GoPro File Format – Everything You Should Know About

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GoPro cameras are increasingly popular because of their 360-degree video clips. 360-degree videos are an attractive way to record moments and share them online. More and more social networks support 360-degree videos, such as Facebook and YouTube. What are the GoPro-supported file formats? How to view and edit the files?

Since the GoPro file formats are different from each GoPro camera, you should learn to view or edit the files with a suitable program. Just read the article to learn everything you should know about GoPro file formats.

GoPro File Format

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Part 1: What file formats do GoPro cameras recorded

There are different versions of GoPro cameras. If you have a GoPro Hero 5, it will record and save 360-degree video files in MPEG-4 format. However, if your device is GoPro Hero 2 or 3, you will find that the GoPro file formats are unusual video formats that ended with LRV. It is a low-resolution video file. The benefit of the LRV GoPro file format is MPEG-4 video format with resolution 240P at 29.97 frames per second to reduce the amount of computer power during the editing process.

As the technology developed, the GoPro manufacturer released more cameras and software updates, so users could use GoPro to shoot a high-definition file (HD) of the video. GoPro Hero 4 Black, for example, can record 4K 30 and 2.7K 60 ultra HD videos. If you have tried it, you can see 4K videos are amazing. But you might realize that Microsoft Media Player or other video players do not work well with the HD GoPro file format.

GoPro Camera File Format

Tips about LRV GoPro file format and usage

When will you get LRV GoPro file format

Even if you use the latest GoPro 7 or GoPro 2018, you still get LRV files stored on your camera after recording videos. Why? Here are occasions that you might get the LRV GoPro file format.

1. Record videos in some resolutions with HERO7 (White, Silver & Black), HERO (2018), HERO6 Black, Fusion, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, or HERO4 Black/Silver.

2. Record videos with HERO3+ Black or Silver Editions, HERO3: Black Edition camera, or others.

3. You have an HD HERO2, HERO3: White Edition, or HERO3: Silver Edition camera. And you have updated to the latest software update.

How to use the GoPro file format LRV and THM

As mentioned above, LVR is short for Low-Resolution video and in MPEG-4. It is additional files for mobile playback. If you do not want the files, you can delete them without effect on the original MP4 files of GoPro file format.

THM file format can display a thumbnail image of the video file you took with the GoPro camera.

GoPro File LVR

Part 2: How to view and edit GoPro files formats

1. WidsMob Viewer Pro – GoPro file viewer

WidsMob Viewer Pro is an all-in-one GoPro file format viewer and manager. Not only for video formats, but you can also view photos and RAW image files from camcorders, such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Photoshop, and more.

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1. View photos, RAW files, and videos within the program without converting.

2. Click one file to load all photos and videos in the same folder with ease.

3. Playback, adjust volume, share GoPro file formats to social media sites.

4. View photos and videos in the folder, full screen, thumbnail, and even slideshow.

WidsMob Viewer Pro
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2. iMovie – GoPro file viewer

iMovie is a free GoPro file viewer and supports the footage shot by iPhone and iPad and 4K videos from GoPro, DJI, Sony, etc. Here are the principal features of iMovie you should know.

1. Provide more than 15 movie themes with AVCHD and MPEG-4 video files.

2. The resolution that the GoPro file format editor could process is up to 4K.

3. Manual motion tracking function with stable video editing features.

4. A cross-platform video editor to edit videos on iPhone and Mac.

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3. GoPro Studio – GoPro file editor

GoPro Studio is a default GoPro file format editor. It has excellent high speed, easy to use, and allows users to convert GoPro file format to MP4 and MOV. Now you can check the basic features of GoPro Studio.

1. Templates mode makes the process of editing GoPro footage seamless.

2. Compatible with immersive 3D videos in 360-degree GoPro cameras.

3. Load the video files from GoPro cameras at high speed with ease.

4. Provide extensive editing tools, such as audio tracks, slow or fast motion effects, and editing points.

GoPro Studio

4. Adobe Premiere Pro – GoPro file editor

Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional visual solutions provider. It is more than a professional GoPro file format editor, but also an advanced video editor with excellent effects, such as Avatar and Hail Caesar.

1. Edit the videos of the GoPro camera with virtual reality editing features.

2. Advanced motion graphic templates to edit the photos and videos.

3. Top and Tail editing trim the in or out point within a video clip.

4. Support GoPro file format up to 8K. And you can edit HD 360 videos.

Premiere CC DNG

5. Animoto – GoPro file editor app

Animoto provides an online solution to edit GoPro file formats and apps for iOS and Android devices. Just use your creativity to personalize the desired video with different styles with ease.

1. It is a SaaS GoPro file editor with cloud service without extra programs.

2. Limit to upload a single video less than 400 MB with 1080P at 30 FPS.

3. Support and edit almost all the video formats and photo files.

4. More than 50 different video styles, hundreds of songs, and more.

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How do you take full advantage of GoPro file formats? If you have some problems with playback videos from GoPro cameras, you can learn the file formats beforehand. Besides the LRV for mobile, you can find 4K resolution videos. And they are not supported by Windows Media Player. Just learn more about the best programs to view and edit the GoPro file formats with ease.

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