How to Crop a PDF with Adobe Acrobat and Its Best Alternative

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Should you crop a PDF with Adobe Acrobat? If you have already subscribed to the service, it should be the initial choice. Here you can learn more about the detailed process to extract the desired pages, cut out part of the PDF, or even split the PDF. If you want to find the best Adobe Acrobat alternative to crop a PDF, you can also find the best PDF cropper to help you out with the article.

How to Crop a PDF

Part 1: How to Crop a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most advanced PDF editors, which enables you to extract the desired pages/parts, reduce the file size, and manage the PDFs. Moreover, you can also control the margin, constrain proportions, or even set special page boxes after cropping a PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1: Launch Adobe Acrobat on your computer and upload the desired PDF files you want to crop. Go to the Tools menu and select the Edit PDF button, there will be multiple options in the secondary toolbar.

Choose Create PDF Adobe

Step 2: Click the Crop Pages button located in the secondary toolbar section to choose the area you wish to crop. Just move the mouse to select the part you want to cut out. You can find a frame for the desired part.

Choose Crop Pages Adobe

Step 3: To set the page range specifically, double-click the chosen area. From the Set Pages Boxes window, select the page range you wish to crop. It also enables you to control the margins for top, bottom, left, and right.

Set Page Box Adobe

Step 4: If you only need to remove the white margins for printing, check the Remove White Margins option and find the cropped page size on the left side of the interface. Moreover, you can also tweak other settings.

Remove White Margins Adobe

Note: Margin Controls provides more options for cropping pages, such as defining the meaning content with ArtBox, defining the finished dimensions of the page after trimming via TrimBox, and more.

Step 5: To apply these settings to additional pages, set the page range or click the All button under Page Range. After that, you can click the OK button to start cropping the pages with Adobe Acrobat.

Crop PDF Adobe Acrobat

Part 2: Best Acrobat Alternative to Crop a PDF

Is there an easy method to crop the desired object from a PDF as the Adobe Acrobat alternative? It is difficult and time-consuming to specify the frame of the object with Adobe Acrobat even if you have subscribed to the service. PDFelement is a versatile alternative with advanced auto-detection. It enables you to delete whole pages, cut out specific areas, auto-crop certain dimensions, and remove the detected object easily.

1. Provide multiple cropping features to cut out the page or area easily.

2. Crop the desired object on PDF without entering specific parameters.

3. Modify the texts, images, pages, annotations, and highlights of PDFs.

4. Replace the cropped area and add interactive toolkits to make a PDF.

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How to Crop multiple PDF pages in Batch

Step 1: Launch PDFelement after installation, you can click the Open files button to select the PDF file you wish to crop. Click the Open button to start uploading the PDF file into the program.

Select Page Boxes PDFElement

Step 2: Click the Pages button then select the Page Boxes option to get the cropping options. Click on the Margin settings and choose the Crop box option to cut out the unwanted part from the PDF pages.

Change Page Size PDFElement

Step 3: Preview the PDF pages and click Apply. It will automatically crop the PDF as an Adobe Acrobat alternative. Navigate to the main menu and click the Save button to save the cropped PDF to your computer.

Save Cropped PDF PDFElement Win Download Mac Download

How to Crop the Desired Part on PDF

Step 1: If you need to cut out the desired part, you can go to the Tool menu and select the Crop button. Move the mouse over the desired part to select the range you want to crop.

Apply Crop Margin PDFElement

Step 2: When you need to extract the desired part, such as an image, you can right-click the image you want to crop, select the Properties option and click the Clip Object button to finish the cropping task.

Clip Object PDF PDFElement

Note: To hide the sensitive information, you can also click the Insert button to replace the original image with another one. Moreover, there are interactive tools to make a new PDF.

Step 3: You can easily use the crop tool to select the shape you wish to crop out from your document. In case you need to crop your image with a certain dimension then you can use the Aspect Ratio option.

Crop Image from PDF PDFElement

Step 4: Once you have cropped your PDF, you can go to File located in the menu bar then click Save As button. Name your file then choose the location where you wish to save it.

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Part 3: Which is Better to Crop a PDF

1. If you just need to crop the desired part of a PDF, both of them are workable. Moreover, you can even use some online PDF editors to crop the PDF without Adobe Acrobat.

2. As for a large PDF with multiple pages to a certain aspect ratio, cropping an object from a PDF automatically, replacing the sensitive part, and more, PDFelement is the best Adobe Acrobat alternative.

3. When you need to remove the white margins, add frames to the PDF, use the different page boxes, or even subscribed to the service, Adobe Acrobat should still be the optimal choice.

Part 4: FAQs about Cropping PDF with/without Acrobat

1Can I crop the sensitive information from a PDF with Acrobat?
Yes. Both Adobe Acrobat and the best alternative enable you to cut off sensitive information from a PDF. But when you need to hide the information, instead of cropping PDFs with Adobe Acrobat, you only need to choose the redact feature.
2How to change the page and eliminate the large bottom margin?
Just use the Crop Box option of PDFelement to eliminate the large bottom margin in a batch process. But if you have a small PDF, you can simply add the files to any PDF editor, including Adobe Acrobat to remove the large bottom marge and save it directly.
3How to crop out the scanned margins for a PDF with Adobe Acrobat?
You can check the Remove White Margins option to cut out the margins to find whether it works. Of course, you can also select the desired aspect ratio if the PDFs are of a similar size. Or else, you have to choose the alternative to crop the PDF pages in batch.


Cropping is an effective way to crop out and even delete pages you no longer need on your PDF documents. With the share methods above, you can easily now crop those unnecessary parts. Adobe Acrobat is the best method to crop a PDF with advanced features. But when you need to cut out an object easily, PDFelement is the best alternative you should try.

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