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Magnum Photos and Top 5 Similar Websites Introduction and Review in 2020

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Reportage photo is a special photography category. A photographer always search for stories and take photos on his or her own, especially professionals. But they need a community to learn frontier thought or share their works. Magnum Photos is such a community that allows photographers to learn the fresh news in photography world and share their master works. For many people, photography agency is still full of mystery. Therefore, we are going to introduce Magnum Photos in details. You can learn what Magnum Photos is and what services it offers in this article. If you are a photographer or want to be a photographer, you will find this post is helpful.

Magnum Photos Banner

Part 1. Magnum Photos Introduction and review

Magnum Photos is an international photographic cooperative owned by all photographer members. All photographers could apply to be a member of this photo agency, although the membership system is rather strict. Magnum Photos photographers meet once a year in New York, Paris or London. They will review and vote on new members. The approved applicant will become a nominee member. Two years later, an approved applicant could apply for associate membership. Two more years later, an associate could apply for full member. And once application succeeded, the photographer is a member of Magnum Photos for life. But as an ordinary people, we can learn many from Magnum Photos website.

1. Newsroom shows audience plentiful of stories told by photography.

2. You can learn how to take an art photo in Arts & Culture column.

3. The Theory & Practice page displays the frontier photography theories and practices.

4. Magnum Photos also organizes photography competitions and finances photography projects.

5. If you need fine prints or photography books, you can get what you want on its website.

Magnum Photos is a professional photography community. It displays frontier photography skills in professional ways. Advanced photographers may find it helpful; but it is not suitable to hobbyists and beginners. And while people could discover fine photo products, like posters and books, the prices are rather high. Plus, Magnum Photos is a photography agency, so the photos concentrate on serious society issues.

Magnum Photos

Part 2. Websites Similar to Magnum Photos

1. VII Photo Agency

Similar to Magnum Photos, VII Photo Agency is a famous international photography agency as well. This photography agency owned by its membership. During the war in Afghanistan, VII Photo Agency established its reputation for news coverage.

1. You can browse the latest reportage photography on its website.

2. Besides photo stories, this photo agency also displays cultural photos online.

3. It finances several projects for both professionals and amateurs, such as European Workshops Series.

4. VII Photo Agency publishes several independent reportage films on its website.

Compared to Magnum Photos, VII Photo Agency is younger. So, you can see some relaxed stories on latter’s website. Moreover, VII Photo Agency offers several workshops targeting both professionals and amateurs.

VII Photo Agency

2. World Press Photo

Unlike Magnum Photos, World Press Photo is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1955. It holds a press photography contest every year and organizes a separate contest for photojournalists. The objective of the organization is to stimulate developments in photojournalism.

1. On its website, you can learn from the rewarded masters.

2. World Press Photo makes books with winning works and sells them online.

3. Photographers could browse the fine photo stories and learn from practices.

4. World Press Photo also provides opportunities of photography education for professionals and freelancers.

World Press Photo is the most famous photography organization around the world. People that want to be a photojournalist could get academy education from this organization. And amateur photographers could learn master reportage photos on its website.

World Press Photo

3. One Eyeland

One Eyeland is not a photography agency, but a photographer community that allows photographers to showcase their masters. Magnum Photos has a strict membership system; while One Eyeland opens the door to all photographers. On its website, you can get all you want.

1. Photographers could join this photography community online.

2. The website displays the latest photography news by date.

3. You can post your work to the website and take part in the contest.

4. Audiences could browse the photo gallery or purchase find photo prints online.

5. One Eyeland allows photographers to sell their works on the website.

Compared to Magnum Photos, One Eyeland covers more photographers. No matter professionals or hobbyists will find this photography community helpful. The contest is totally transparent and ranked by internet users online. Moreover, photographers could find various types of photos, including reportage photos and more.

One Eyeland

4. NOOR photo

NOOR photo or NOOR images is a professional photography agency similar to Magnum Photos. This agency is famous for producing independent visual reports. The objective of NOOR is to stimulate positive social change, such as human rights and other global issues.

1. Photographers could read social stories with photos on its website.

2. It has a blog for photographers discussing and share the frontier thoughts and creativities.

3. If you want to buy book or fine photo prints from photojournalists, you can go to NOOR online shop.

4. NOOR has several long term and short term projects that photographers could take part in.

Both Magnum Photos and NOOR are international photography agencies, but their focuses are different. The former concentrates on social issues; while NOOR more cares about global social issues, such as global warming, refugee issue and more.

NOOR photo

5. Panos Pictures

Panos Pictures is another photo agency founded in 1986. It engages in telling stories with photography and video for media and NGOs. Now hundreds of photographers are affiliated with Panos Pictures.

1. Panos Pictures displays the latest photo news on its website.

2. Photographers could learn how to tell a story using photos from Panos Pictures.

3. It has a dedicated column for photographers to showcase their masters and stories.

Although Panos Pictures is a good photo agency, its website is not as good as Magnum Photos. Some page is still blank, such as Shop. And while it has long term documentary projects, you cannot find any information about the projects on its website.

Panos Pictures


As technology developing, photos are increasingly used in news reports. Various photography agencies and organizations engage in photography developing. In this article, we have introduced the famous photo agency, Magnum Photos. It supports professional photographers to expand their career. Of course, Magnum Photos is not the only choice to improve photography skill. We identified and share top 5 photography organizations that offer photography contests, education and projects. Everyone could learn something from these organizations, no matter you are a professionals or a hobbyist.

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