can simply copy and paste the files with Excel or Word directly. The online method is efficient to export table PDFs into Excel. When you need to save PDF to Excel offline, both Acrobat Reader and PDFelement are the workable choices you should try.

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