Meijer Photo Introduction, Review and Similar Websites to Offer Photo Printing Service

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Meijer Photo is a dedicated photo print service that offers both online and offline. In this digital age, everything becomes digitalized. And when you search for a photo print store in your community, you may discover that mortar and brick store has gone. While we can print photos with home printers and portable printers, it is unavailable to large photos and other photo products.

Fortunately, Meijer Photo and other photo agencies provide online print services. Some customers asked whether Meijer Photo is worth trusting. In this post, we are going to answer this question. Plus, we will introduce several websites similar to Meijer Photo. You can make a better decision based on the comparisons and review.

Meijer Photo Printing Service

Part 1. Meijer Photo Printing Introduction and Review

Meijer is a regional supercenter chain in America founded in 1934. And Meijer Photo is its digital print service. But customers could book orders and pick up photo prints in the store.

Meijer Photo Center Service Introduction

The Meijer Photo provides photo products that include:

1. Standard size of photos and enlargement photo prints.

2. Variety of photo collages and photo cards.

3. Customized calendars using personal images.

4. Make Photo books.

5. Photo decorations and canvas.

6. Personalized gifts, such as a mug.

Meijer Photo Lab Review including Meijer Photo Prices


1. Meijer Photo has integrated online, offline and mobile experiences. Customers could make an order on a website or mobile app and pick it up in-store.

2. The checkout process is easy to use.

3. The print quality is ok compared to the prices.


1. The customer service is not as good as other online printing services.

Meijer Photo Printing

Select Photos to Print Photo with Meijer Photo Prints

Since you may have lots of photos, you'd better use a photo manager to help you manage your photos and do some selection before Meijer printing. WidsMob Viewer Pro would be your best choice as it can let you easily browse and manage your photos on Windows and Mac.

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Step 1. Launch the WidsMob Photo Viewer Pro and import the images to the program. You can also open all images in the same folder.

Open Images in Thumbnail mode of WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 2. You can view images with Full Screen mode. You can also rotate photos, flip them, sort them by different ways, crop images, apply various filters or delete them within the program.

View Image files in Full Screen of WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 3. You can choose some photos to print by adding them to the favorite folder. Just click the Star button at the bottom left of the Full-Screen mode to add them to the favorite folder.

Add Photos to Favorite Folder of WidsMob Viewer Pro

Step 4. After selecting, you can save the selected photos to one folder to print with Meijer photo prints.

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Part 2. Similar Websites to Meijer Photos to Provide Online Photo Printing

1. Mpix - Meijer Printing Service Alternative

Unlike Meijer Photo, Mpix is a professional photo lab located in Kansas. So, this photo print service offers a wide variety of print sizes and photo products.

1. Customers could print photos in any size online.

2. Besides photography paper, you can also print your photos on metal, canvas.

3. Mpix could make books, cards, wall decorations, calendars, and various gifts with personal photos.

4. It also has a photo combo for special occasions, such as weddings, graduation, and more.


1. The output quality is good.

2. The customer service is good. And the staffs are knowledgeable.

3. The print sizes and photo products are rich.


1. The prices are higher than other print services.

2. It does not have a mobile app.

Meijer Printing Service Alternative - Mpix

2. AdoramaPix - Meijer Pictures Printing Alternative

AdoramaPix is a photography store in New York that also provides an online print service. Compared to Meijer Photo, AdoramaPix has a more professional photo lab equipped with the latest photo print technology.

1. Customers could make an order and decide to print photos in standard size or custom size online.

2. The photo products available on AdoramaPix include photo cards, calendars, photo books, and wall decorations.

3. People could upload photos from a computer or social media to its website.

4. AdoramaPix is not only an online print service but a photographer community that allows people to share their works.


1. It provides free shipping for orders above $ 49. And the shipping service is good.

2. The print quality is among professional ranks.


1. The customer service is not as good as other online print services.

Meijer Pictures Printing Alternative - Adoramapix

3. Shutterfly - Meijer Photo Books Alternative

Shutterfly is an internet-based image publishing service founded in 1999, California. While Meijer Photo may be welcome among ordinary people, Shutterfly is popular among professionals and average customers.

1. You can make an order and print photos or photo collages in any size online.

2. Other photo products available in Shutterfly include photo cards, photo books in various sizes, home decorations, calendars, and personalized photo gifts, such as pillow, accessories, phone cases, and more.

3. The design studio could help average customers DIY photo products at home.


1. It offers free shipping on orders of $49 and more.

2. Shutterfly provides limit time discounts as well.

3. It has integrated mobile apps.


1. The shipping service is slow.

Meijer Photo Books Alternative - Shutterfly

4. Costco Photo Center - Meijer Photography Center Alternative

Costco Photo Center is part of Costco, which is the second large retailer in the United States. With Costco Photo Center, customers could easily print photos.

1. You can create an order and upload your photos to the website.

2. Costco Photo Center allows you to print images in standard size or custom size.

3. Or you can decide to make books, canvas, greeting cards, mugs, or gifts with your photos.

4. Costco Photo Center also supports converting film and tape to DVDs.


1. Costco Photo Center offers print service online, offline, and in the mobile app.

2. The prices better than other online print organizations.

3. Customers could decide to ship to home or pick up photo prints in the store.


1. The customer service is not good.

Meijer Photography Center Alternative - Costco Photo

5. Snapfish - Meijer Photo App Alternative

Snapfish is a dedicated online photo print service. Compared to Meijer Photo, Snapfish is popular among professional photographers, partly because of the best print quality.

1. Customers could upload photos and print them in any size online.

2. The photo products this photo organization produces include photo books, calendars, photo cards, wall decorations, and photo gifts.

3. Users could store unlimited photos in its cloud service for free.

4. Snapfish is also a photographer community that allows people to share their photos.


1. It has an integrated web app and mobile app.

2. Snapfish accepts more checkout methods, including Paypal.

3. Customers could choose to ship or picking up prints at stores. The partner stores include CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.


1. The prices are higher than other print services.

Meijer Photo App Alternative - Snapfish


In this article, we introduced Meijer Photo, the new affiliation of Meijer. Although it is not a professional print lab, average customers could enjoy its convenience and print photos online. Considering customers may look for more options, we recommended five websites that offer similar services to Meijer Photo. Printing photos with a home printer are indeed more convenient and faster. But if you want to print images in special sizes or make photo products, you will need a photo agency. The introductions and comparisons in this post could help you make a good decision.

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