3 Workable Methods to Combine Multiple JPEGs to a Single PDF on Mac

Last Updated on November 2, 2022 by Tina Clark

It is difficult to view a series of JPEGs together, whether you are using the Photos on iPhone or the Preview on Mac. Combining all JPEGs into one PDF on Mac is a convenient way to make multiple images more viewable and searchable. Apple provides 2 simple and built-in methods to merge multiple JPEGs to a PDF for free. But when you need to make some editable and searchable PDFs from the photos, you can find a professional PDF editor to help you out with the article.

Combine JPEGs to a Single PDF

Part 1: How to Combine Two JPEGs into One PDF on Mac via Preview

If you wish to combine two JPEGs into one PDF file on a Mac, the Preview app can make it possible. It is the built-in photo and PDF viewer and editor, which enable you to merge photos into a single PDF with dragging-and-dropping directly. Moreover, it provides the basic editing features to rotate and flip the photos beforehand, especially for the scanned images.

Step 1: Launch first the Preview app on your Mac then open the JPEG files you have saved. To choose all the JPG images, simply press the Shift key when you select them. Drag and drop the images to the Preview app and from there you will be able to get the images you need.

Import JPEG to Preview

Step 2: To open the printing box, you can go to the File menu to choose the Print option. Set up the printing preference, such as the orientation, paper size, and more. Choose the PDF option located at the lower-left corner and click the Save as PDF button.

Tweak PDF Parameter Preview

Step 3: There is a new pop-up window, in which you can enter the name of the PDF file, subject, and keywords before saving. Moreover, you can click the Security Options button to enter the password to convert multiple JPEGs into a protected PDF file.

Convert Multiple JPG Preview

Part 2: Quick Way to Combine Multiple JPEGs to a Single PDF on Mac

Besides Preview, Apple provides another simple method to combine multiple JPEGs into one PDF on macOS Monterey 12 or above. You only need to select the desired photos you want to stitch. Finder will do everything for you within one click. But there is a major restriction, you cannot manage the PDF files or further edit the PDF file without another program.

Step 1: Click the Finder app from the Dock and go to the destination folder you have saved the PDF files, such as your desktop. After that, you can select the desired JPEGs you want to combine. You’d better save all the files into a folder beforehand.

Step 2: Since Finder does not provide the managing features. You have to select the JPEG according to the desired order. It is suitable for merging the JPEG with the same orientation and size, or else, you should use Preview to re-arrange the pages.

Step 3: Control-click the chosen files. Click the Create PDF option from the Quick Actions option to combine multiple JPEGs into one PDF file on your MacBook. It will save a PDF with a name similar to the first file you selected automatically.

Quick Action with Finder

Part 3: The Ultimate Way to Combine JPEGs to One PDF on Mac

When you need to extract the texts from the scanned JPEGs, edit the PDF files, add annotations/watermark, and apply more advanced features to the PDFs on your MacBook, PDFelement is versatile and effective method to merge and convert JPEGs to a single PDF. Moreover, you can also explore the management features to insert another photo, adjust the order of the pages, and remove the unwanted ones.

1. Make an editable and searchable PDF from multiple JPEG/JPG files.

2. Annotate, convert, edit, and perform OCR with JPEG to PDF converter.

3. Provide the manage feature to split, combine, crop, and edit the PDFs.

4. Convert images, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others to PDF files.

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Step 1: Once you have installed PDFelement, you can launch the program on your MacBook. Open the PDF files you wish to combine. You will find icons on the top section of the page. Hover the cursor to the Tool section. Choose the Combine PDF option from the drop-down list.

Convert PDF from JPEG PDFElement

Step 2: In the Combine PDF window, you can drag and drop the JPEGs or JPGs you want to merge. When you need to combine JPEGs into one PDF, make sure to check the Combine PDF files into a single PDF option and adjust the different parameters beforehand.

Combine JPEGs to PDF PDFElement

Step 3: Click the Apply button to start merging multiple JPEG files to PDF. You can choose the destination folder for the output PDF. Of course, you can also use the PDF editor to add annotations, perform the OCR algorithms, and edit the PDF on your Mac easily.

Tweak Parameter for Combine PDFElement

Note: When you are combining the scanned images, you can remove the duplicated pages, insert the lost pages, and even extract the texts from the PDF easily.

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Combining images such as scanned images with the effective and workable methods shared to create a single PDF file in no time. You can either use the Preview app or the Finder option to make a single PDF from the JPEG files within a few clicks. But if you wish to combine multiple JPEGs into one PDF using a professional PDF editor then PDFelement can work with you with ease and will give amazing results at all times.