3 Methods to Convert PDF to TIFF in High Quality on Computer

How to convert PDF to TIFF in high quality? PDF is a widely used format to store multipage information. You can see many files in PDFs, as well as WAR and TXT format as well. TIFF is also the commonly apply format, which stores bit-mapped images across multiple computer platforms.

When there are some images in the PDF files, or other information for further edit, it is recommended to convert PDF to TIFF. TIFF preserves all the detailed information of the PDF files, which will not loss the original quality for the file format. Just read on the article to learn more about the 3 transform PDF file to TIFF methods now.


Part 1: PDF to TIFF Converter – Transform a PDF to a TIFF on Windows

PDF to TIFF Converter is the photo format editor, which can convert PDF to TIFF on Windows in batch. You can decide whether to transform PDF files to TIFF documents separately or into one. PDF to TIFF Converter supports compressed or uncompressed TIFF to edit. PDF to TIFF Converter has the try version for you to convert PDF to TIFF for free in 15 days.

Step 1: Click “Add Files” to import PDFs. You can drag and drop directly, or get them form Windows Explorer. Moreover, you can reset defaulting settings, which can convert PDFs to a TIFF or TIFFs.

tep 2: Hit the “Start” icon to generate PDF to TIFF conversion. You can choose whether compressed (Black/ White) or uncompressed. The both selection have several selections.

PDF to TIFF Converter

You can run PDF to TIFF Converter on all Windows versions, which means you can use this converter on Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ Vista/ XP. If you are looking for easiest way to convert PDF to TIFF file on Windows, you should not miss PDF to TIFF Converter.

Part 2: Adobe Acrobat – Convert PDFs to TIFFs on Mac

In October of 2016, Adobe Acrobat has updated s new version, which provides users larger room to edit documents offline. There are two types of Adobe Acrobat for Windows and Mac users, Adobe Acrobat Standard DC and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. When converting PDF to TIFF with Adobe Acrobat, you can use the all-new compare files tool to detect differences between two PDFs. Moreover, you can use digital IDs and DirectInk to personalize the file while converting a PDF to a TIFF.

Step 1: Click View to open PDF documents on Mac or Windows. You can convert PDF documents to TIFF files in batch with Acrobat as well.

Step 2: Choose “Tools” to get “Action Wizard” list, after that, click “Create New Action” option.

Step 3: You will see the “Create New Action” window. Choose “Save” under “Save & Export” list.

Step 4: Tap Add icon and then select “specify settings” option. Click “Export File to Alternate Format” and choose “TIFF” selection.

Adobe Acrobat

The final step to convert a PDF to a TIFF with Adobe Acrobat is “OK”. Acrobat can be used as TIFF viewer to open TIFF documents. In addition, you are able to export a multipage TIFF from Acrobat with PDF sources, as well as combining the TIFFs to create a MTIFF.

Part 3: PDF Tools – Changing PDFs to one TIFF Online

PDF Tools is the editor for people to convert PDF to TIFF online for free. Just as the name shows, PDF Tools is the online maker works for changing PDFs into other image formats, which are JPEG, GIF, PNG, JBIG2 and JPEG 2000. The highlight of PDF Tools is 3-Heights PDF to image converter. The user-friendly interface ensures all users to get the right PDF conversion without guide.

Step 1: Click “Upload PDF” icon to import PDF documents.

Step 2: Select “TIFF” option, and click “Apply” icon.

Step 3: Choose “Save as” button to store the converted PDF to TIFF document.

PDF to TIFF Online

With PDF Tools, you can adjust conversion settings and image quality, as well as multipage. Though the online conversion of PDF to TIFF is simple, you can already finish your PDFs to TIFFs requirements online for free.


Actually, all the above PDF to TIFF converters can convert TIFF to PDF as well. You can transform PDFs to TIFFs with Acrobat on computers with ease. In addition, Preview on Mac and Windows computer can change image files to TIFF documents as well. Compared with that, the third party editor enables people to modify PDF files in more details, you can set to convert PDF to TIFF automatically. If you do not change photo formats, I recommend you to convert TIFF to PDF online, many online editor provides free service. As for frequent use, installing PDF converters on Mac or Windows computers will be more convenient. As for mobile phone fans, you can download converter app or apk as well. They will offer the same job with light file size.